Any way this a little Batman story...It's short but i like it!

I hope you like it too!

I dont own Batman...errr well Harvy and The Joker in this case


I awoke lying in something wet. Well half of my body was soaked god only know what. I lift my head up and try to take in my surroundings, but that was kind of hard to do with the left side of my face stinging from being covered in some unknown liquid.

When i finally managed to take in my surroundings i saw high ceiling and rafters. A warehouse maybe? I tired to stand but found my arms and legs bound. Leather by the feel of it.

I turn my head as the sudden sound of foot steps fill my ears.

I watch a pair of dirty old black shoes walk into my filed of vision. The came over to me and stopped. I could clearly my captors pant legs, They too were dirty but held some of it old purple shine to them.

I watched as my captor walked away from me. Without warning i saw his foot pull back and then...He had kicked me in the face.

The pain i felt now would be nothing compared to what was soon coming.

My captor, or should i call him attacker, pulled his foot back again.

Expecting him to kick me i flinched.

But no instead of kicking me. He knelt down and cocked his head to it side so we could finally see eye to eye.

I saw dark crazed blood shot eyes staring at me. He had dirty badly combed greenish hair.

His skin thought painted with white showed some of it's original color a sickly yellowish orange.

I could see his face paint clearly for the first time. The black rings around his eyes had been applied so many times they had stained into his skin making it permanent.

The one color on his face that disturbed and terrified me was the dark red smile he had painted on. It was smeared across his face in a forced smile. I didn't know if this was blood or just paint he had found.

He smile at me a twisted smile that belonged to none other than a freak.

"Hello Mister Dent." The man said. His smile changed into a scowl.

I watched him closely as he stood up and pulled away.

"You know what mister Dent? I admire your guts. Rising to occasion to capture all those smooth criminals..." He laughed. His insane laughter filled the room.

There was nothing funny about this! The situation i am in!

I struggled against my bonds.

He watched me struggle as he leaned down and picked up a soggy block of wood.

I stopped struggling and watched him.

"Now what you have Mister Dent is an obsession." He reached into his pocket and pulled out a tiny square box.

"Your obsession to rid to world of evil..." He Flicked the little box open.

"But obsession...they belong to freaks." He clicked the little box's till an orange flame was visible. He placed it next to the soggy wood block he was holding and it immediately burst into flames.

It suddenly hit me. What i was lying in! Gasoline!

I was half soaked in gasoline.

No! My mind screams.

The man smiled. "Your a freak..." He dropped the burning block into the gasoline.

The flames spread quickly coming closer to me.

"...Just like me." The man, No the Joker smiled one last time at me before turing and leaving the building.

I watched him leave, but my vision was cut short because of the now rising flame. I could feel it when it made costact with my wet skin. The smell of burnt hairs filled my noise. It was awfule. I could feel layers of skin being burnt off and becoming raw. I was being burnt alive and no one was here to save me.

Not Rachel, Not Comissioner Gordon, and espescialy not Batman.

I was alone and I was going to die.

"No!" I could hear myself scream. "NO!"

But you know what, the flames wernt the only thing that left me scared. His words had burned them selfs into my brain. I know now what I've become. I'm a freak...just like him.


Now i actualy have a part two if any one is intrested. Reviews are nice.