How I broke type

I set myself 3 pieces of criteria for breaking type with this challenge:

· Don't make a plan – usually I make a huge plan before starting a story, I was interested in what would happen if I just let it flow – not a lot! It was really hard to not even make one spider-diagram, but I did it!
· Don't write about Elves – specifically those in the 3rd age. I got Uglúk as my character, which I though was interesting, as Orcs used to be Elves once. I also wanted to get a hobbit in there somewhere.
·And finally, I wanted a bit of a fight scene in there – I've never written one before, and I wanted to see if I could do it!

Thanks go to all the people involved with the challenge for their help, support, and general good cheer.
And also a huge hug to my Beta-reader, Ania, who'd never beta-ed anything before – and did an excellent job!