Here's the continuation of the story!! This story is a total Mikan's point of view.

Early Spring in Christmas

"You know who I was?" I stuttered those only few words at him. "But how could-"

"I know you as Amane since that's your model name. When I am interested in something, I take it really personally. After the incident the both of us had last Christmas, I never thought about another girl other than you," He continued.

"Yeah right! Then why did you couple with all those other girls when you were interested in me?!" I replied in a harsh tone. "BESIDES THAT! WHAT INCIDENT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT?!"

"I knew it, you didn't remember," Natsume sighed and dropped to his knees and leaned on a Sakura tree. "Last Christmas, when Koko and Mochu brought too much beer and vodka into the gym, you drank 2 bottles of each. Moments later each and every one of us realized you were missing, probably drunk in a park or somewhere. I search for you at the nearest alley from our gym and found you mindlessly walking towards nowhere. By the time I got to you, you suddenly said you love me, then instantly kiss me for a whole minute and the next thing I knew, you fainted. After that incident, you acted as if nothing happened and continued your joyful life as a lame spy for our worthless school!"

"I…I kissed you?" I asked and dropped to the ground bewildered. I guess that explains how I lost my memory during that night. I drank way too much.


"I told you I've given up on you! Ever since that shitty incident when you were having sex with Luna, you have no idea how furious I was!" I shouted back.

"BUT THAT WASN'T ME! My older brother Persona was 'doing it' to her! I'm not that much of an idiot to waste my virginity on a low-life like her!" Natsume shouted again and huffed as he messed up his hair in anger.

"So, are you putting all your blame on me or something?! It's not like you had the guts to tell me you loved me before too right?! It's partly your fault too! Take some of the blame from me would 'cha?!" I grunted and started walking back towards the gym.

"YOU STILL HAVEN'T ANSWERED MY CONFESSION!" He shouted and turned around at him and behind him was the most beautiful full moon I've ever seen in my life.

"I don't need to answer your confession. You answered mine… It's just; I'm not going to accept it…not ever. I don't need to. You and I have different futures, different pasts, and different lifestyles. I'm going to America and start my new career as the state fashion model there. And you're right yet again, I've never contributed anything to the club, might as well leave it be…" I said and turned around.

"WHO CARES ABOUT THE FUTURE?! WE'RE LIVING IN THE PRESENT! WE'VE ALWAYS BEEN IN THE PRESENT! AND WE WILL ALWAYS BE IN THE PRESENT! And my present tells me that I need you by my side or close to me or else I'll go nuts! I've made Ruka go nuts because of my overly obsessive personality towards you! JUST GIVE ME A BREAK ALREADY!" He shouted and ran to me without warning. The next thing I knew… our lips met…

"Leave me alone, Natsume. You've crushed my pride enough already," I pushed him away hard and he fell to the ground.

"Hanging around with other girls and smirks at me whenever you just received a kiss. You have no idea how much I cried that night. You said I was useless and mindless, so I tried doing something to do with my useless mind and body, Hazuki Reo placed me as a model and I've achieved great things since then. I've lost all my hopes for you to like me and tried to change my luck for once. I tried to love Reo, when he found out, he instantly engaged himself to his fiancée now. I have a hard life, but you didn't. That's what I meant by having different pasts. So just leave me be, and forget me for good."

"I can't forget…you yet…you know I can't do that! The feeling is still, too real, to forget about you. And I won't forget, not yet, the moment our hearts connect, this feeling is still, too real, to forget about…you," Natsume sang. That was the song he and I sang together during the school trip last spring. "Since when did you think I've fallen for you? Just last year over Christmas?! You've got to be kidding me! You think you have a hard life, I HAD IT WORST! How do you think it feels being accused as a murderer when you were only 14?! How would you feel when you were taken away by bandits and your parents couldn't care less?! HOW WOULD YOU FEEL WHEN YOU WERE FOUND, YOUR PARENTS JUST SHOUTS AT YOU AND SAY YOU'RE AN IDIOT?! You 'think' you have a hard life! I GOT IT WORST THAN YOU!"

"WELL HOW AM I SUPPOSE TO KNOW WHEN YOU'VE NEVER OPEN UP TO ANYONE?!" I shouted back at him. The clouds covered the moon once again and it's all dark. Arguments really push my luck! I'm starting to really despise this bastard.

"No one would listen anyway. They think they would, but they never do," Natsume huffed.

"I didn't come here to know about that past life of yours. If I could turn back my time, I'd turn back to the time I met you and switch schools instantly! I don't want to have anything to do with you!" I shouted.

"Well too bad for you time machines don't exist! Now you just have to get stuck with me!" Natsume shouted. I got so frustrated I stomped my way towards the gym again. It's like he's totally insulting me in a way that doesn't affect him at all.

"PEOPLE! PLAY BASKETBALL WITH ME NOW! TAKE 5 TO 1 NOW!" I shouted to everyone in the gym and they got shocked.

"Chill Amane-chan. What happened?" Koko asked as he came over to me to give me comfort and yet I just glared at him.


"I won't hold back. Put it as 1 on 1. Let's see how good you are, A-ma-ne-chan," I heard Natsume mocked behind me. FINE! At least I can let out all this anger on you!

"Ah! Are you sure? I'm not as good as Mikan nee-chan. Fighting against the best, it's truly… A WORTHLESS HONOR!!" I shouted and grabbed the nearest ball and dribbled it to his left. He nearly caught me thought but I threw the ball over him and slide under him and got the ball back before it went out of the court.

"Ah, amazing! She's just like her sister! But Mikan never made that move before!" Koko exclaimed which made me a little bit proud. I got that slide move from one the guys in Eitoku Gakuen a couple of weeks ago.

"SCORE!" Ruka shouted and punched his fist into the air when I shoot it into the hoop within the 3 pointer region.

Heh! That's what you get for messing around with Sakura Mikan! I bragged. In an instant, Natsume intercepts the ball that was thrown to me by Koko and rushed past by me in a flash. I looked back and saw him jump over my head and made a slam dunk in front of my very own eyes and face.

"We can't expect less from our team champ! Go Natsume!" Mochu cheered. I saw Natsume smirked his victorious smirk as he high five-ed everyone in the gym except for the girls.

"So what did you think of me, A-ma-ne chan?" Natsume smiled.

"Wow! Amazing! You must have such a sports heart! No wonder Mikan nee-chan totally DESPISES YOU!" I shouted and ran out from the gym.

"Geez! He just won a shot from you. No big deal," As expected of Koko to say that. He'll say hurtful words and then makes the opponent really want to beat our group up and they'll give us a harsh fight which will make our school name known better. I didn't give a damn. "Hotaru-chan, I'm leaving now, ne? Please ask someone to take you back, I'm through!" I shouted and ran towards my car. Natsume's such a bastard, not only did he made me feel bad for liking another guy, but he had to make me feel totally regretful. I HATE HIM!

"NATSUME NO BAKA! KIRAI!!" I shouted to the sky and darkness blooms over the moon once again. DAMN IT! I left my car keys in my bag in the gym! No I have to shamefully go through them to get the bag! Ah! What the heck! They'd be shock once they know I'm Mikan anyway. That doesn't embarrass me. I can always change schools. I walked past the entrance door to the gym. Well, I should be cautious anyway, they'd go nuts when they finds out I'm Mikan. I walked towards the changing rooms and grabbed my bag from my locker only… IT WASN'T THERE!!

"NATSUMEEEE!!" I shouted as I rushed into the gym.

"Oh phooey! You caught me!" He smirked as he hanged my handbag over his shoulder and started to playfully twist it around and around. "Such a sore loser like you wouldn't mind paying the price of challenging a legend like me. Did you think I'm that cheap to accept a duel?" He eyed me in a way which made me totally feel worthless. I don't know why but the more he mocks me, the more down I feel. It's like he's sucking up my life force. I just… I just have to get out of here. I can't stand his face any longer. Thank god my ticket to U.S. is tomorrow. I think that'll be quite a short time. It's not that I'll always bump into that jackass.

I covered my mouth and tried my hardest to hold in my tears, I walked…and ran across from him towards the entrance. I can't stand it any longer. He's ruining my life bit by bit. I stopped my pace and slowly walked back to him. I can sense everyone staring at me oddly like I'm someone from a mental hospital moving back and forth like an idiot. "Just please, hand over my car keys. That's all I want. Take my money, take my credit cards, take the bag, I don't give a shit. Just give me my keys." I said it in the most polite tone I could say.

"Actually, I think I'll give you everything else but the car keys. Your sister's Porsche is quite marvelous and doesn't quite give a hard bargain to sell," Natsume smirked as I felt a huge pang in my chest. How could he ruin me any more than this? I'm so pissed, frustrated, sad, and mad and god knows what other emotions are there in me.

"PLEASE! JUST PLEASE GIVE ME THE KEYS! I'LL GET OUT OF YOUR SIGHT AS SOON AS YOU DO! JUST GIVE ME THE DAMN KEYS!" I shouted and the tears I've been holding in came out like a waterfall on my face.

"Hey Natsume. I think you should give it to her."

"Yeah Natsume. You're totally torturing her."

"Listen to that Amane-chan. I'm torturing you as well as your sister. It's must be your family that puts me into this kind of mood," I saw Natsume laughed at me. I knew my tears still flow on my red face. I couldn't stand it. This was all I could take.

"Let's countdown 10, 9, 8, …" Hotaru counted and said out loud with the speaker.


"5, 4…" Hotaru continued.



"WELL WHAT DO YOU WANT ME TO DO THEN?!" I shouted out loud.

"KISS ME!!" Natsume shouted and he pulled my shoulders towards him.

"MERRY CHRISTMAS!!" Hotaru shouted then suddenly there were a lot of mistletoes dropping from the ceiling. Koko and Anna were throwing them from the 1st floor.

It felt odd. It felt like I was at peace when our lips touched like this. Not like the one before in the garden, that was merely being forced to. But this, this miracle moment somehow cured the pang in my chest which has been there for how many months and years. This was the feeling my heart needed to be safe and cured, this was the thing that somehow or other made me feel content of things that has happened to me. This was the thing I wanted most in my dear life. All I wanted before and now is just… "Natsume…" I breathed out as our lips parted. It was him. He was the one for years I've been trying to catch. His breath on my hot face, It was like…a miracle. I've met the one I wanted to catch, finally. Only thing is… I'm going to be separated from him sooner than he thinks. I pushed him away out of instinct.

"I'm sorry," I bowed as I thought how stupid I am. I never knew I confessed to him, and even when I didn't, I didn't have the initiative to do so during last spring when we were once again a duet in a concert. I didn't do it again when he saved me in the fall's cosplay sketch when I was Snow White and my heel broke when I was dancing on stage and fell from the stage. I'm useless. I don't have the guts to do anything. I grabbed my handbag and ran for it. I unlocked my car doors and drove in high speed towards the apartment. Only, I didn't go inside the apartment, I ran down to the basement and cried my heart out. I'm dumb, I'm stupid, and I have no other places to go to. Everywhere is a place where I'll be humiliated, embarrassed.

"Huh? What the hell?" I woke up and realized I slept in the cold midnight air of Christmas. It seems Santa didn't manage to give me a Christmas gift, huh? Not even a blanket for the cold whether? Sheesh!

"Tadaima…," I announce as I entered my apartment.

"Mikan-chan!" Hotaru shouted.

"Mikan!" I heard Ruka shouted as well and whole lot more grumbling noises from the living room.

"Mikan-chan! I'm sorry I never realized you were Amane last night! I'm such a slow kid!" Koko wiped his tears.

"Is it true you're leaving for America today?!" Mochu asked in panic. I nodded my head frequently. What's the point, Hotaru must've told them everything and they're just asking to make sure. Besides, I don't have the energy to say anything else.

"Please, leave me alone. I'm handing over my Porsche to you Hotaru; just give me a ride to the airport. I'll stay there for a few hours. I've packed everything else," I said and walked slowly to my bedroom.

"I can't do that, Mikan. I made a deal with Natsume to let you be his, so I can't let you leave," Hotaru muttered.

"Well, there isn't anything to stop me, is there? I'll ask Hazuki Reo to send me then. Won't be much of a problem," I smiled at everyone and went inside my room. Everything was perfectly packed. I called Reo and told him to fetch me and he said 'yeah'. I took off the blouse Hotaru lent me and changed into something much comfier. I mean, it's winter in America, how cold can't it get? I took a bath and wore tight fitting denim jeans and a huge leather jacket 'he' gave to me as a payback for losing to me in a match during Summer Training Camp. I grabbed my bag and head out for the door. It seems everyone was lining up and blocking my way towards the door.

"Please don't leave before he comes!" Anna pled. I shook my head.

"I won't. Looking at him will make me feel totally insecure; I don't want to go through that!" I shouted to them so Anna walked away from the line. Koko stood in front of me.

"You didn't have to shout at Anna you know?!" Koko pouted and stared at me in the eyes. "You should at least meet up with him, even for a few seconds, it'd mean a lot to him," Koko sighed.

"Well, it wouldn't mean anything to me, would it?" I asked and Koko left the line. Mochu and Sumire got in front of me together.

"You two should really couple with each other. You're meant to be," Sumire said. "I've admitted defeat to you because I knew you could win him, but this is way too much! Too even leave him unnoticed! This is totally bad!"

"I can't do anything, Sumire. He's broke me into pieces. I'm LOST!" I shouted.

"Then gain back your path by talking to him! You'd surely understand!" Mochu shouted.

"Mochu became smart?!" Anna shouted.

"ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!" Koko sarcastically shouted and smirked.

"You're gonna get it!" Mochu shouted and ran for Koko. Sumire sighed and left the line. Yuu came out from the line and stood up straight.

"UWWAAAA! I'm totally gonna miss you Sakura-chan!" Yuu cried. "I am totally against the whole Natsume get-together thing anyway!"

"Good to know!" I smiled and hugged Yuu. If one is on my side, I guess I can pull it through.

"There's nothing to change your mind, huh?" Hotaru asked. She was the last one in line.

"No," I simply replied.

"Well, I hope you'll be fine there. Visit us soon," Hotaru hugged me.

"You're the one with a lot of money. Visit ME!" I smiled and hugged her back. I shared tons of memories with these people. It's time to make more with others. I pulled my suitcase outside of the door and walked towards Reo's car.

"You OK? I'm sorry about last night. I knew it wasn't going well," Reo apologized.

"It's OK. I didn't mind. You have a great fiancé," I smiled.

"Thanks, I hope you'll have one of your own soon," Reo smiled and put my luggage in the car trunk. I waved to everyone and got into the car.

"You sure this is it?" Reo asked. "No last requests of pictures? None? You won't meet anyone else as good as me, you know?!" He jokes.

"Alright then, just one picture," I smiled. Suddenly, a whole mob of photographers and reporters showed up and crowded in front of me. Make sense, after all, I left my hair down so everyone would definitely assume I'm Amane.

"Sakura-san! Why the sudden leave? We heard your next photo shoot in U.S. was to be in 2 weeks!" A reporter showed up and held out his tape recorder to tape what I'll answer. I smiled and went to anyone who has microphones and recorders and spoke.

"I'm leaving early because I can't stand this one person who's ruined my life from the start of my high school," I smiled. "Finally he confessed and told me I confessed to him first which got me confused. So the real reason I'm leaving early… is to forget everything here." I walked away from the bewildered crowd. All the reporters writing down things and the photographers taking pictures of me and some students rushing towards me to get an autograph.

"DO YOU THINK IT'LL BE EASY TO FORGET A PRINCE CHARMING LIKE ME?!" I heard Natsume said from a microphone. There he was flipping his hair, more girls blushing over him. "You must be one heck of an oddball."

"Natsume…you came? Of all people, why'd it have to be you?" I muttered and clenched my fists. I grabbed hold of my bag and ran like the wind towards the International Departure Entrance. I heard his running footsteps behind me and this heavy load is pulling me down. He'll catch up to me! He'll catch up to me! He'll catch up to me….!!

"CAUGHT YOU!!" Natsume hugged me from behind. I finally got caught by him…why? Why him? Why can't like he said, a 'prince charming' would come after me? Why him? Why can't a guy who has a totally different personality than him come after me, hugs me, and give me a goodbye kiss? Why Natsume? God, why NATSUME?!

"Let me go…Natsume, I'm leaving and there's nothing you can do about it!" I faced him and saw his face as red as a tomato. His tears flowing down teardrop by teardrop. "Please, let me go."

"Why are you leaving me?" He asked.

"Because you're a bad boy who has no feelings whatsoever, and I don't want to have anything to do with you," I simply said.

"Nice way of putting it but the reason is still not good enough for me to let go," He continued.

"Because I want to forget everything about you. Because you're just a Satan in my life. I don't need you," I said and bit his arm which instead made him hug me tighter. More photographers started taking pictures. Guys and girls cursing at us, reporters jotting down things and even recording what we're saying. "And with you around, I'll never have any privacy."

"I'm sorry then. I'm sorry for whatever things I've done to make your life harder but please stay. I'd rather kill myself than let you go," He's trying to put a corny scene for the reporters isn't he? Just trying to make himself cool, isn't he? Why can't he be a normal boy who's totally in love with a girl and just kiss her when the time is right…aka NOW!

"Why do I have to make the first move all the time?! (Referring to the fact that she confessed first)" I shouted to the whole crowd. I fiercely unhand him from me and turned around and faced him. I cupped his chin and moved forward. God I hope this won't make such a big fuss for me in America! As soon as my lips touched his… as Koko would say… ALL HELL BREAKS LOOSE!!

"Your name as the model in Japan was Amane Sakura wasn't it? So Sakura Mikan, our future top model, it must be tough having to make a move towards a guy, huh?" Damon McGowan said and chuckled. Right now, I, Mikan Sakura am on the face of TV in the whole entire world. After 3 months moving to America and instantly being selected as the 3 top finalists of being a super model, everyone in America has non-stop talking about my relationship with Natsume. Reo is also having a good time taking pictures of him for me. Most of the pictures are him with tons of girls. Naturally…I guess.

"Tough? You have no clue to what's the meaning of that word!" I laughed and sat on the chair and smiled to the camera.

"Your English has gotten better ever since you arrived here. You continuously spoke Japanese in our last take up. How does it feel now to be known to the world of your beautiful personality and looks?" Damon asked which made me giggle.

"If Natsume was here, he'd shred you to bits," I giggled again. "You did watch our last video that one of the NY Reporters taped right. My last kiss?" I asked.

"Of course! We have it here on the studio, let's play it!" Damon suggested. Suddenly the huge 24 inch LCD Flat screen turned on my video and there was it, my last kiss by Natsume. Aka…FLASHBACK!!

"Why do I have to make the first move all the time?!" I shouted to the whole crowd. I fiercely unhand him from me and turned around to face him. I cupped his chin and moved forward. He held my back and to the both of us, in a way; this was our first true kiss…

"PROPOSE TO HER!!" Some reporters shouted.

"KISS HER AGAIN!!" Girls' kyaaaa-ed.

I looked up and saw Natsume blushing fiercely. I put my finger on my lips and with the same finger to his lips and smiled. "I told you, you can't change my mind for leaving…" Natsume grabbed my waist and breathed my air as his face was so close. "But you've changed my mind about loving you again! I love…"

"STOP!!" Natsume shouted and everyone looked at him. I was shocked. To think I was going to confess again and he stops me. What an ass! "I hate those love, love stories when the girl gets the good part of confessing and all the guy says is just 'me too'. Just stop and listen to me, alright? Mikan, I REALLY LOVE YOU!!"

"KYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!" All the girls around us shouted.

"Take that picture! Record it, guys!!" Reporters and cameramen surrounded us.

The picture was when Natsume kneeled down and was holding a strawberry cupcake and everyone gawked at him. What a way to propose?! But they didn't look too closely. Because on top of the strawberry on the cupcake, there was a silver diamond ring sticking on it.

"Sakura Mikan… I, Natsume Hyuuga, heir to the Hyuuga Corporation, the largest business group in Japan…,"

"Don't boast, idiot!" I interrupted.

"Will you marry me?" Natsume asked, his hair messed up. He must've had a hard time buying the cake and ring. That's why he wasn't at the apartment.

I bent down and took the cake; I pulled out the ring and showed it to everyone who now realized he was proposing with a ring and not a mere food. I smiled at him and instead of answering or even putting on the ring on my finger, I just ate the cake.

"Well, you've made a hard time for me to get to you, didn't you? As revenge, before I answer a yes, I'll give you a task. In 6 months, I dare you to find me in New York. Your limit is 2 weeks. I won't make it easy for you so I'll hide anywhere possible. If you know me well enough, you should know where my first hiding spot would be. I might disguise myself as someone else but to make it a slightly bit easier for you, you can find me by this ring," I smiled and put on the ring.

"Alright then. It's a deal!" Natsume stood up. "But by the time I find you, you better not run away or else I'll kill you!"

I laughed. This is so like him. I love Natsume. I really love Natsume! "Then let's seal this deal," He said and pulled me towards him once again. This will be our final kiss before we depart.

After our kiss, I grabbed my bag and head towards the entrance.

"OI! MIKAN! AISHITERU ZO!! (I love you!)" Natsume hollered. I smiled and left through the entrance. Santa really did leave me a Christmas present! It's the best present to receive. I got my own Springtime in Christmas! What I didn't manage to do in spring happened today! Thank you god, and thank you Santa!

"What a scene eyh?" Damon asked.

"Sure is!" I smiled.

"Who knew that one-of-a-kind idiot is a romantic kind of guy?!" Damon laughed. "So what's your plan for his mission?"

"Well, basically, I'm asking my manager to write the mission letter and send it to him a week before the sixth month to remind him though I doubt he'd forget. Once he received that message, there's a task for him to call my manager and she'll be the one leading him to me but not all the way," I answered. I can't wait. Natsume, I dare you to come to me. This time, getting to me will be as hard it is for me getting to you! GAMBARE! (Do your best!)

So what did you guys think? Do you think I should make a sequel about Natsume finding Mikan or not? Give me your comments people! BloodyHolly signing off!! I might name the next sequel 'Ano Baka no Tame Ni' aka 'For the sake of that Idiot!'.