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I was stained with a role
In a day not my own
And as you walked into my life
You showed what needed to be shown
And I always knew what was right
I just didn't know that I might
Peel away and choose to see from such a different sight

The darkness grew into a blinding wall in front of my mind. I ran frantically down the hallways of the dark castle, trying to get away from the unseen enemy. My bare feet pounded on the floor and I felt my heart beating in my ears, I gasped as I realized that it was a beacon, a loud, tempting beacon to the man chasing me.

I held my night dress high and glanced over my shoulder, scouring the shadows, I couldn't run forever. I flew past windows and empty doorways. The windows showed the dark night sky, only illuminated my ire full moon. The castles grounds spread far and wide out under the observation and faint illumination of the moon. The grander of the yards was wasted on my soul and feelings as I struggled for breathe, but I couldn't stop.

A growl was heard from behind me, he was right there. He was coming to claim me.

I quickly ducked to my left into a small alcove which was a perfect hiding spot, and tried to steady my breathing and racing heart. I closed my eyes and hoped for the best.

"Isabella," crooned a soft, seductive voice "Do come out to play."

I ground my teeth together and ignored his voice, I would not be tempted of swayed.

"Isabella," the voice called sending shivers down my spine "Please, I promise that I won't bite,"

I shuddered as I remembered his lips brushing against my neck and his icy arms wrapped around my waist. All this fighting and running was for nothing. He would find me. He could smell me and knew where I was. He was toying with me.

I took a deep breath and stepped out from the shadows into the light of the moon. I didn't dare to look up, but I knew he was right there. My white dress clung to my body and dipped daringly low down my chest, the wind made it flutter around my legs and my hazel brown hair blew around me. I lifted up my eyes slowly to meet his own sparkling amber.

His hair was laced with natural bronze highlights which complimented his pale skin and I was once again, as always, taken away by his beauty. He stepped towards me, a look of passion on his face, I shivered and resisted the urge to bit my lip.

"Isabella," He reached out towards me cupping my face in his hand "Join me," he said leaning in towards me, I was once more lost in the depth of his eyes.

"I-I can't!' I stuttered, not meaning it. My senses were overloaded by emotions.

Unconsciously he stepped closer towards me and pulled my face closer to his. My eyes fluttered closed as I prepared for his lips to softly meet mine...


I woke up and instantly fell out of my hammock, landing on the hard ground. That was how coordinated I am. Absolutey no coordination at all. I stared up at the swinging hammock above me and up through the tree branches. The light flicker through them but I made no attempt to stand up. My heart pounded as I brushed my hand over my lips, why did I always get interrupted at the best part?

"Bella!" Renee called again.

I sighed and mentally prepared myself for her onslaught. I turned my head and looked through the garden up to the house. We lived in a small bungalow in the sunny city of Phoenix. Renee walked over to me slowly as if scared I would bite her. I frowned and looked closely, usually she wouldn't hesitate to confide in me and tell me about her latest boy friend.

"Yes Mum," I called rubbing the last traces of sleep from my eyes and looked over at her from my spot on the ground. I reluctantly raised myself onto my elbows before smiling lazily at her.

"Bells? Are you okay?" Renee questioned as she finally reached me. She had noticed I saw sitting on the ground.

"Yeah I'm fine Mum," I assured her "I just had a bit of a nap,"

Renee immediately looked disapproving.

"Bella" she warned.

"Mum, its okay."

"No really Bella, I need you to listen to me before you... Well anyway, you really mustn't continue like this. Get your head back into the real world! I know you have dreams but you are 17 now! You need to focus on building a life!" Renee bent down next to me and held my abnormally pale hands in her own; we had had this lecture before. I knew how it would go.

I would get told off, I would convince her I would change and she would go off content while I would continue as always.

I knew Mum was worried. Ever since I was little I have been a dreamer. I would never concentrate in class, I was too busy day dreaming and I have never had a boy friend. Why bother when the boys in my head were do much more appealing and less stressful? Lately however my dreams have been getting more vivid and repetitive, when I say lately I actually mean over the past two years. Ever since I turned 15 my dreams have involved one thing. Beautiful teenagers.

This may seem normal to most people, but something about these dreams is emotionally stirring and realistic. It doesn't matter what situation, there are always five teenagers who feature in my dreams. I feel like they are real, there

One was a short, pixie-faced girl, with spiky black hair. She was beautiful and always graceful. Another girl had golden locks which reached down to her lower back; she had a gorgeous figure and seemed to be extremely commanding.

The next was a boy who was covered in large muscles. On top of his handsome face sat a mop of dark curls. Another boy had blonde wavy hair which framed his flawless face; he was medium height with a powerful build.

The last person was whom I dreamed most vividly, a young man not much older than myself. He had untidy bronze hair and sparkling golden eyes. His face was pale, paler than my own. And he was flawless. Everytime I saw him I felt my heart speed up for my imaginary boy.

They all shared some traits, amber eyes, beautifully pale skin and purple coloring under their eyes. Although all of this, I was sure they were not related.

I dreamed about them all the time. Sometimes I dreamed them in normal everyday situations, talking to each other, other times they were in school, normal everyday things; all where I was an observer. Unable to influence or communicate with them. Other times I imagined them in different scenes that my mine imagined (For example: from the latest books which I had read, or movies I had seem). Which ever way I imagined them, they always were flawless and beautiful.

Although there were figments of my imaginations I felt as if I knew them. I listen to there conversations and there playful banter. But one thing failed to happen. I could never quiet catch there names. Every time my mind tried to concentrate there names seemed to slip through my conscious and blur into nothingness. It was if someone were censoring them out of my dreams.

Unnamed beauties.

Lately I had taken to try to capture there beauty in my mind. I felt that because they were my minds creation, there was no real reason that I should not share them with the world. I traced them from my minds eye onto every piece of paper that I could get my hands on. In paint, pencils. On cardboard and on paper. I could never quite get there youth, spark and emotion which there flawless face's held. I could never fairly represent the curve of there cheeks or the grace of there smile.

It was only natural that my mother had began to worry when pictures of my 'imaginary friends' started to be pinned up around in my room. In my frustration I had tried repeatedly to figure out where I had been going wrong and failing. Lately, however I was starting to get better. There faces began to look similar and the emotions started to become more apparent. In the last week I had been trying to prefect the bronze haired boy's perfect smile.

I smiled as I imagined that gorgeous boy giving me his trade mark crooked smile. If he were real I would melt right there and then and not even care.

"That's it Bella!" Renee screeched noticing my dazed look and goofy smile, quickly getting to her feet in front of me "Your back into your dream world! Perhaps what your father and I decided really is for the best! I didn't want to... but maybe its for the best"

I stayed silent, I was confused, really confused. Renee and Charlie- my father- never talked, hardly ever since she had left him years ago.

"Mum?" I questioned.

"Well, your father and I have been talking," she suddenly looked very nervous, "And we decided that it would be best for your health if you spent a little bit of time away from the city…"

Suddenly I understood perfectly.

"Your shipping me off to Char- I mean Dad," I whispered.

Renee sighed and looked at me carefully.

"There is another option, I mean the psychiatrist said that it was natural for 15 year olds to escape into their mind, but this is getting ridiculous! You could always go back to…"

I jumped up and clenched my hands at my side trying not to let the tears fall from my eyes. "No Mum! You and I both know I'm not a nutcase! I don't need any help!"

Renee just looked sadly at me, her unspoken words hurt me. I imagined her saying "I'm just not so sure anymore,"- I knew it was what she was thinking- but she didn't understand. If she knew the truth, the whole truth, there would be no doubt that I would go back to the physiatrist, no doubt that she would think I was mad. Some things were better left unsaid.

Mum looked at me pleadingly.

"Please Bella you have to understand, I have tried everything honey. There's nothing wrong with being a dreamer but it's time that you realized that you must get over these fantasies!"

I sighed, she would never understand it was more than the dreams and I was in too deep to get out now, but if it made her and Charlie happy…

"Okay Mum." I mumbled.

"Excuse me?" she said in shock.

"You heard me," I said "I do realize that it must be hard to have a daughter like me and I also realize that this is best for both of us, besides, I haven't seen Charlie in ages"

Renee seemed shocked for an instant, I think she expected a little bit more resistance on the matter (kicking, screaming, and fighting) but no, I was willing to go quietly.

It's not like I was leaving much.

Yes I was in the middle of year 11 but it was nothing that I couldn't handle, I could just transfer to whatever school was closest to Charlie. It's not like my social life would be injured.

Let's just say that I never seemed to fit in. The only thing keeping me here is Renee and she obviously couldn't deal with me at the moment. Besides, Renee and her current boyfriend Phil were getting pretty serious maybe it was right that I was giving them some time, without the psychotic daughter.

"Oh," Renee said sounding disappointed, but we both knew it was for the best "I guess that was easier than I thought,"

And with that we both smiled at each other and went our separate ways, mine to back into my hammock and dream world, while her back into our house.

It had been two days since Renee had announced that I would be leaving. Too be quite honest it had been nothing extra ordinary. I didn't have a family that would want to see me one last time before I went and I definitely didn't have any friends who would be too dramatically affected by my departure. I wasn't resentful of the fact I was moving, if anything I was slightly happy, it would be a fresh start and I would get to spend time with Charlie- I really had to get into the habit of calling him 'Dad'.

I had finished packing up my room and left the pictures which covered my walls for last. I know it might seem slightly obsessive and weird but I had hundred of pictures which were everywhere. I couldn't stop painting them, trying to make them come alive and draw me into there fabulous and exotic lives.

I sighed as I began taking them down. I had tried to name them but found that I could not find names that gave them justice and fitted them perfectly.

I pulled the pictures off my walls and packed them into a box off to the side. Before moving on to the picture on the mirror which hung on my wall. I only kept one picture here, one of the bronze haired boy. I reached my finger tips out and ran them down the side of his face. I felt my heart quicken. I knew that he couldn't be a figment of my imagination, especially not when I heard what I heard. What I would never, and could never tell anyone.

I sighed as I felt the familiar tickle which pressed against the walls of my mind as I readied myself for the familiar presence of someone else in my head.

I can't believe that they did that! I wonder if I could challenge him to a race… wouldn't be so cocky then…

The voice which was coated in velvet and was deep and smooth resounded throughout my head. I smiled and sank to the floor, this I was used to, this I could deal with. Even if it made me potentially mad and crazy.

I knew that this was real. I heard him in my head. I knew it was the bronze haired, flawless boy, don't ask how I knew. I just knew.

I felt myself beam as I listened to his mind complain and plot against his siblings and friends.

It had to be real.

He was real. And one day I would find my bronze haired boy and prove once and for all, that I wasn't just a dreamer.

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