First kiss, and then some

a sequel to A Complete Crush

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They were in the lift.

Daniel was on her right, holding his briefcase in front of him with both hands, wearing his long black overcoat. They both faced the lift doors.

Betty looked over and up at him.

Their eyes met.

Daniel smiled, and Betty felt drawn into those baby blues...

Then with a strange fluidity, the scene switched, skipping over where they were supposed to move towards each other - and they were kissing.

And then in Betty's ear, Daniel's voice; Sofia.

Betty shot straight up in bed, screaming (AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!) through the metal contraption that held her mouth open anyway, screaming on and on and on until -

"Betty?!" Hilda burst into the room. "Ai, mama, what is your problem -" She sat down next to her sister and clutched her to her side. "Betty! Stop it!"

Betty shut her mouth and stared dazedly. "Hilda - is that you?" She pinched her sister on the arm.

"Ouch!" Hilda let go of Betty and grabbed her offended arm. "Betty!"

"I had a dream," Betty said, sagging slightly from her rigid position as the nightmarish haze faded eventually. "Daniel kissed me - I mean, I kissed him - well, we were kissing anyways."

"Like your Henry dream?" Hilda asked. "But what's wrong with this one? This is good! I mean, you two are in love, Betty, or have you forgotten? It's about time you two did something. I mean, I guess it could be kinda weird, you two being best friends for so long, but..."

"No, listen," Betty said. "And then Daniel was like, 'Sofia.'"

Hilda stared at Betty. "What?"

"Exactly!" Betty wailed. "Tell me it was just a stupid dream."

"It was just a stupid dream," Hilda said, in a placating tone. "Remember my dream about Jose -"

"Yes, yes, I do," Betty said. "But -"

"It was just a dream and dreams don't mean anything," Hilda said, cutting smoothly into Betty's protestation. "And really, Betty - Sofia? That was ages ago, and she was an absolute cow -" she laughed. "Why on earth would Daniel - why would you even remember her?"

"But my Henry dream!" Betty wailed, avoiding Hilda's reasoning. "That came true! Look what happened there!"

"That," Hilda said, "was a coincidence. Geez, calm down, woman. Sometimes I wonder if Daniel is good for you." As she spoke she did her classic Hilda one-finger-pointing-up-hand-rotation movement.

Seeing the look on Betty's face, Hilda said, hastily, "Sorry. Bad joke."


Right. This is really simple, Betty Suarez. Just do not be in the lift with Daniel. No lift means no kiss, which means no dreaded 'Sofia' remark! Simple! And no, you are not being paranoid. You're just being...cautious. Yep. Nothing wrong with caution!


Am not!

The third day of caution


Stunned, she halted abruptly on the third step of the last flight of stairs up to the twenty-eighth floor. Looking up, she was greeted by a triumphant but slightly perplexed looking Daniel.

"Christina said she saw you taking the stairs when she came in yesterday," Daniel said. "And you really are...Betty, why are you avoiding...the lift?"

"Oh!" Betty said, stalling and casting about wildly as she climbed the last few steps. "Um. Well! I'm not avoiding the lift, Daniel! I'm just...being fit! You know. Fitness first!" She grinned at him and brushed past, hurrying to her desk.


Oh, crap. Did I just give him his very own cheesy thumbs-up-plus-grin?

Daniel followed after her. "Betty -"

He leaned on both arms on Betty's desk, from the front, the way she usually did on his desk. "Betty. Look, if you weren't my assistant I would think you were avoiding me. But since that is obviously impossible, I'm forced to assume that you are avoiding meeting me in the elevator."

Betty stared at him.

"Help me understand why you might do that?" He said, smiling sweetly at her.

"Oh, but I'm not," Betty said. "Avoiding you, that is. Why is it so hard to believe that I want to just take some extra exercise?" She switched on her computer and shuffled some papers as she spoke, avoiding his eyes, but when no response to her weak excuse reached her ears she was forced to look up at him.

Daniel's smile had morphed into a smirk she was not used to having directed at herself, the smirk which had promised good things - physically, at least - to many a Daniel-Meade-girl. It was stranger than she thought it would be, this slow but sure addition of romance to friendship.

Her eyes were fixed on his face, and she felt a rush of love and excitement at the strange new emotions occupying her, body soul and mind.

His gaze moved to her lips, and their hearts began to beat faster, and Betty leaned forward half-rising from her seat and Daniel leaned further down, his hands reaching and gently touching her face. Their lips met, just the slightest touch, but it was so different - and so bizarrely pleasant and exciting and - just so different.

Daniel broke the kiss and straightened, running a hand backward through his hair, and it was obvious from the rise and fall of his chest his rapid breathing.

Their eyes met and they both grinned, almost in a silly way, both utterly ecstatic and overwhelmed.

Daniel reached for her hands and brought them into his office, closing his door, hiding behind the meager width of wall between the circular windows on the office door and the wide glass panel that meant the rest of the office was entirely visible to the outer Mode office.

"I have a theory," he whispered, his voice low and almost frighteningly sexy beside Betty's ear. God, she was not used to this.

"And what's that?" she said, matching his volume.

"That you're avoiding me because you're afraid I might do...this," he said, and turning her face slowly to face him he captured her lips in a kiss that was significantly more than lip-only.

"Oh, we can't do this now," Betty said, withdrawing a hand which had been (rather frighteningly, again, for her) snaking under his jacket and up the hard muscles of his back through the fabric of his purple shirt. She finally broke the kisses which were rapidly progressing toward serious making out. "We're at work! Now, Daniel, I have to get back to my desk." With her responsible assistant expression firmly in place, she tucked her hair behind her ears, adjusted her glasses and marched out of the office with a bright assistant smile and Daniel.

Filled with love, face painted with a smile he felt nobody, nobody, could wipe off at that moment, Daniel watched Betty sit down at her desk. His Betty, oh so familiar and yet so much more to know about her.

"So? What happened at work today?" Hilda asked, noting happily that Justin was upstairs and Papi in the kitchen.

Betty looked up at her sister with a silly happy smile. "We kissed."

"Oh, Betty!" Hilda gushed. "That is so great."

"And you know, I realised something," Betty said, assuming a serious expression.


"I'm not the first Daniel has kissed."

Hilda stared at her sister briefly, then laughed, holding up a finger. "Now that, chica, is far from adequate."

Betty rolled her eyes. "Okay, okay. I mean, I'm not the first one in this family that Daniel has kissed." She grinned.

Hilda looked confused. "Huh? Me?"

"No, duh. Hello? Fashion week?"

"Oh," Hilda said, realisation dawning on her face. "Oh, right." She grinned. "Oh, yeah. I am good. But that was hardly a kiss, Betty. More like a drunken...peck."

Betty raised an eyebrow.

"Well, I'll bet it was nothing like anything you got," Hilda said, standing up and putting a hand on her hip.

Betty busied herself with her handbag, and with a loud ha! of triumph Hilda went grinning to check on Justin.

"So that's fine," Betty sighed, over her cereal, to Hilda the next morning. "I can finally take the lift again!"

"Really? How come?"

"You know, my dream? We've had our first kiss so the lift dream can't happen now..."

"But how do you know it was the first kiss in the dream?" Hilda remarked off handedly, busy with a batch of 'coffee a la Hilda.'

Betty froze mid-chew.