First kiss, and then some - sequel to A Complete Crush

A/N: I know you guys'll never forgive me. -cries- I shall wrap this story up. Sorry, but I've lost touch with it. D':

Telling them all

"Look at them all," Betty whispered. "They all think it's something really important." She gazed down at the faces of the press from her vantage point on the stage, where she and Daniel sat on two single chairs.

"That's because it is," Daniel said.

She smiled weakly, nervous in her knees, all of her joints.

"Okay. Hey, everyone." Daniel spoke into the microphone. The journalists snapped to attention. "Check this out."

He turned and gave Betty a chaste peck on the lips.

Judging by the uproar that spread through out the room, it was anything but chaste to them. She felt a thrill of dread and embarrassment, and looked down, only vaguely aware of Daniel standing them both up. This was horrible. This was her worst nightmare.

"Betty," Daniel said firmly, over the shocked mutterings.

He dropped down to one knee. Every set of eyes in the room apart from his widened.

He brought out, then, a small dark blue box from his pocket. There was a collective gasp.

"Will you marry me?"

Somebody in the front row dropped their camera. (The others, of course kept clicking/filming away.)

Betty stared at him, eyes huge. "What?"

Daniel grinned lovingly up at her. "Will you do me the honour of taking my hand?"

A solitary figure in a white pantsuit and pale blonde hair rose and started clapping.

"Mom," Daniel said affectionately.

"Claire," Betty sniffed, wiping a tear from her eye.

Ignacio, Hilda, Justin and Alexis, who'd managed to sneak in despite the strict forbiddances from their daughter/sister/aunt/brother respectively, joined in.

"Dad-sister-nephew-Alexis," Betty laughed, and the newly engaged, blissful couple were surrounded by the applause of the magazine-and-news people who, though slow on the uptake, were admirably enthusiastic once they got started.

La termina feliz.