New drabble for a new fandom. I do not own Code Geass.

By Hales731

He knows he has to be beg. He doesn't mind.

He knows he is being played, so well that he almost forgets. He doesn't care.

He's losing the game that he never wanted to win.

He gives in willingly, because it allows for moments like these. Moments when he is curled up on the bed, his fingers gripping the raven hair of the man who is nestled between his thighs. He throws back his head, moaning a "Brother," and he knows that he is being used.

He is being tormented, but he loves it. Loves it more than the feeling of cold steel in his hand as it slices through flesh. Loves it more than the taste of someone else's blood after it has splashed across him. Loves it more than the power that he has been given.

It's all fake, of course. His brother does not love him. Not like he loves his sister, or his friends, or the green-haired witch. Lelouch will never see him as a true brother. He has never been a true brother. He is fake. As fake as the kisses Lelouch gives him.

But the kisses he gives are not. He steals them while Lelouch sleeps. Steals them when he has time in his hands. Steals them whenever he can.

Otherwise he has to beg. Still, he doesn't mind. Because Lelouch leaves him gasping.

After all, it is only by losing, failing, falling, that he really, truly wins.

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