Her Past Catches Up With Her

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Chapter 32

At five months along, JJ had gone through the tired and cranky part of her pregnancy. Now she's at her craving and bipolar phase. When she first told the team that she's pregnant, there was no doubt that it had to be Shawn's baby. Hotch on the other hand, still had the suspicion that it might have been from the rape. But he didn't say anything. JJ knew what she could handle and it was her business. He offered his congratulations and kept quiet.

Pen and Emily had different reactions. At first they both squealed. Then Emily hugged her. Pen slapped her and then yelled. She hated being told things after others. She liked to be the first to know. So thought Pen should have been a news anchor or journalist. But she was Pen and what are you going to do with her?

After her little mini meltdown, Pen hugged her and talked about names. Emily joined in. Shawn insisted on being there when she told them. But neither JJ or Shawn actually said the words that he was the father. Or that they were expecting. JJ thought that with them being so intuitive and being sticklers for details they would have caught that little detail. Especial Reid. But they didn't. JJ and Shawn weren't going to mention it. If they ever found out, they could say that it was their fault for jumping to conclusions.

Now JJ walks around with a noticeable baby belly and she always had a carrot or piece of celery in hand. Members of the team would find a little stray piece here and there from where she set them down, then forgets them. She's determined to eat as healthy as possible. Every now and then she lets herself have a nice big hunk of extra sharp cheddar cheese and salt n' sour chips. She would take one bit of the cheese and one bit from the chip. Shawn would watch her in disgust and amazement. She never let herself do that at work. Shawn was one thing, but the team had to respect her. She didn't want to show them all her crazy.

At home, JJ decides to start on the baby's bedroom. She thought she'd have Shawn paint it a pale yellow. She still didn't know the sex of the baby, so she thought neutral was the right choice. She always likes to be prepare. And this evening Spencer and Daisy are coming over. Spencer and Shawn were to paint the nursery and JJ and Daisy would make dinner. It wasn't too bad outside, so the window could be open for the paint fumes. The door would remain shut to the nursery until it had aired out.

JJ just put the plastic on the floor of the emptied bedroom. She made sure the paint brushes and all the stuff they would need was in there. That's when JJ heard the door bell ring.

"Shawn! They're here!" JJ called down to the other end of the house. She opens the door to Spencer and Daisy in a kiss. "Awe! You two are so adorable! Get in here before the neighbors get the wrong idea." JJ smiles and pulls them in.

"It's good to see you too Jen." Daisy just couldn't call her JJ. So she and JJ decided Daisy, and Daisy alone was allowed to call her Jen. JJ and Daisy hug. "Wow, that is quite a beautiful belly there. It's so hard to believe that you are going to have a baby." Daisy smiles so big. She's genuinely happy for her friend. Daisy seemed to be doing pretty good too. Her new practices was doing better then in California. Spencer and her were going hot and heavy. JJ expected to hear about a proposal soon. They were on the verge of living together. As were JJ and Shawn. Shawn walks into the room and shakes Spencer's hand and hugs Daisy.

"So Spencer, you ready to start on that job?" Shawn gestures to the soon to be nursery.

"Sure. See you later doc." Spencer says to Daisy and kisses her. Doc is the pet name Spencer gave Daisy. Daisy's pet name for Spencer was Spency. Or when alone, tiger. No one else knew that though. Shawn leans over JJ and kisses her.

"Baby, remember, no spices. It's not good for the baby. Dr. Rosem said that you've got acid reflux." Shawn squeezes her in his arms.

"I know babe. I was there." JJ getting annoyed and Shawn can hear it.

"You know I do that because I love you. And I hate seeing you suffer." Shawn kisses the top of her head and pulls away to walk to the room. As soon as Spencer and Daisy were finished making out in the middle of JJ's living room, Spencer follows Shawn into the other room. Daisy and JJ walk into the kitchen to start dinner.

"Jen, did I sense a little bit of tension between you and Shawn?" Daisy's concerned.

"Yeah. I just feel off. I love Shawn and he's been so sweet. I don't know if it's my hormones or if it's just me. But I am just getting so annoyed by him lately. I have a feeling it's the mother hen thing he's doing. Like I would do anything to hurt my baby. I was told not to eat spices. I just don't know what to do anymore. Is this normal? Oh…I think I need to sit down for a minute. That doesn't feel right." JJ's eyes get big as a pain hit's the middle of her back. Daisy helps her to the closest chair.

"Do you want me to go get Shawn?" Daisy doesn't know what to do.

"Maybe in a minute. Let's just see if it passes. Come sit with me and tell me about you and Spence." JJ pats the table in front of her. Trying to take her mind out the repeated pain in her back. It literally felt like someone was stabbing her in her spine in dead center of her back.

"Are you sure? Your face is getting a little flushed. Maybe we should take you to the hospital." Daisy kept inching toward the door to go get Shawn.

"Daisy, it will pass…Maybe not. Let's go." JJ's fear starts to kick in. Daisy helps her stand and they walk into the living room.

"SHAWN! SPENCY! COME NOW!" Daisy's panic voice bellows.

"Great Daisy. Freak them out worse then they need to." JJ says, squeezing Daisy's shoulder that was under her helping her walk. Every time the pain hit, her legs wanted to give out. Shawn and Spencer slowly walk into the living room talking about something the girls could care less about.

"What's the big deal? We just bearly got started." Spencer asks.

"Jen's having some pain. We need to get her to the hospital." Daisy says, calmer. Which JJ notices and nods to Daisy in approval.

"Baby, why didn't you tell me you were having pain?" Shawn takes over what Daisy was doing.

"SHAWN! I didn't tell you because it just happened when Daisy and I were in the kitchen! You knew as soon as I did! Please, just get me to the hospital." JJ was just so frustrated with Shawn and the ups and downs with her feelings. She was being mean and harsh. This wasn't her. She hated herself like this.

They get her in the car. Daisy sat in back with JJ and the boys sat in front. They thought if JJ was able to lay down, the it might relieve some of the pain or pressure she was feeling.

"You never felt this pain when you were pregnant with Annie?" Daisy asks.

"No. I have never felt this kind of pain. Not even in labor. It felt a little like this when they gave me the epidural. But not nearly as sever. I'm sorry guys. I don't mean to be mean and didn't mean to ruin the evening. I don't know what's gotten into me. I'm so tense and moody." JJ's almost in tears.

"It's ok sweetie. You are pregnant. Your hormones and emotions are everywhere. I'm starting to feel Shelby coming back into my life." Daisy giggles. JJ does too until the next shot of pain worsens.

"Oh! Dear god! You have to get kidding me!" JJ squeezes Daisy's hand, hard.

"Are we almost there?" Daisy could tell the pain was escalading.

"JJ, hold on baby. Just five more minutes. Why don't you tell us about one of your Shelby moments. I keep hearing about the wild child you were." Shawn says, driving as fast as he can.

"What about the time you, me and Scott were talking about Juliet having to get a pregnancy test. I said it was so Sheakpearen and he said he never knew that Sheakspeare wrote a play about someone taking a pregnancy test. Ha! That was so funny when he said it." Daisy was smiling so big that JJ couldn't help but smile.

"Yeah. Who would have thought Juliet and Auggie would run from school. Her mother really messed with her head. Thank god she got through it. How are you feeling?" Daisy looks down at JJ.

"The pain isn't as strong now. But I sure am really tired. So tired I felt like I just ran 30 miles. I'm having a hard time keeping my eyes open." JJ closed them, which freaks Daisy out.

"Shawn, are we there yet? She's out. Her pulse seems to be ok, but she's pretty pale and she's out." Daisy rolls the window down a little bit to get some air moving to see if that helps her. When she looks out the window, she see the hospital as they turn into the ER entrance.

"I'll take her in. One of you move the car and meet us in the ER." Shawn puts in park and quickly gets JJ and heads into the ER. "We need some help, please!" A nurse and a man Shawn assumes is an orderly comes over with a gurney and Shawn places her gently down.

"What's seems to be the problem?" The nurse asks.

"She's five months pregnant and he was having back pain. She's been pregnant before and she said it didn't feel like anything before. Just as we got here, she said the pain wasn't as bad, but she was so tired. Then she closed her eyes. She was awake until about two minutes ago. Her ob-gyn is Dr. Sally Rosem." Shawn tries to remember everything.

"Ok,that's good. Are you her husband?" The nurse tries to get a little personal info.

"No. I'm her boyfreind, the father of the baby."

"Ok, good. We need you to sit right here and fill out these forms. As soon as we know what's going on, we'll come out and let you know." The nurse sets Shawn down and hands him the clipboard and forms. Shawn's so shocked that he starts to fill out the forms. Hurt that because he wasn't her husband, he couldn't be with her. Spencer and Daisy rush in and find a calm Shawn fill out paper work.

"What are you doing out here? Shouldn't you be with JJ?" Spencer asks.

"They won't let me in. I'm not her husband. I have to wait until they figure out what's going on." Shawn sounds so defeated.

"Well, maybe if you stay here and let them do their job, they can get out here faster. You want Jen taken care of and find out what the problem is, right? Make sure the baby's ok?" Daisy asks, using her best doctor voice.

"Yes, but I just feel so helpless. I don't feel like I have a helping hand with this pregnancy. I just get to sit back and wait for the baby to come. I want to help her feel better. Make this the easiest pregnancy. She didn't get to have someone with her the last time. Now it feels like she doesn't need me. She's so mad at me all the time. What am I doing wrong?" Shawn asks, confused.

"You have to think about it this way hun. She's used to being in control. She's used to having coffee all the time. Now, she can't have the coffee all the time. She's happy one minute and then sad the next. Hot one minute and cold the next. Has she started with the peeing every two seconds. And there's more where that comes from. Has she got to the point where she wants sex ALL the time?" Daisy says, grinning.

"No. I can't imagine going from happy to sad and back again. If she's left me know how to help, I'd do it."

"I think what you guys are supposed to do is take our nine months of ups and downs. I hear it's hard on you guys. Maybe not as hard as we get it, but hard. But give her time. Before she had no one. Now she has you and doesn't know how to use you to her advantage. When she's better, ask her. Talk it out. If she gets mad or annoyed then leave it and come back to it. It will be ok." Daisy says rubbing his back, trying to comfort him. Spencer stands in front of him, hoping that Daisy is getting through to him for JJ's sake.

"She right man. Listen to her." Just then the nurse came out.

"Jennfer Jearau?"

"Right here." Shawn stands up. Spencer and Dasiy stand with him.

"She's asking for Shawn." The nurse wasn't sure which one was Shawn.

"That's me. I'll be back guys." Shawn hands the clipboard to Daisy. Then follows the nurse to JJ's room. As he enters, he sees an IV in her arm and all sorts of monitors. She turns her head to see him come in.

"Shawn. I'm so glad to see you. How long have I been without you?" A groggy JJ asks.

"Just a little while honey. No more then a half hour baby. How you feeling?" Shawn grabs her hand as he sits next to her side.

"Not too bad. Just run down. I'm so sorry for being so grumpy. You don't deserve it. You are so kind and loving. I'll try to be better." JJ squeezes his hand in understanding.

"It's ok baby. But if there's something you need or want me to do to make things easier on you, let me know. I want to help the best I can. I love you." Shawn bends down and kisses her forehead.

"I love you too baby. Dr. Rosem is on her way in. They don't know what it is. I'm scared. They say the baby seems fine. What did I do wrong to cause whatever to happen? Maybe it's stress." A tear rolls down JJ's left temple. Shawn wipes it away.

"Don't say that. You did nothing wrong. Just stay calm. Dr. Rosem will get to the bottom of this. If it's stress, then you'll work less. It's all about this baby sweetheart. It's not forever. We'll get through this." Shawn smiles at her.

Dr. Rosem walks in.

"Jennifer, what are you doing here. I thought we said no ER. Just like not getting shot, getting stabbed or kicked. What happened?" Dr. Rosem smiles playfully at her.

"I was just going into the kitchen with a friends to start making dinner. Then a stabbing pain in the middle of my back just kept getting worse. It's nothing like I felt in the last pregnancy. Not even labor. I say there for a few minutes to see if it would go away. But it got worse." JJ looks at the doctor.

"Well, it could be a few different things. Let me check the lab results and then we'll go from there. You just sit and relax. You let me do the worrying." Dr. Rosem leaves the room and JJ takes a deep breath. Then slowly lets it out.

"We need to get that nursery painted. And before it gets cold. The fumes are not good. So the window has to be open." Shawn could feel JJ's body tense up.

"Don't you worry baby. It will be done. Do you want anything?"

"I'm thirsty. Maybe if they let me, I could have some nice cold ice water. God, this kid is hungry. Can you hear my stomach growl?" JJ laughs a little.

"I'll go see of you can have some water and see about getting you something to eat." Shawn gets up and walks out to the nurses station. "Hello. My girlfriend was wondering if she could get some ice water and maybe something to eat. She's pregnant and is starving. She missed dinner." Shawn smiles.

"I'll check with the doctor and then we'll see what we can do. What room and what's the name?" The nurse goes to write it down.

"Jennifer Jearau. Exam room 5. Dr. Rosem is her doctor. Thank you." Shawn went to tell Daisy and Spencer to just take his car and go get something to eat. He would call if something changed. So the couple went to go get something to eat. Shawn goes back into the room to find JJ sleeping. He's relieved.

About an hour later, Dr. Rosem comes in with a tray. Water and a turkey and cheese sandwich. JJ was still sleeping. So she just talked quietly with Shawn.

"She's just got a little build up of some vitamins. And the stress isn't helping. I think she needs to cut work down by half. She can do paper work, but not phone calls with angry people. She can do the paper work and that's it. She's going to need back rubs. Three or more a week. But not every night. We don't want the build up to happen again. But she does need to walk for about half an hour a day. Not alone though. Just in case she has a problem. If at all possible, don't let her drive or be alone. I mean, someone should be in the same house or building. Close enough in case this happens again. If it does then it's going to have to be no work and bed rest. We'll have to give her a medication to keep the build up to a minimum. When she wakes, have her eat and have a little water. Then well let her go. No rush. I'll come back in an hour. Let her sleep." Dr. Rosem leaves and Shawn sits there with relief.


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