Who's the Killer

By: Late-Sleeper

Beta-reader: Pay Backs a Bitch

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"Why don't we play 'Who's the Killer' for all time sake, guys?" Naruto asked as he beamed at his friends. It had been a long time since they have been together like this. It is somewhat nostalgic seeing familiar faces once more. Even though they have gone to different careers and specialties, they made it a point to contact each other and keep their friendship burning.

"What the hell are you? A high schooler?" Kiba sneer at the pouting blond. Give it to Naruto to act like a child when he himself is already a well-known novelist. Although Kiba always wonder why he took his grandfather's footstep when he abhors it when they were kids. "But, this is the first time we've been complete! Come on! This is a vacation; let's enjoy it to the fullest."

Kiba snort at that. "That's why your idea sucks. We should go to a night club instead and drink ourselves to death."

Shikamaru who was half listening and half dozing frown at Kiba's suggestion. Night clubbing is not what he calls having a good time. The only thing drinking brings are after effect headaches and lots and lots of puke which he do not want to deal right now. "Naruto's suggestion is better." Shikamaru yawned loudly.

Kiba shot him a menacing glare while he seeks comforting glances on other people in the room. Sasuke on the other side of the room just gave him the I-don't-care-look-but-I'm-on-Naruto's-side. Che! The bastard and his damn blond best friend.

He gave a pleading look on Chouji's way. He knew the fat…err…I mean the pacifist of the group would go with food and drinks anytime. "Kiba, even though I love food I think we should stay here and catch up like old times."

"What?! We could always do that while drinking!"

"Then why don't we just drink here instead." Neji who was getting annoyed with Kiba's whining decided to end the discussion. Hearing the dog breath groan and whine really gave him a headache. Naruto nodded vigorously. "See even the doctor agrees with me!"

Kiba grunt and growls at the same time feeling that the world is against him. Why did he have such lazy comrades he always wonders? He shot a glare at the blond and bare his teeth like that of a dog. "Still the game sucks!"

"Then why don't we give it a spice. Kicking it to a higher notch." Shino who was playing with a roach turn his face to Kiba's direction. Kiba shivers a bit at the intimidating stare he was receiving. Shino always make him feel icky and jumpy for some reason.

Sasuke frown and raise his brow at Shino's suggestion. "What do you suggest?"

"Let's make it more realistic." Shino glance back at his pet roach on his hand as he caresses the said creature. Neji look at the man puzzled, he starting to doubt the whole scheme bit by bit. He could feel something sinister on how the bug-man laid his plan.

"Good. Then why not have the killer tie up his victims and put him or her in a safe hiding place? If the killer gets all the victims then he wins. If the cop busted him first he loses." Naruto eyes bulging with eagerness looks at everyone's eyes with hope. Lee who was suspiciously silent the whole time nodded in agreement. Sasuke smirked and nod. Shikamaru yawned, his way of saying yes. Chouji nodded in agreement. Naruto glance at Gaara, Sai and Neji expectedly and the three could only nod in defeat. Kiba feeling left out growl but gave his consent.

"Then let the game begin!"

Lee scribbled the characters in the game. He prayed that he would get the 'cop' since he is one himself. He loves being a cop like his Gai-sensei.

"Now pick your paper kiddos and no peeking."

Naruto hurriedly grab a paper from the container containing the characters of the game. He frowns upon reading his character.

"So remember. Once you caught the 'killer' the game is over." Naruto frown at Shino's statement but shrug it anyway since he deems Shino as a weird person anyway.

"Sasuke, what did you've got?" Sasuke turn his face at Naruto and smiles at him ominously making shivers run down Naruto's spine. "I'll tell you but I've got to kill you after."


"Hey penis-less don't let the killer get you." Sai smirk eerily at the blond earning him a flip from the blond and a menacing death glare from Sasuke. "Come on Naruto let's hide."


"The 'Killer' would have hard time getting one of us if we join forces." Sasuke pulled Naruto's hand towards the stairs leading to the second floor of the old abandoned house of the Uchiha's.

Naruto glare slightly at Sasuke. "Then what if you're the Killer?"

"Then I have to tie you up dobe." Sasuke glance at his back to watch the fidgeting blond. Naruto's eyes went huge then subside after a minute or two. "Bastard. I believe in you."

"Your innocence would be the death of you dobe."

"Che! Bastard." Naruto smiles happily and let the raven drag him up stair.

Upon climbing the stair a hand suddenly shot his way up to Naruto's thigh earning a loud shriek from the frighten blond. Naruto look back over his shoulder and was ready to pummel the pervert when he realize the hand belong to a cringing Chouji. "What the hell, Chouji?!"

"Sorry Naruto. I slipped at the second step. I didn't mean to grab onto your thigh." The err…biggest member apologizes and bowed repeatedly as his best friend mutter 'troublesome' again and again.

Unknown to the rest pair of eyes were glaring menacingly at what happen but one pair was above all as this pair unlike the rest promises death.


LateSleeper: There are many variation of 'cops and robbers', here in my home town it is called "Who's the killer?".

The game start by picking your hidden character is written in a small sheet of paper (ex: Banker, Chef, doctor,) then of course the main characters are the cop, judge and robber. When all have, their character selected the robber would wink at someone and that person would say "I'm dead" until everyone drops dead then the robber wins but if he winks at the judge, the judge would say "the judge is dead" then automatically the robber wins. But if he winks at the cop then he's busted. The cop in turn would try to catch the robber and would point at the one he suspect and says "You're under arrest." If he's wrong then he's busted. The judge would then give his punishment to the robber when he's caught.