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After the incident with Victor Von Doom, the Fantastic Five became New York City's premier superheroes. Johnny and Helena flew to Paris to pack Helena's things, taking a much-needed vacation. Helena took Johnny around to see the sights, along with a few of her favorite bridges, and she quickly realized that Paris really is the romance capital of the world. Helena talked to her boss at Vogue who decided to transfer her to New York, and Helena from that point on decided to work mostly free-lance, and was called in when needed.

Johnny Storm had finally settled down with his steady girlfriend, Helena Greene. They couldn't have been more perfect for each other. They kept each other on their toes, and looked out for one another. Johnny still had a few wild oats to sow; it was never anything serious; his womanizing days were over. Johnny just felt like he didn't need to womanize any more, he'd found what he was looking for. Johnny hadn't figured out that he was in love with Helena, just yet. Helena knew that she loved Johnny, but she didn't want to pressure him, he was still Johnny Storm, and didn't exactly where his heart on his sleeve; she would have to be patient. Helena had also changed by being with Johnny as well, she became more spontaneous, adventurous and more confident than she had ever been.

Each of their powers grew exponentially while the five took residence in the Baxter Building. The Fantastic Five became a household name, every person in world knew who these extraordinary five were. Sue and Reed as well as Johnny and Helena became the two most talked about couples of the town; especially with wedding try number four quickly approaching for Sue and Reed. Helena and Johnny never did let any of the media attention get to them. OK, well maybe Johnny, but that's why Helena was there, she kept him grounded. The paparazzi loved Helena and Johnny the most because they always seemed to be so pleasant and nice to them, and would stand for pictures, so in return the couple was actually treated with respect. Reed and Sue on the other hand, didn't know how to handle the paparazzi, and while they didn't mean to they became stand-off-ish with them. Therefore, the paparazzi tried everything they could to get their shots of the un-photographable couple. Ben, despite his large stature, became a huge hit with kids. Families everywhere always seemed to swarm around him wanting pictures and autographs.

Now the five were all sitting pretty in the Baxter Building, which Reed had renovated, pending some endorsement deals. Those deals also help Reed subsidize his inventions and scientific experiments. Reed had also expanded the small ballet studio that he'd built for Helena. The studio was very large now, with very high ceilings, for her to practice her flight, and an amazing sound system. This was where Helena disciplined her ballet as well as her powers. Reed even occasionally hired a trainer for her. In the Baxter Building, Sue and Reed shared a room, as well as Ben and Alicia; Helena and Johnny didn't, but their rooms were right across the hall from each other. The six loved living together and got along really well. The girls especially became fast friends, the three would be seen out shopping together, having lunch, or catching a chick flick. Ben and Johnny became, as Helena loved to put it, thick as thieves, and watched each other's backs, both in battle and life. The five couldn't believe it had been one year since the accident in space, the time had gone by so quickly, but that was the least of their worries now.

Chapter 1

A woman on the news spoke, "Last night the FAA was forced to ground all air traffic, leaving thousands stranded, when electronic failures, and mysterious power outages crippled the western United States." Sue and Reed watched from the airport, the other three were signing autographs and posing for pictures; Helena and Johnny posing for pictures together with many of their adoring fans as well as signing autographs; Ben was busy taking pictures with kids and signing autographs for large families, needless to say, parents loved Ben. The anchorwoman continued as Reed and Sue watched with confusion and dread, "But the big story today, the much anticipated wedding, of Fantastic couple Reed Richards and Susan Storm, will take place this Saturday."

Reed held a newspaper that read, 'Reed Richards: Scientist or Celebrity?' He couldn't help but comment "Unbelievable, bizarre anomalies have been occurring all over the world, defying every known law of physics, and all the media want to know is what china patterns you and I picked out." Ben noticed the conversation, "Hey which one did you pick? The blue ones with the little flowers? I really like them!" A mother took Ben away for more pictures with her children, as Sue took a deep breath and exclaimed, "It's happening again, isn't it?" Reed did his best to assure his fiancé, "No, we're not postponing anything! Not this time! This is gonna be the wedding you've always dreamed of, and I'm not gonna let anything get in the way of that! Not even the mysterious transformation of matter at the sub-atomic level." Sue smiled warmly as said, "That's the most romantic thing you've ever said to me." Sue and Reed kissed, as Johnny said laughing from his seat in front of them, "Which is really pathetic when you think about it!" Helena sitting next to Johnny elbowed him in the side and said, "Johnny!" Johnny held his side and looked to Helena, "What?" She smiled and held up her finger saying, "I wouldn't talk if I were you!"

Just then an airline employee came up to Reed and said, "Dr, Richards, I'm very sorry, but it seems we're over-booked. We do have seats available in coach though." With that the four looked to Ben, holding up two little boys in the air with a third standing in the middle, taking a picture. Reed turned around and said, "That should be fine."

On the plane, Ben had to squeeze in between two people, poor guy. While Johnny was leaned over on the back of a chair facing Sue and Reed, "So what do think about trying to get an endorsement from a air-line? Get us a private jet!" Sue firmly told her brother, "I think we have enough endorsement deals." Johnny laughed looking at Helena sitting next to him flipping through a Vogue, "Oh that's funny, right Lizzie?" Helena didn't even look up from her Vogue saying, "Johnny just sit down. Stop bugging Sue and Reed." Johnny got up and started walking to the exit of the plane. Sue responded "Johnny, where are you going?" The three looked at Johnny waiting for an answer, "I don't fly coach." Helena rolled her eyes, and got up telling Sue and Reed, "I got it." Sue smiled and mouthed 'thank you' to Helena, Helena nodded and walked off the plane after Johnny.

The plane took off, with Johnny and Helena's seats both empty, because from the window, the passengers of the plane could see Hydra and the Human Torch flying along side the plane. Helena was used to this, and flew above Johnny just in case it rained, which happened once and Johnny was knocked into the ocean. This became fairly routine for Johnny and Helena. Helena was flying as Johnny flipped over and flew on his back, admiring his view of Helena. Helena didn't even avert her eyes while saying, "Johnny, stop staring down my shirt." Johnny couldn't help it and giggled like a little kid, "Awww come on, can't a guy look down his girlfriend's shirt?" Helena finally looked down and raised one eyebrow, "Not when he's on fire beneath her." Johnny just shook his head saying, "Ouch, Hydra 1, Torch zip; this is gonna be a long flight!" Helena smirked, "Even longer for you knowing that you're gonna lose. You always do." Johnny held a hand to his heart and feigned offense, "Not always there was that one time I…" Helena raised her eyebrows, knowing what Johnny was going to say next, "OK, maybe you're right. But don't I at least get an A for effort?" Helena leaned in really close to Johnny, she could feel his heat, even through her water, "Of course you do sweetie, and you know I appreciate the effort, it makes the win that much more enjoyable." Helena laughed and resumed her position, Johnny just smirked and said, "Oooh, Hydra 2, Torch 0. You're gonna get it when we get home!" Helena just smirked and replied, "Don't I always?" Johnny laughed again and said, "3 – 0"

The news in New York was no different from where the five left, the newscasters were still focusing on the strange anomalies that were occurring all around the world. They were even claiming that because scientists have ruled out global warming, some were beginning to wonder if the hand of God was at work. Of course though, despite what should have been the focus, Reed and Sue's wedding took up a lot of the media attention. The newscasters claiming it to be the "Wedding of the Century."

Sue walked into the lab, to speak with Reed, who was of course, in the lab, on his blackberry. Susan had bought him that for his birthday; not realizing it would become an addiction. "Hey Honey! The city's trying to charge us for three squad cars they say we destroyed. It was during that armored car robbery, but I only remember two squad cars getting thrown," Susan said and looked up to see Reed, hunched over on his desk, focusing on his blackberry, "Reed," Susan said trying to get his attention. She blinked her eyes and the object became invisible. Reed reluctantly placed it on his desk, "Alright, alright, I'm putting it away. You were saying." Sue reached out to her fiancé, saying, "I have a fitting in a half an hour, the musician's after that. I haven't even picked out the place settings or the flowers. There's just too much to do." Reed looked into Sue's eyes and reassured her, "Hey don't worry about it. Between the two of us, we'll get it all done." Susan raised her eyebrows, knowing she was about to catch him, "And what were you doing when I just walked in?" Reed smiled, Sue always tried to catch him, but this time she wouldn't because there was nothing to catch, "I was inputting my to do list." Sue raised her eyebrows again, "Really?" Reed smiled and held up three fingers, "Scouts honor." Sue smiled warmly, she knew he was telling the truth; she just wanted to test him.

Johnny then came waltzing through with a uniform in his hand, and Helena close behind him. Helena stood behind Johnny with her arms crossed and a smirk on her face. "Guys, new uniforms just showed up! What do you think?" Johnny held up the uniform that looked like it belonged in NASCAR, and had ton of logos all over it. Helena rolled her eyes and shook her head, as she knew that at least Sue would never go for it. Helena smiled when she saw the disgust painted on Sue's face. "I think there's no way we're wearing that Johnny!" Sue left the lab as Helena couldn't hold it in, she laughed and walked right beside Johnny, "You owe me twenty bucks!" Helena then ran after Sue to help her with some more wedding stuff. Johnny looked back at the two women and screamed, "What do you have against capitalism?"

Johnny looked around the lab, then at the large object covered in cloth, "What this?" Johnny walked over to it, "Just a little hobby of mine," Reed replied. Johnny rubbed his hand on the top, "Would it make a good toy or is it something science-y?" Reed looked up from his blackberry "A little of both," when Reed saw Johnny trying to lift the cloth and peek, he said, "Ah uh." Johnny held up his hands and walked over to Reed. Reed got up and went to his main computer system. It was a large semi-circle desk with a lot of computers and a very large screen in place of a wall in front of it. "Hey Johnny, keep it quiet, but ah, I've cross-referenced and analyzed the global disturbances. They're being caused by cosmic radiation not unlike the kind which gave us our powers." Johnny sat down looking around, "Wow, that's really boring. So listen, I have a very important wedding issue I need to talk to you about." Reed still concentrating on his data, replied, "Yeah, of course." Johnny looked up and smiled, "Your bachelor party."

Reed looked over to him. He really was the same Johnny, and even though Reed knew that he had changed significantly, mostly with the help of Helena, he knew that Johnny would still be Johnny. "No seriously, Johnny, no bachelor party. It's just not my kind of thing." Johnny decided to try another tactic, "Then do it for Ben. It means a lot to the big guy, you're gonna break his heart. He does have some sort of rock-like heart doesn't he?" Reed tried focusing on his computers again, "I've got too much to do before the wedding. Frankly, I think Sue would have a problem with it. Besides what about Lena?" Johnny smiled, "I already asked her and she said it was OK." Johnny smiled at thought of his amazingly cool girlfriend, which did not go unnoticed by Reed. Johnny continued, and knew that if Ben didn't work he would have to resort to, "You know what I think Sue would have a problem with? If somebody told her that you actually investigating global disturbances and cosmic radiation, instead of focusing on the wedding, like you promised." Reed sighed, and Johnny knew he had him 'You gotta love blackmail!' Johnny thought. "A bachelor party could be fun," Reed reluctantly stated. 'Works every time!' Johnny thought. "But no exotic dancers! We don't need a tsunami flooding the building," Reed said as he smiled. Johnny jumped up and started walking towards the door saying; "Hey it was only a threat that time! She didn't actually do it! Man! You tell a girl a Mexico story and all of a sudden it's tsunami this, and tidal wave that!" Reed laughed as Johnny left the lab.