Chapter 14


Chapter 14

Sue and Reed decided to get married while still in China, only this time, neither one had to worry about the arrangements. Helena, Johnny, Ben and Alicia decided, as a gift to the happy couple to arrange everything.

The ceremony was tasteful and traditional, just the way Sue wanted, only since they were in China, the traditional was a little bit different than what Sue had expected. She didn't even get to see her wedding gown until the very last minute, which happened to be a very lovely white kimono, with a little bit of red accents.

Sue stood in the dressing room, and smiled an extremely content smile. Helena entered the room and was blown away by how happy Sue appeared to be. She too wore a kimono but hers was a light airy blue. "How did we do?" Helena asked about the wedding kimono Sue had on. Sue just kept on smiling, and replied, "It's beautiful… it's perfect." Sue turned away from the mirror and held hands with Helena, they had both gone through so much together, and as each woman looked into the others eyes they silently noted that it was only the beginning. Sue continued, "Take good care of Johnny, and if he gives you any trouble, don't be afraid to give it right back." Helena raised her eyebrow, "Have I ever been afraid of Johnny Storm?" Sue chuckled a little, "Not that I can remember. But it looks like you're the babysitter now." Helena rolled her eyes and sarcastically said, "Ha, Ha." Helena continued to say as she linked arms with Sue, "Come on, your Stretchy Man awaits." The girls laughed as they exited the dressing area.

Johnny walked his sister down the aisle, and down to Reed waiting on a deck overlooking the river. Ben and Alicia were standing on Reed's side; Alicia looked very beautiful, and also wore a kimono; only hers was a lilac color. Both Alicia and Helena had used traditional Chinese flowers for the ceremony, and wore orchids in their hair. Johnny handed Sue over to Reed, walked over to Helena and took her hand. The two smiled at each other before focusing their attention on the ceremony.

One of Alicia and Ben's surprises about the ceremony was that they flew in the same priest from the last ceremony; that began, "Dearly beloved we are gathered here today to join Reed Richards and Sue Storm together…" Just then Reed's PDA went off, which he took out and checked, Sue asked, "What is it?" Reed replied, "Venice is sinking into the Adriatic." Helena and Johnny, smiled and shook their heads, while Ben said, "Oh boy, that's a biggie." Sue looked back to the priest and asked, "Could we just, skip to the end?" The priest shrugged, but complied, "Yeah, ah, the love these two share…" Reed jumped in and added, "No, the very end." The priest nodded, "Ah, you have the rings?" Ben and Helena, both replied, "Oh," and each handed Reed and Sue the rings, who both put them on each other, then turned their heads to the priest. "Oh, yeah, I know pronounce you man and wife, and you may kiss the bride." Sue and Reed sweetly kissed, but quickly opened their eyes, and Sue said, "Okay, we should get out of here." Reed complied quickly saying, "Yeah."

Ben kissed Alicia goodbye, saying, "Gotta go Hon," which Alicia sweetly replied with, "Okay." Johnny and Helena made their way to the Fantasti-car, and Johnny got in but Sue stopped Helena, and said, with a wink, "I have to throw the bouquet." Helena nodded and stepped down, as Sue said, "Ready?" Helena nodded, and towered over her Asian competitors. Sue turned around and threw the bouquet and as Helena was just about to catch it, Ben nudged Johnny and said, "Heads up Johnny."

Just then Helena spotted a flame heading for the bouquet, which she immediately extinguished with a stream of water, while catching the bouquet. She held it up proudly and smirked at Johnny, raising her eyebrows. Johnny helped her in the Fantasti-car as he said, "Sorry… reflex." Helena nodded and replied, "You're not getting rid of me that easily Torch!" Johnny stood over her and helped her with her harness as he said with a smirk, "Now why would I want to do that!"She looked up at her Johnny and continued "Johnny stop trying to stare down my kimono!" Johnny smiled, sat down next to her and harnessed himself in while saying, "I told you not to hold your breath."

The Fantasti-car took off into the sky, broke up into its three parts and created with smoke, the signature (5).