i'm always whacthing you my love

always whacthing from above

waiting to take back what is mine

a girl so tender with eyes so fine.

i won't let another break you, thats not right

for you i'll even choose to fight

holding you in my arms is my dream

instead of hearing you sob and scream

my heart is tied in such a bind

it hurts when you try to run and hide

take my hand and then you'll see

the man that i can truly be

you belong to me and thats whats fair

please don't ignore how much i care

i did something wrong and for that i cry

for the loss of the girl whos heart i let die

i miss you so much its a feeling i hate

so i'll sit in the shadows and quietly wait

to see the girl whos tears i feel

the tears that shouldn't be seen nor revealed

closing my eyes i feel your touch

the smell of your hair that i miss so much

holding your hand, and your body near

i can't beleive that i caused so much fear

the sun is setting, its time to go

but i won't let you stay with that mindless drone

one day i will take back what is mine

the girl so beatiful with a heart so fine

Author's Note: No one has died in this poem, it may seem like that but it's not. All I can say is I hope that the girls who read this do not return to any man that has hurt them in anyway. We deserve to be treated with love and respect.

Returning Moon