This is just a bit of drabble fluff for our King and Queen. Hope you enjoy...I haven't written in quite some time.

The sun had not yet reached its peak in the sky, its rays shining upon every drop of dew on the vast plains Minas Tirith. The city was not yet bustling, its paved streets populated by few. High above in the royal chambers, however, a king lay awake and playful.

A gentle finger ran along the delicately-pointed ear of the queen as she slept, her breathing remaining easy and slow. The finger continued along its path downward, coming to a halt on the woman's full lips. Aragorn smiled as he watched her sleeping form, propped up on his elbow as he took in every detail of her porcelain skin.

As any king would for his queen, Aragorn yearned to feel his lips upon her own. He leaned in close, savoring her warm breath against his skin. When the distance was finally closed, it was with a tender kiss.

Tired eyes fluttered open, and for a moment no one moved. Soon, however, the two were entangled in a passionate embrace, lips never parting.

Perhaps this day was a good day to stay in bed.