The sun rose to an earthy boy, he wore leafy clothes, his russet brown hair was left untouched, his deep blue eyes mimicked the sky perfectly. He flew through the clouds, and slept on them too. He had a knife and a sword, and fought and killed pirates. His name was Peter Pan, and he lives in Never Land. In Never Land, the weather changes on his moods, today he started out happy, but in the end a storm was raging.

"Tink? Tinkerbell?" His voice called through the trees, searching for his little pixy friend. A small glow appeared behind him, and tickled his ear. "Tink! Stop it, that tickles!" Peter laughed.

Tinkerbell and golden hair and green eyes, her skin was pale and soft, and she too wore green leafy clothes. Her wings were silver, and hardly visible as the flapped them so quickly. And everywhere she flew, she left a stream of pixy dust behind her.

"What's that Tink?" Peter asked, Tinkerbell landing lightly on his shoulder and bending over into his ear. "What did you see by in the Indian Camp?"

Tinkerbell giggled, but it sounded more like a bell ringing it was so high pitched.

"The Oracle?" Peter asked, confused. Tink nodded her little golden head, then started making hand signs and little sounds and rings of her bell-like laugh. "Well, it won't hurt to pay her a visit." So, Peter took off into the sky and Tink glowed as she followed him.

They soared through the sky and played a little game of tag. Tink had won three times, Peter won once. "Tink, I don't now how you won." He grumbled again after a loss. She only giggled her ringing laugh, and shrugged her shoulders.

They landed on the earthy dirt ground of the Indian Camp. A fire was roaring, roasting a pig, and Tiger Lily was tossing herbs over it. She noticed Peter standing there with his legs apart and his hands on his hips, and Tinkerbell on his shoulder. "Peter!" She gasped.

They did not speak the same language, but they understood each other. She pointed toward a big teepee, and said, "Oracle." Peter nodded once and patted her black braided head.

"Thank you." He walked toward the teepee that was just like the others, but he knew the contents would be different. He pushed the animal hide aside from the opening, letting someone out, then entering himself.

The inside smelled greatly of burning incense, a rich thick smell. Peter scrunched his nose up it was so strong. But the Indian inside was used to it, so she didn't mind. She had long gray hair, that fell straight down along her back. Black and white painted lines crossed her face, and triangles were on her hands and feet. They were marked as arrows where the spirits would flow through. She motioned with an aged hand for Peter to sit.

He sat cross legged and closed his eyes, paying his respects to the spirits in this home. When he opened his eyes, the Oracle was staring at him with intent blank gray eyes. She didn't blink. Peter wondered why, but he couldn't put his finger on it.

"Oh!" The Oracle gasped. Peter jumped. "You, are in the wrong body." She whispered.

Peter asked, "What? Wrong body?"

She nodded her gray head, "Yes. Wrong body. Wrong soul. Everything is mixed up."

Peter got frustrated, "Stop speaking in riddles lady, what's wrong?"

She pointed to him, still not blinking, "Everything is wrong, but I can fix it."

"Fine then, fix it." Peter huffed.

She grabbed a stick of burning incense and waved it in front of Peter, she chanted some words, and called to the spirits to help her then pointed at Peter.

"What did you do lady?" Peter asked, his eyes drooping. "I can't," He started falling, "See." He fell to the floor.

"Sleep. When you wake, everything will be back to normal." She whispered.


Tinkerbell rang viciously in Peter's ear. "Ah, Tink? Stop it, I want to sleep." What? Peter bolted upright. That voice, it wasn't his. Was it? It was too different, too high pitched. What happened? Was he sick? Tinkerbell rang in his ear again. "Tink! Stop! It's me, it's Peter!"

She looked at him skeptically then pointed to the water basin. Peter stood up and looked down, had his feet always been that small and delicate? Was it because he wasn't eating? He walked over to the water basin and looked down at his reflection.

Pale baby blue eyes? Soft pink skin? Brown curly hair? Freckles? That wasn't his face, but it was him inside. Or was he a girl?

Peter touched his new face and gasped, even his hand was different. It was smaller, more petite. He looked down over his new body. He still wore green leafy clothes, only know he was wearing a skirt. "What?" Peter gasped again. He flew over to the full length mirror he had brought for Wendy when she was still here and looked as his, or was it her, reflection.

Long slender legs, small waist, breasts! Peter looked at Tink through the mirror. Looked back at his, her?, reflection, then back at Tink. Then, he fainted. Or rather, she fainted.


Peter woke up on the ground, "Arg. What a bad dream." He rubbed his face with his hand. It felt the same as it always has. He grinned, but when he sat up he screamed. The reflection was the reflection he saw in his dream. But it wasn't a dream. It was real. Peter Pan was now a, "Girl?"

They sky darkened, and storm began to fall.


I was thinking of other stories to write, and this came to me as I was sleeping. I was so glad I remembered it! So, this is the first chapter of Unrequited Love. Enjoy, and review please.