After a while of waiting, Peter stood up again and stretched his legs. He held his head down, and refused to look up at Wendy.

When they returned to the apartment complex the police were at their room again. Wendy sighed, "Mother we're fine."

Wendy was very surprised to find that her mother wasn't there. One of the police officers looked at her. His expression was so confusing to Wendy. It wasn't an expression of duty, and it wasn't stern. It was sad. Wendy looked around the living room her brothers were sitting on the couch crying. They were being comforted by a woman officer. The scene confused Wendy even more.

"What?" Wendy looked at the first officer.

He sighed, "Wendy Darling, you're mother is gone. She was in a car accident in the early afternoon. Both cars were destroyed, as were the drivers." He explained.

Now, everything made sense. The reason why the officers couldn't bear to look at them, the reason why her brothers were crying all alone, was because her mother was dead. Wendy felt a hand hold grab her own, and she asked. "Peter? What?"

Peter grabbed her shoulder and brought her close. He hugged her, and she grabbed at his clothes as she sobbed in his chest. "Peter?" She kept repeating his name, over and over again.

He gently stroked her hair as the police officers grabbed a few of their clothes and place them in bags. The officers led the rest of the Darling family out of the apartment to their squad car in the parking lot. Peter sat with Wendy in the back seat of the man police officer, and John and Michael were with the lady officer.

Wendy was distraught, sobbing intensely. Unaware of everything around her, she was lost to the world. Her mother was gone, her mother was gone. She was dead, she had died. She wasn't coming back, she would never see her again.


Wendy was led carefully and slowly toward the gated orphanage. Peter stood by her side, holding her hand in comfort. John and Michael were being led just as slowly. All of them were crying for their lost mother, except for Peter. He had never really had a mother, and he never really knew Mary Darling. To lose her wouldn't be as bad as to lose Wendy, he thought.

"We have four children for you today." A loud gruff voice sounded from behind Wendy.

"What a shame. What happened?" A high toned woman's voice asked, shocked.

"Mother died in an accident; they'll have to stay until their father claims them."

After a few hours of crying, Wendy felt a sensation over her she never felt before. She felt like she was flying, but being held down. She wasn't aware of anything, but she heard the man say the word, 'claim.' As if they were dogs and not humans. Wendy scoffed in between sobs.

"Claim us?" Wendy spoke.

The man and woman gasped upon hearing her speak.

Wendy tried to look up at them, but she couldn't see past all her tears. "Why do you say it like that?" Wendy cried, "We're humans, not things. He'll come for us, because he loves us."

"We didn't mean it to sound like that." The man ensured. "We only meant until he comes for you, to make sure you belong to him."

"So now we're objects!" Wendy shrieked.

Peter clenched Wendy's hand comfortingly, "Wendy, calm please."

Wendy took a deep breath and sobbed, "Peter."

He opened his arms and held her. "It's going to be all right. I promise you."

Wendy heard the woman and man whispering to each other, then the woman spoke. "All right I'll take you all to your rooms." She led them down a long corridor, there were pictures on the walls, but no one could see them through their tears. John trailed his fingers along the wood paneling to make sure it was all real.

"We aren't going to live here?" Michael whispered to John.

John merely nodded his head, then added, "But only for a little while."

"This is where you all separate. Boys are on the left, girls are on the right." She headed for Wendy, "Ladies first."

Wendy screamed, "No!" She clutched Peter tightly and shut her eyes as hard as they could go. She began to see moving shapes and colors through her eyelids.

She felt hands grab her arms, and tried to pull her back. She shook her head and screamed louder. "Leave me!"

The hands stopped grabbing at her and she heard a sigh. "Fine, sleep in the hallway." The woman went toward John and Michael and led them into the door on the left. After a few minutes she came out and sighed again. She walked past Peter and Wendy, but after a while brought back blankets and pillows. "When you feel like it, you know where to go." Then, she left.

Wendy stayed cradled in Peter's arms all night. He had wrapped the blanket around them, and he sat on one of the pillows. Wendy continued to cry in his arms, and he stroked her hair and comforted her to the best of his lack of ability.

"Wendy? Are you asleep?" Peter whispered in her ear after she stopped crying.

"No." Her voice was hoarse from disuse.

"Remember my promise to you? That everything will be all right?" Peter asked.

Wendy nodded, "Yes. You're not going to take it back are you?"

"No, I'm adding something." Peter said, "I promise to you that I love you."

Wendy shifted in his arms to look at his face. "Why are you saying this?"

"Because I love you." Peter replied confused. "And I figured you needed to hear that right now."

Wendy sighed and cuddled in his chest. "I know you love me."

"That's not all."

Wendy looked up at Peter again, and was surprised by his serious expression. He leaned forward quickly and kissed her softly on the lips.

Peter gazed at Wendy, his eyes smoldering with his sincerity as he spoke. "I will never let you go."


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