Kitty!'Bee Drabbles

Theme One: Prologue

Warnings: crackiness

Pairings: none

Stupid, stupid, stupid!

Ratchet told Bumblebee to stay away from the AllSpark fragment until it was stabilized, but the youngling didn't listen. "What's gonna happen? It's not like it's gonna explode or any thing." Well, he was right; it didn't explode. Though he wished it did.

Everyone was obviously amused. Bumblebee could hear every stifled snicker that escaped thanks to his altered auditory sensors. Every sound made the sensors- ears Sari reminded him- twitch, much to his mortification. He had even less control over the long, thin appendage that sprouted from the small of his back.

"I think he looks cute," Sari declared. The dam broke. The Autobots were doubled over in their mirth. Bumblebee felt his ears flatten against his helm, clearly offended. Ratchet was the first to recover.

"Serves you right! I warned you to stay back, but did you listen? Noooo." The medic loomed over the younger 'bot, who winced at the realization that, yes, he'd lost about three feet in height. "You're lucky you weren't turned completely into, uh… What's it called?"

"A cat," Prowl answered, amused by the thrashing tail and flattened ears. He'd watched the animal enough to that his young comrade was livid.

That was the last straw for Bumblebee. "Just fix it already!"

Ratchet crossed his arms and gave him a leveled look. "Can't. You're just gonna have t' wait 'til the effect wears off." The words 'you deserve it' hung in the air.

"But- but-"

The medic transformed and headed back to base, everyone following after. Everyone except Bumblebee, that is. Apparently you can't transform with a tail.