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This is my first attempt at an Alice/Bella fic. This pairing is always interesting to me, so I thought I'd take a wack at it. I hope you enjoy it.

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For the first time in months, I felt excited about something.

Waiting for Alice to come back from her impromptu hunting trip was proving easy as I happily made up the couch for her and I to sleep on. I was just placing two pillows on it when I sensed someone else's presence in the room. I turned around to see Alice standing right behind me, her eyes a soothing butterscotch. She was grinning madly.

"Alice! Do you have to do that?!" I jumped at least a foot in the air when I saw her.

She giggled, and even that sounded like music, coming from her.

We sat down on the couch together to watch some tv. I rested my head on her cold, stone-like shoulder. I didn't mind that it wasn't exactly comfortable. I had missed Alice too much and I was too happy to have her there with me…even if it did bring up thoughts of someone else…

"So what are we watching?" Alice asked enthusiastically, draping one of her arms around me. I felt so secure with her.

"I don't know…maybe we could just talk for a while?" I suggested.

Alice didn't reply, but just leant her head on mine, as if she was waiting for me to start talking.

I wasn't sure if I could, but I felt as if I had to ask...

"When was the last time you...saw him?"

She sighed. Obviously, she knew I was going to ask.

"He checks in every once and a while. It's been a few months though…" she said quietly. "Bella, Charlie told me everything."

"What do you mean?"

"He told me how awful things have been for you. Since…well, since we left."

The whole inside of me started to slowly open up, as I allowed all thoughts of him to re-enter my mind. I couldn't help it.

"Things aren't so bad now." I countered. It was true, thanks to Jacob things were improving, to some extent. Nevertheless, I shifted so that I was holding my legs close to me. I needed to hold myself together. I had managed that pretty well lately…but seeing Alice and talking about…Edward…wasn't helping.

"Bella? Bella what's wrong?" Alice sounded so concerned. I wondered why, until I realized what I was doing. Without noticing I had started to cry. Tears were streaming down my face at an alarming rate.

"He's never coming back, is he?" I asked, my voice coming out in a throaty whisper.

Alice sighed, giving me my answer.

"I shouldn't have come." she concluded.

Crying even more, I shook my head…then leant forward and pulled Alice into a hug. I continued to cry for some time - making an absolute mess of her shirt. Alice didn't seem to mind though. For over an hour she rubbed my back, my arms…trying to calm me down. A few times I felt her lips touch the top of my hair.

I felt utterly embarrassed. How could I break down like that? Was it because had almost drowned a few hours earlier? Or was the trigger simply seeing Alice again, and being reminded of…Edward. Either way, it seemed as if I would never stop crying. I didn't want to.

Suddenly Alice froze underneath me. I looked up, and immediately recognized the look on her face. She was seeing something. Something that hadn't happened yet…

"Alice? What is it?" I asked, still sobbing slightly.

Again, she didn't reply right away. Once her vision was over, her face twisted into one of confusion.

"Oh, it's nothing." she insisted eventually. "Nothing coherent anyway…come here." She pulled me forwards again so that my head was resting on her shoulder.

At least I could always rely on Alice. Even though she left, she still loved me enough to come back and visit me. To comfort me. I loved her so much. Strong, comforting, caring…beautiful, Alice…

Right at that moment – with our arms around each other and Alice's sweet, soothing breath surrounding me – was when the thought came into my head. For reasons I absolutely could not think of, I suddenly had the impulse to do something I'd never even thought of doing before...

I lifted my head slightly, so that I was staring Alice right in the eyes. Her eyes were so beautiful, and I didn't care that they reminded me of his. Our faces were inches apart. Alice looked completely calm. Either she knew what was coming already, or she had no idea, and therefore wasn't worried in the slightest.

I wasn't crying anymore.

With complete caution and apprehension, I slowly leant forwards, and pressed my lips to hers…

For a second, I was too shocked myself to even move. Then something amazing happened.

Alice was kissing me back.

Her cold, yet soft lips moved against mine, giving me more confidence in what I was doing. The kiss was unbelievable. After not too long, I felt her tongue inside of my mouth, and I shivered…it felt so nice. I ran my hands through her short spiky hair as she pulled my body closer to hers. Everything about her – her taste, her smell…was intoxicating me.

I had no idea what was happening, why it was happening. But that didn't matter.

Our kisses became more and more passionate, but still somehow gentle. I could tell that Alice was being very careful with me – probably a good thing considering how easily she could hurt me. Her soft kisses moved to my neck, then lower and lower, until she reached the first button of my top. Alice looked up at me, as if to ask permission. I nodded, gently running my hand down her cool cheek in response.

With deliberate slowness, Alice undid the buttons of my shirt, and then placed it on the ground by the couch. Next, she lifted off her singlet. I still wasn't too sure of what was happening, but within a few minutes we both lay on the couch in just our bras and underwear – Alice lying on top of me.

"I love you so much Bella." Alice whispered as she looked down at me. She was so incredibly beautiful, just in her underwear - more than I could have ever imagined. She kissed me from my forehead, to my lips, to the hollow at the base of my throat, then repeated this several times.

"I love you too Alice." I told her, my voice almost coming out as a moan.

Alice was still being careful as she removed both our bras, then ran her tongue over my nipples. I moaned her name as she took one of them in her mouth. After that, I did the same for her - smiling at the look on her face when I sucked on one of her nipples, and gently rubbed the other.

Alice ran her hands down the sides of my body, making me shiver – until she reached my underwear. Before I could object (out of embarrassment, of course) she had removed them…and hers too.

I breathed in heavily when I felt two of her cool fingers move inside of me. I was already so wet, then she started thrusting her fingers in and out of me. With her other hand, she rubbed my clit at the same time.

I moaned louder and louder, spreading my legs and wrapping them around her so that she could go even deeper.

"Ohhh, Alice!" I practically screamed as I neared my climax.

Eventually I came, with Alice's fingers moving wildly in and out of me and her mouth around one of my nipples, rubbing the other harder and harder. I screamed her name a few more times, before practically collapsing back onto the couch again.

Alice curled up beside me, her naked body still freezing and hard – such a contrast to mine, which was flushed and very warm.

"Do you want me to…?" I asked her, lightly touching the inside of her thigh, and planning to move higher.

Alice shook her head, but smiled.

"I don't think it would be wise for me to…lose control like that." she explained, but must have seen the disappointment on my face…"But we could always try that later?"

I smiled back, pressing my body to hers and kissing her once more. It was then that I remembered something.

"You saw this, didn't you? Just before? You knew this was going to happen…?"

Alice giggled.

"Of course I did…and I never had any intention of stopping it from happening. Because I love you Bella, and if you need me…I can stay here with you as long as you want me to…"

I closed my eyes, still holding onto the amazingly beautiful girl beside me.

"As long as you want me to…" – I like the sound of that… I thought, falling asleep in the arms of the second vampire I had ever loved…