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"Alright, I'll be home around 6 then. Okay?" Charlie told us as he headed out the door. I nodded in response.

Alice and I were curled up on the couch together, watching a movie. Charlie hadn't found it strange at all – seeing us like that. Alice's arms were wrapped around me and my head was resting back against her chest. To anyone else it might look like what it actually was – much more than two friends. But Charlie seemed to think Alice was just very affectionate.

I wasn't really paying attention to the movie.

It felt too good, Alice running her hands through my hair. It sent shivers all over my body.

As we gazed at the tv, I couldn't help but remember what Jacob had said to me the night before.

"That was…definitely not what I expected would happen when I came over here." he said with an infectious grin as I led him to the front door. Alice was upstairs at the time, getting dressed.

"Thanks Jake. For…well, everything."

"Listen, Bells…I just want you to know that I'm always here for you." he told me, his face suddenly serious. "No matter what you need me for, or what that means exactly…I'm here."

"Sure, sure." I mocked, then smiled at him. "I know you are Jake."

I missed having Jacob there, of course. But at the same time, having Alice to myself for the entire day again would definitely be interesting.

"I'm going to go take a bath, okay?" I told Alice, gently lifting her arms off of me.

"With bubbles?" she asked playfully, watching me make my way up the stairs.

"Of course!" I laughed.

I turned on the bath and added the bubbles, smiling to myself as I looked in the mirror. I looked like a completely different person than the girl I'd seen in the mirror just a few days before. That girl looked…empty. But now, even I could see the hope, written all over my face.

I started to undress and it was when I was left only in my dark blue bra and underwear that I heard the door open behind me. A quick look in the mirror and I saw Alice sneaking into the room.

"May I join you?" she asked with a smile that almost made my heart stop beating completely.

One thing I loved about Alice being a vampire, was that in a matter of milliseconds, she too was only in her underwear, standing in front of me. Her pale purple eyelids were glistening, as were her lips…which were moving against hers before I had even begun to move towards her. Another advantage of Alice's talents.

She pushed me backwards until my back was pressed against the sink and mirror behind me. I could taste the desire on her tongue…see it in her eyes…feel it in the way she caressed my back, then my hips…

I moaned into her mouth as her hand met the front of my panties. She started rubbing me, only lightly. Just enough to start making me wet.

The next thing I knew she was removing the rest of our clothes, then pulling me towards the bath, which was by now completely full and covered in the bubbles.

There was plenty of room. Once I was lying down, Alice climbed in after me.

"Sit up…" she said softly, pulling me upwards so that we were both sitting in the bath facing each other.

Without saying another word, Alice grabbed one of the soapy washcloths and ran it over my arms…then my neck…

I gasped as Alice rubbed the cloth over my breasts.

We were sitting so close to each other that I could easily do the same to her. So I grabbed one of the other cloths and started washing Alice's body.

I loved the feeling of the soapy cloth rubbing against my nipples. And the feel of Alice's breasts as I massaged them, rubbed them…they were so slippery with soap…

As I touched Alice's cool, wet breasts, she reached over to one of the cabinets by the bath…and pulled out something.

It was a huge dildo, and Alice smiled as she pressed a button, and it started to vibrate.

"When did you put that there?" I wondered out loud.

Alice just smiled again, gently pushing me backwards so that I was lying down with my head against the back of the bath…and Alice lay on top of me.

I had started breathing harder and faster as I felt Alice's body lying against mine.

She wasn't using the vibrator yet…but I could feel her delicate hands caressing my legs, then moving up to softly rub my inner thigh. She was so close…

Even in the bath I could feel how wet I was.

The soothing warmth of the water and Alice's cool hands teasing me, touching me…it was almost too much to take.

I kissed Alice's neck and started whispering in her ear, begging her to fuck me.

She was being so gentle, and loving as she kissed me. To top it all off her hard nipples were softly rubbing against mine in the water while we were kissing…

I felt Alice move two fingers inside of me. She moved them around, feeling how wet I was. I trembled when she pulled out of me and lifted her hand out of the water…then brought her fingers to her mouth, tasting my wetness.

I spread my legs and wrapped them around her. Finally Alice took the huge vibrator and ran it across my opening. I sighed her name and opened my legs even wider.

"Oh, Bella…" she moaned, running her tongue over my lips and pressing her breasts against mine, before sitting up slightly.

For a moment I worried she was going to stop, then I realized she just couldn't do what she was about to do, whilst lying on top of me.

Alice grabbed the vibrator with one hand and started massaging my clit with it, then with the other she thrust two fingers inside of me and started pushing them deeper and deeper into my wet pussy.

It was driving me crazy!

Just the sight of Alice, amazingly beautiful, naked…and so wet, was making me want to scream. She moved the vibrator around in circles against my clit, and occasionally she would move her fingers out of me, just to suck on them.

I could feel the intense pressure building inside of me.

"Ohhhh, I'm coming!" I moaned.

Alice pushed the vibrator harder and harder against my clit, her fingers fucking me at incredible speed at the same time.

"Ohhh, YES! Mmmm ALICE!!" I screamed as my orgasm hit me. I arched my back, Alice's fingers thrusting deeper and deeper.

For a long time I lay there, still breathing very fast.

My pussy was still throbbing and Alice started to slowly push the vibrator in and out of me.

"Come here…" I whispered to her when it was over. Alice lay on top of me again, this time with her back pressed against me and her head resting in the crook of my neck.

My breathing was still not quite right.

"I love you so much Alice…" I said softly, pressing my lips to her hair.

"I love you too Bella. More than anything."

I never wanted that day to end.

Besides, there was still one thing I needed to take care of. I moved my hands from where they had been resting on her stomach as I held her, and gently touched her nipples.

They were still so hard as I moved my fingers over them, very slowly, in soft circles.

Alice moaned under my touch.

"Do you like that baby?"

As carefully as I could, I lightly squeezed both of her nipples at the same time.

She moaned again in response, louder this time. Then, to my delight…she lifted her legs up…and spread them as wide as she could.

With one hand still rubbing her hardened nipples, I moved the other down her body slowly…

My fingers dipped into her slightly, gently moving inside of her, but massaging her clit at the same time.

This time Alice moaned very loudly.

"Mmmmm, harder Bella, harder!"

I obeyed her wishes, my hand fucking her and rubbing her with as much force as I could muster. I rubbed her nipples harder too, making her breasts bounce around.

Her legs spread wider as she neared her climax.

Suddenly I had an idea.

An idea Alice must have seen me doing straight away, because she was immediately still, then in less than a second she had moved me so that her legs were draped over my shoulders and her back was arched…leaving her pussy wide open for me, out of the water.

Without a moment's hesitation I ran my tongue over her opening. She was so wet…and she tasted amazing.

I lapped up her wetness, then started licking her clit furiously. I moved my tongue around it, licking it all over.

Alice was screaming my name beneath me.

After not too long, she came, rubbing her hard nipples as my tongue explored her.

"OHHH, YES! OHHH BELLA!" she screamed, her body writhing, almost making the water spill out of the bath.

With a huge smile on my face, I lay on top of her again and pressed my lips to hers. She kissed me so lovingly, so passionately.

"I'll never leave you Bella. I'll never hurt you…" she whispered to me. And I knew it was true...