Authors Note: Hey this is my first fic on here Authors Note: Hey this is my first fic on here. Please be nice and mild flames if needed. Any Flames saying that the fic sucks will just be deleted but lets not get to that. Okay?Warning: Naruto is a girl in here. Don't like, don't read. Mild Sakura bashing. It came out like that. So tough luck. Also some cussing. Mentions of woman's monthly (the period). Maybe grammar and spelling mistakes. Disclaimer: I don't own Naruto, if I did. I would be my own boss. Am I that? Nope, so I don't own Naruto. Happy Reading!

Chapter 1

"And then me and Sasuke will get married in the Spring Country and we will have five kids. And then I'll watch him while he trains and, and…" Sakura was shouting beside me.

I was twitching because: First, I have my period. While only the Third Hokage and now the Fifth, know that I am a girl. It is annoying while having my period, to be a boy. Trust me I know. To be happy and cheerful when I just want to be cranky, ANNOYING!! Second, I am tired from the mission, which we just finish and now we are walking home from.

"Sakura, just SHUT UP!!" I yelled. Everybody looked at me. "Shit." I thought. "How will I get myself out of this one?"

"Naruto are you okay? Apologize to Sakura now?" my teacher Kakashi-sensi asked/scolded me.

"I am fine. Just a little tired. I am sorry Sakura-chan. I didn't mean to yell at you. Hey we are home! Catch you guys later."

I ran toward the gates, which were open, Thank you Kami, and ran towards my safe haven. Home.

I passed several people. Rock Lee, Kiba, Shino, Neji; just to name a few. They all looked at me like a I was crazy. I was used to that though. So no bigge.

"Of all youthfulness, wait Naruto!" Rock Lee screamed.

"Great, first Sakura jabbering and now Bushy Eye-brows. If only I can outrun him. Can't though. Get your happy go lucky self back Naruto, and then face him." I snarled to myself.

"Hey Bushy Eye-brows. What's up?" I said while somewhat bouncing up and down.

All of a sudden, a fist collided with my head.

"OW!! What did I do now?" I yelled while sitting in a feral position. A bump was forming. The second one already. Great.

"That is for yelling at me. Are you sure you are okay? You never yelled at me before." Sakura said with her hands on her hips.

"She scares me." Thought passed though my head. While I tried to think of a good excuse, I was going through every excuse I had in the book. I mean I can't say I have my period, can I? Uh oh, now everybody is surrounding me. I am trapped.

"I am just tired Sakura-chan. This mission was just tiring. I am fine though. Ha Ha, I am fine." I said while scratching my head. Hopefully they will buy that.

"You are not fine dope. You only yell to confess your love or something but I am the only person you ever insult like that."

I tensed. Of course the only person who would see through my lie is Teme. Crap.

"Why would you care Teme? I am tired and that is it. Just leave me alone will you?" I snarled.

Before anybody could say anything, I pushed past Kiba and Shino and ran home.