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Here's chapter 8 of... Night.

WARNING: This chapter contains one harsh word, but it's partially censored, lol. So whatever!

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Chapter 8: Wanted

Even though Gwen had tried her best to explain the situation to the beast before her, there was no way of clearly telling him that he might have to dine with them. Those sharp yellow eyes behind a cold mask of metal had pinned a period on her last desperate attempt to make him understand. The girl sighed and wanted to grunt in frustration, but thought it'd be best not to make him upset either. If only she had a bilingual english-alien dictionary on hand. He wouldn't simply follow her downstairs and eat pizza with them around the dinner table. This wasn't some quirky sit-com, for crying out loud!

The creature's impatience was building and he almost had the mind to force himself through that window. Unfortunately, there were two problems with that: 1) His shoulder cannons didn't work. 2) This was someone's dwelling and it would be disrespectful to destroy any part of it unless his life was at stake, which it obviously wasn't. He simply didn't see why he couldn't walk out of here and through the front door since the young female ooman's housemate hadn't regarded him as a threat. In fact, he'd do just that! Enough with doing whatever this girl wanted. It was time he took control again.

With an impetuous snarl, the Yaut'ja brushed past Gwen towards the hallway.

"Hey! Where are you going? I told you not to go that way!" This time she touched his arm and the warrior turned to shove her hand off of him. What on this planet did the girl want now? She had already received her trophy. Wasn't that enough? A low rumble kept her from saying another word, and he pivoted back around to make his exit.

A tiny thought in the corner of her mind took note that his "dreadlocks" weren't actually made of hair at all, but that was underminded by the guttural clickings his voice created. She hadn't really noticed how ferocious he looked until he got up close and personal.

'Okay, c'mon, Gwen. Don't let it scare you. He's probably not going to hurt me after all that I've done for him. At least I hope not...'

She hesitantly followed him to the stairs, trying to conjure up a plan before reaching the first floor. The guy was leaving, of course, but Brian expected him to stay for dinner, so what would be their excuse; what would be "Mikehl's" excuse?

The Yaut'ja's long legs skipped every other step as he descended, very much eager to be done with this place and its odd inhabitants. The further he got away from here, the faster he could start hunting again. There were still two more xenomorphs skulking around in this mountain range, and, this time, he wouldn't make that careless mistake...


The Yaut'ja's wrist blades shot out almost automatically at the abrupt sound. His attention was grabbed by the sudden fight between two oomans, one of them he recognized as the male he'd encountered upstairs. The boys were holding wooden swords that Brian had crafted a few years ago for fun. It made dull clunking sounds when they clashed, something Gwen was used to hearing. She, too, stopped to watch the ongoing battle between her brother and Nick. She couldn't help but wonder what her alien house guest was going to do next with those sharp pointy things he had exposed. One can only imagine so much.

The Yaut'ja discerned how sloppy their techniques were. Neither of them would get a solid hit if they held the weapon like that. Not to mention, those blades weren't even made of proper materials. It didn't take long for him to figure out that they were just fooling around. The female wasn't reacting at all to their childish play, so he retracted his own weapons and made to leave.

"Woah, woah! The pizza's probably not even on its way yet. Where you guys going?" Brian ceased his onslaught, breathing rather heavily from all the excitement. Nick wiped the sweat off of his forehead.

"Uhhh, Mikehl's mom called. Yeah, she said he had to be home for dinner." She shrugged. Hopefully that story was convincing enough.

"Seriously? Aw, man." No doubt, he wanted to get to know "Mikehl" more after figuring he had the same interests as him.

"Killer costume!" Nick chimed in.

"I know, right?" Brian sighed. "I totally wanted to ask him how he made it." The boys set down their swords and went to send "Mikehl" off.

"Maybe next time." Gwen nudged the creature towards the front door before Brian got too close to see past their flimsy facade. "Their family is pretty overprotective of him seeing as its their first time in a foreign country, afterall."

"Pfft. All the more reason why he should stay for dinner. He could learn a thing or two about New Mexico from us." Brian said with mock pride. Gwen opened the door and went outside with her "friend". "Why are you going with him?" Brian asked.

"I need to make sure he remembers how to get home. Duh!"

"Uh-huh. Suuure."

Gwen had heard that tone before. It was the voice he used to make fun of his little sister for having a crush on someone.

"Oh, shut-UP, Brian." The girl rolled her eyes and kept walking along with "Mikehl".

"How far away is his house? Should we give him a lift?" Brian offered, pointing to their father's truck.

"No! It's fine! He lives in this neighborhood so I'll just walk him their myself." Gwen reassured.

"Okay, but be back in time for food. I can't guarantee that your half of the pizza will be intact if you stay out too long."

"You better stay away from my pizza!" She yelled back at him while crossing the street.

"See ya, Mikehl! Come back anytime!"

And with that, Brian closed the front door, leaving Gwen and her "prince charming" alone at last. If only it were that romantic.

"Jesus Christ! He never stops talking! It makes me wonder who's supposed to be the girl in this family." She made claws with her hands, holding them up in exasperation.

" 'See ya, Mikehl!' " The Yaut'ja mimicked curiously, pondering whether the male ooman had been addressing him.

"Oh don't you even START, mister." Gwen said without looking at him and proceeded to rub her temples. (Earlier throughout the day, whenever Gwen said something during their time in her room, the alien would repeat a particular word and log it away in his memory. She had no idea why he did this, but figured it involved his culture somehow.)

He could tell she was angry about one thing or another, and decided it wasn't any business of his. Quickening his pace, he headed for the treeline. The dirt road leading through the forest was handy for navigating exactly where he had come from. Locating the whereabouts of his vessel would've been a whole lot easier if his wrist console was working at full capacity, but he had memorized enough of the land to find his way back.

Gwen wanted to laugh at his hasty retreat. So this was it? He was just gonna leave? It seemed kind of anticlimactic, really. Maybe that was the reason she kept following him deeper into the woods. It would've been useless to ask him where he was going anyways.

The Yaut'ja knew she was still on his tail, but thought maybe she'd stop after he ignored her long enough. Needless to say, it didn't work. Roaring in her face was slowly becoming less and less ineffective, so what was the point of wasting his breath? He didn't want to have to kill the young ooman, but having her tag along all the way to his ship, which required no company but his own, would be a troublesome thing. It wouldn't hurt to try scaring her off one more time, he guessed.

That notion was swiftly cast aside as something new caught his eye. A red and blue flashing light came from their right while crossing one of the few paved roads in this area. It seemed a policeman had spotted them. Gwen gulped.

"Oh great. Perfect timing." She said sarcastically. Cops were scarce in this neck of the woods, but every once in a while one would be patrolling the streets for kids doing stupid stuff, like getting boozed up or having parties that had become a little too wild. For them to be seen by one at this particular moment was something Gwen wasn't expecting in the least.

The patrol car blared its siren once to let them know he was there and pulled over to the shoulder of the road. Gwen looked to the warrior who was standing stock still like a deer in headlights. That sound had startled him. He didn't like being startled. Without delaying any further, the beast took cover from the headlights behind a tree. Gwen figured that was the best plan of action.

A slightly overweight policeman lumbered out of the drivers side of the car, sporting a typical light blue short-sleeved button up, and a pair of dark navy pants. His walkie-talkie relayed a static message from one patrolman to another before going off again. Gwen's father knew a lot of the cops in their small town and she'd met most of them, but she couldn't say she recognized this one. The man had gray hair and a perfect little mustache to match. He looked friendly enough, thank goodness, but he also looked like the kind of guy who easily grew tired of busting teenagers and their shenanigans.

"You!" He called out. "It's pretty late. Do you mind telling me what you're doing out here?" This was routine for the policeman. It obviously wasn't the first time he'd discovered these situations.

"Umm..." Gwen had never been stopped by a cop before, so she was unsure of what to say at first. "I was just out and about, sir." Mr. Shelton had taught her to always say "sir" or "ma'am" to an officer of the law.

"I can see that. What I want to know is why? You're aware that it can be dangerous in these parts if you're out at night?" The man stopped in front of her.

"Oh I know, sir, but I wasn't going to stay out too much longer." Gwen could feel her ears turning hot. She always thought she'd act cool whenever a cop pulled her over, but it was amazing how nerve-wracking this all was when actually experiencing it.

The policeman dismissed what she said and went straight for the facts. "What's your name, hon?"

Ugh. Gwen hated it when people gave her pet names.

"Gwendolyn Shelton, sir." She responded with more prose this time.

"How old are you?"


"Do you live far from here?"

"No, sir. My house is in that direction." She pointed to her left.

The cop nodded, his hands resting on his chubby hips. "Well, Ms. Shelton, do your parents know you're out?"

"Well..." She was reluctant to say. "They're out of town. It's just my older brother and I right now."

"I see." He didn't pause for long. "Does he know you're out?"

"..." Gwen didn't want to be dishonest with the guy. What if he took her back home himself? Brian would go ballistic, and the cop would find out that she lied. Why did he have to ask that question too?


The cop immediately pegged her as a runaway. If the girl lived here, then she probably knew the dangers she could come across at night, including bears and psychopaths of all kinds (there wasn't much crime in New Mexico, but every blue moon they'd have one nutjob to take care of.)

"Alright then. As long as no one, or yourself for that matter, knows where your going then I think it's best I took you back."

"Yes, sir." Gwen said quietly.

"As soon as your friend comes out of hiding, we'll go."


She had nearly forgotten about her horrific house guest!

Without giving away his position, she glanced over briefly to where he was hiding. Why hadn't he left yet? Her conversation with the cop should've given him enough time.

The Yaut'ja tried blending in with his surroundings as best he could, but not much could be done with his cloaking device on the fritz. The reason he hadn't taken off at the closest possible chance was because he knew the large male ooman would hear him. The dried leaves beneath his feet would undoubtedly crack and crunch if he moved even one inch. The last thing he needed now was an adult human chasing him down and discovering where his ship was.

"My... friend?" It was hard to play innocent with a cop, Gwen knew this. She would just have to try her hardest.

"When I drove over here I'm certain I saw two people, including you. I'm guessing he went into hiding, huh."

"But... it was just me, sir."

The policeman eyed her. "I know what I saw, Ms. Shelton."

Little did he know that what he saw was the furthest thing from what he thought he saw.

"Alright, you! Come on out! I'm taking you two home!" He yelled out into the forest. There was no response, but he wasn't surprised. The cop sighed and whipped out his flashlight, shining it into the trees. The light caught a glimpse of the "kid's" hair swishing out of sight behind a pine. "Hey!" The policeman hopped across the shallow ditch dividing the road and the woods. "C'mon, kid. I don't want to have to do this the hard way. If you got problems, then you can trust me with them, okay?" Despite his cold, unfeeling dispositions, the police officer didn't want anyone to think he didn't care about them.

The Yaut'ja was thinking that maybe it would be best to make a break for it. The fat ooman wouldn't be able to keep up with him anyway. As soon as he took one step from his spot, he was alarmed by the policeman's face appearing in front of him along with that bright light of his.

"There you ar- !" The cop gasped and almost fell back.

On a reflex, the alien warrior bayed menacingly and pulled out his spear, which extended itself in a split second. Gwen's insides tensed up, but she was too frazzled to know what she should do.

The officer pulled out his gun, a measly standard issue pistol which stood absolutely no chance of saving him.

The Yaut'ja leered at the weapon. It was small, but, nonetheless, a weapon. This would not be much of a challenge. As he drew closer to his new prey, the cop was only able to shoot off two to three bullets before having the weapon knocked out of his shaky grasp. The policeman stumbled backwards and picked himself back up before becoming a shish-kabob. That spear stuck itself at least a foot into the concrete road. Both humans couldn't believe their saucer-sized eyes.

With his weapon gone, the cop fumbled for his walkie-talkie and called for backup. "Dispatch, this is car #34, Danny Tucker. I need backup on a hostile at Crestview Rd. in Watervalley. Over."

A few seconds later, and the small device answered. "This is dispatch. Two units are in the vicinity and are headed to your location. #34, what is the nature of the hostile? Over."

The man, now known as Officer Tucker, took out the only potential weapon he had left, his baton.

"Uhh, I..." The cop didn't know how to relay this information, but he couldn't leave dispatch hanging. "It's... it's a creature of some sort. An animal, maybe? I thought it was a grizzly, but... ahh!"

The Yaut'ja had realized the ooman was communicating with his own, and blasted the walkie-talkie out of those thick hands as if it were target practice. Officer Tucker held his arm, slightly burned from the blast of the beast's shoulder canons. Like lightning, the warrior grabbed his prey by the neck and lifted it off the ground. Officer Tucker struggled to break the creature's hold on him, but it was stronger than he'd thought possible. Oxygen was constantly being robbed from him while he dangled in the air helplessly. His captor's spear was drawn back bit by bit, ready to impale the poor man at the flick of a wrist.

It was time to put this pathetic ooman out of its misery.

Before the Yaut'ja was about to thrust the weapon into his victim's body, he felt a pair of small hands latch onto his arm and keep him from doing the deadly deed.

"Stop, please!"

It took all of her strength to keep the warrior from shaking himself free of her grasp. He growled at the girl. Disrupting a hunt in any form or fashion was punishable by death, and he could've easily turned the spear onto her instead.

"Don't kill him! He didn't do anything!" Gwen moved one hand to grab onto the alien's weapon. "Just let him go!"

The Yaut'ja couldn't comprehend why he didn't just slay the female and be done with her for good, but he recalled the times she had helped him when he was in need of it. Whether he wanted to admit it or not, he probably owed the girl.

He certainly didn't like the idea though.

So, instead of letting him free, the Yaut'ja bashed Officer Tucker over the head and knocked him out cold. The cop haphazardly slumped to the ground in front of his car. That was one annoyance put to rest.

Gwen put her hands over her mouth, briefly in shock, releasing the warrior. She checked to make sure the guy wasn't too badly injured and sighed in relief when she noticed his chest steadily rising and falling. He was still alive.

"Thank God." She said, mostly to herself. "I thought he was done for."

The creature next to her watched to see what she would do and ended up getting an earful of words that he couldn't understand, only knowing that they were out of anger.

"Are you insane? If you killed that guy we... no, I would have been an accomplice in a murder! Although, you would probably go along your merry way back to outer space and I would have to get stuck with the crime, because there's no way anyone would believe me if I told them an 8ft homicidal crab mutant came all the way from Europe posing as a foreign exchange student!"

All of the frustrations Gwen had felt these past two days were released in this one moment. She wasn't one to have her temper flare up like that, but who could blame her? Her beastly companion chortled at how contorted her face looked and was pleased to see that the young ooman could show some spunk unlike these past hours with her. Gwen seemed to get the feeling that he was amused and had a strong urge to punch him in the arm like she did with Brian every now and then. This was highly advised against seeing as this was definitely not Brian.

It wasn't long after the recent drama had ended that the two heard sirens fast approaching in the distance. This made Gwen's heart skip a beat.

"Oh f*cking crap!" Her full attention was directed down the road they were on. "We gotta get out of here." Her immediate reaction was to push the Yaut'ja over the ditch and into the woods. He didn't bother resisting as he had no desire to stick around when that male ooman's reinforcements arrived.

Both human and alien raced past the pine trees further and further away from any streets or houses, not once looking back. The Yaut'ja didn't quite know why she was going with him, and could only gather that she would also face hardship if others were to see her with him. He decided to return the favor from earlier when she aided and hid him from potential threats, and let her follow. It wasn't like she'd jeopardize his mission if she came to his vessel for a short time, and it was only fair seeing as he had imposed upon her dwelling as well. Plus, the female had brought great honor to herself by taking down a full grown xenomorph. If anything, she might be helpful on his trek back to the ship. Afterall, she did live here, which meant she knew the terrain better than he.

Or, at least, that's what they both thought.

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