Every woman reaches a certain point in her life when she realizes that she is never going to have that perfect family she dreamt of; that she'll never be a faultless mother, so she should just stop trying. It's usually called a mid-life crisis, but not everyone goes about it the same way.

For example; one woman may go out an get a bunch of tattoos or piercings because they never did when they were younger; or they might go out and get a hot red car, and a few revealing outfits to prove that they do still have the same sex appeal they did twenty years ago. And then there is the handful of women that were too busy with their careers to be bothered with settling down.

These women usually end up having an insane amount of unprotected sex with the men in their life. Of course if you don't know that many men it's not as dangerous as it could be; and it's even less dangerous when you find out that even if you had tried for kids when you were at your peak it wouldn't have happened because you're infertile.

That was what triggered Lisa Cuddy's mid-life crisis; a small piece of paper and her doctor telling her that she was dried up and would never be able to have a baby (no matter how hard she tried). To say it hurt would be an understatement; to say it was a disappointment would be a joke; because this news completely tore her apart.

It was what had driven her to invite herself over to House's apartment for a drink; it was that knowledge that had made her drink more alcohol than she had ever consumed in her entire life, and it was that fact that had made her give into the sexual tension they'd both been having for two decades.

Of course it didn't end there. Mid-life crisis usually take a while to stop; especially when you don't want them to.

And because of this she ended up repeating the process with a certain oncologist that admittedly had a thing for her and was more than happy to bed her; alcohol or no.

Most people regret one night stands, and the same could be said for Cuddy; which was why she went back for more. She would alternate nights between the two friends, trying hard to rid the feeling of failure by having as many orgasms as she could. It was probably a bitchy thing to do; using someone for sex (and probably worse that the two men she chose were best friends), but she trusted them both, and they were damn good at making her forget why she was doing it in the first place.

But all good things must come to an end, and sometimes the reason why is more than unexpected.

For the first time in three months (since she had started to sleep with House and Wilson) she was starting to regret it. Not because she felt guilty for sleeping with her employees or because they didn't know the real reason why, not even because they were best friends, but because she was now facing the consequences of her actions.

She sat on the edge of her bathtub, as she had done so many times during IVF, this time with a fax from her doctor a positive test confirming her pregnancy. She didn't know if she was more upset at the fact that she was told she couldn't get pregnant, or that she had actually given up. It was a strange feeling, because she was so sure a few months ago that if she ever managed to get pregnant she would be thrilled, but the fact that she had given up, and had accepted the knowledge that she'd never know the joy of being a mother made the moment bitter sweet.

A sigh escaped her lips as she stood up; running her hand over her face, and then it suddenly hit her. Who was the father? She'd started sleeping with both House and Wilson at the same time, and hadn't used 

anything with either of them. Her stomach slowly churned at the thought, and she quickly dropped to her knees, heaving into the toilet.

This was definitely not going to be an easy pregnancy; especially not when she would be filled with guilt. Both men were falling for her, that much she knew, and when they found out that either one of them could be the father of her baby it would probably tear their friendship apart, and she didn't want to be the cause of that.

But what could she do? Even if she hid it they'd eventually figure it out, and it wouldn't be long before they started asking question; questions she'd have to answer.

She slowly stood on wobbly legs, flushing the toilet before moving to the sink to rinse out her mouth, and splash some cold water on her face. She gripped the sink, staring at herself in the mirror and slowly shook her head.

"What the hell have you gotten yourself into?"