Disclaimer: I do not own Lost in Blue.

Note: This came from my extreme annoyance at how often the spears break and from some of my other annoyances from this otherwise marvelous game. I really do love this game.

'Spear 5 Broke...'

Keith fell to his knees beside the river, staring at the spear in disbelief. Why now? Why NOW?? He had been catching Black Bass...

Keith started crying.

Skye just shook her head and sighed. They went through this every time 'Spear 5' broke.

"JUST GO GET A FRIKIN DEER ALREADY!" she called out of the cave.

Keith was sprawled out pathetically on the ground. "That's so much travel time... and by the time I get there I barely have enough stamina to get back without damaging my hitpoints..." he whimpered.

Skye began to weave a fairly useless fishing net that for some reason he demanded 194 of. Why, of all the men IN THE WORLD did she have to get stuck with this guy? "Just use the shortcut!"

He perked up. "There's a shortcut?"

"Yes, the tiny ledge and the log by the waterfall."

"Oh. Right."

"You're an idiot."

"But I can see."

"Shut up."

"And yet you were able to find the beach to make me that bracelet or necklace or whatever, which is now taking up space in my inventory that could otherwise be used to carry food, but you'd let us both starve to death before going down and getting some clams or something."

"We ignore that plot hole."


"You know what? Just go get a deer. Just go."


"That's it! No mildly romantic scenes for you!"

"But they're one of the only interesting things about the plot!" he said, appalled.

"Not true, soon you'll find out something very interesting about the other side of the ruins, and then you'll try to get us off the island, then we'll both die on the raft which works now by the way, because we can't take food and you forgot the radio and the flare gun."

"You mean we go through all of that and then we die?"

"Not necessarily, but it's REALLY hard to get it right."

"I see."

"So get a move on so I can die and get away from you."

"That's a little harsh."

"Go. And don't get killed prematurely because that would be anticlimactic."

"Geeze, woman! I'm going!" He left the cave.

Skye sighed and resumed making the 194 fishing nets. If he wanted them by tomorrow (for reasons passing understanding) she's have to get to work. Looks like it was going to be another long night.