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3 weeks later


I picked up the map Edward had left on the kitchen counter for the tenth time at least.

I had woken up this morning with no Edward in bed. Big disappointment. But when I had made my way out to the kitchen, there had been this map with a sticky note on it telling me to get in his car and follow the directions.

At first I had though, hey no big deal. It had taken me only a few seconds on the freeway to realize I had no clue how to follow this map. And, of course, Edward's cell was off. I was planning on having a nice, long discussion with him about that.

They had put our very first shoot finally up on billboards! At first it was embarrassing, but I think I've gotten used to it—sort of.

Edward and I have done a total of 5 shoots in the past weeks. I think we had enough money to last us ten years! But as soon as I got past my nervousness and shyness, I knew that I really enjoyed modeling. And Edward had absolutely nothing to do with that! (Warning: high sarcasm.)

Clearly, though, Edward and I are still together. None of those crazy fights now. Hopefully never ever going to be again either.

I set the map back down on the passenger seat. The directions were getting simpler to follow.

I raised my eyebrows as the directions took me down a side street. The street with the name I was supposed to be heading down.

And that's when I saw him. He was gorgeous as ever wearing a grey sweater and a pair of dark jeans.

I parked in front and got out, looking at the house warily. I cocked an eyebrow at Edward as he slowly strode up to me. The smile on his face was one I had never seen there before. It was huge, filling up half of his face, and he was clearly ecstatic.

His arms came around me and he hugged me tightly before kissing my lips gently.

"So," he started. "What do you think?"

"What do I think about what?" I asked.

Edward moved around me so he was behind me. His arms were still around my waist. I felt his chin land on my shoulder and he said, "The house."

I glanced at the house again.

It was a small two story house, but it was one I could definitely see myself living in.

"It looks great. Who's house is it?"

His lips landed on my neck. "Ours."

I stood there for a second, frozen. And then I scoffed. "Good joke."

"It isn't a joke, Bella. It's our house."

I gulped and then turned in Edward's arms to face him.

When he saw my expression his eyes widened in panic. "Why are you crying?"

"I love it, Edward. It's beautiful."

"Then why are you sad?"

"I'm not! I'm so happy!"

Edward visibly relaxed.

"I just wanted to surprise you," he explained. "I think its better that we have a home, you know? For when we decide to start a family and settle down."

I smiled at him. "You are too good for me, Edward Cullen. Too good."

"Look who's talking," he countered.

Then, he pressed his lips to mine and I was content.

Thank you all who've stuck with me through thick and thin with this story! I know it was along ride!

I love you all!