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Title: Oneesama Side-Stories

Rating: M (for sex, including S&N with some S&M ;) )

Story 1: Shizuru's Secrets

Timeframe: Immediately after the future parts of Chapters 3 and 4 of Oneesama

"And for that, love..." Natsuki said as she approached the prone woman. She climbed up onto the bed, and said as she looked down at Shizuru, "I'll be merciful." But not so merciful to take all the fun out of it, of course. "Now, assume the position you feel you deserve, and I'll be back to administer your punishment. If you're particularly obedient tonight, I might even have a little reward in it for you."

Natsuki winked at Shizuru, making sure her lover caught her meaning. She was already quite ready to forgive her for this, now that she had her apology, but there were still a couple other issues she wanted to get out into the open. Even if it weren't for those, she was quite eager to take her opportunity to "punish" Shizuru. The woman had it coming, for all the times she "punished" Natsuki, if nothing else.

Natsuki planted a quick kiss on her lover's forehead, smiling in mirth at the stunned expression on her face. Shizuru was so precious when she was caught off-guard like this. Her normal mask was down, and her true self shown through, a sight that only Natsuki was privileged to see. And right now, Natsuki could tell that Shizuru understood completely what she'd done wrong, and she was deeply sorry for it. She was also a bit embarrassed to find that Natsuki had overheard, but she was a little reassured by her words. What was best, though, was her the aura of submission that Shizuru was giving off right now. She was allowing herself to be completely at Natsuki's mercy, which would be perfect for this night.

With that, Natsuki got up off of Shizuru and exited the room, casting one last glance and a wink back at her still-stunned lover. While she was eager to just get on with the night, leaving now did serve a couple of purposes. For one, she needed to pick up a certain ingredient for their play which they didn't store in their room with the rest of their toys – many of which she hoped to also bring into the action. Secondly, she wanted to give Shizuru a first chance to show obedience. She'd asked her to "assume the position you feel you deserve," and what Shizuru took would determine what she'd be receiving.

Even when Natsuki left the room, it took Shizuru a few moments to get out of her stun. Even after all this time with Natsuki, it was always a bit embarrassing when she was caught with her guard down. It wasn't bad, though, especially in this case. At least this way, Natsuki was sure that her apology and regret was sincere. She even had a good plan for Shizuru to make it up to her, if she was reading her lover's intentions correctly.

With that thought, Shizuru recalled her lover's words. She had to get ready. What position did she deserve? Natsuki obviously wanted her to be submissive tonight; it was only appropriate for being punished. Given the depth of her current guilt, Shizuru knew that only going all out in her submission would be fitting. Natsuki deserved all she could give, if she was being this forgiving. Without giving it a second though, Shizuru began stripping off her meister uniform. She didn't know how long Natsuki would be away, so she worked as quickly as she could. Once she was naked, she lay down on their bed on her stomach.

Shizuru even found herself considering getting out a pair or two of handcuffs to bind herself to the bed as much as she could before Natsuki got back to finish the job, actually surprising herself with just how submissive she was being. She certainly did like Natsuki taking charge every now and then, but thoughts like tying herself up for her lover were a new extreme. But doing this now was just what their relationship needed, and so that was enough to get her to submit herself to Natsuki – even if the arousal building in her chest from the anticipation weren't already doing it for her.

Shizuru wasn't given the chance to act on these impulses, however, as Natsuki soon returned. The sight of Shizuru lying on her stomach, naked and completely vulnerable to her, was almost too much. Natsuki had to take a few long minutes to take in the lovely sight of Shizuru's bare back and rear. All the curves flowed together so perfectly, and they brought back memories of just how it felt to slide her hands down them. The sudden swelling of love for this woman nearly made Natsuki let out a whimper, but she was barely able to hold it in so that she could maintain her stern demeanor. She wasn't very mad at Shizuru now, but she had to bring it to the fore so she could get all of it out of her now.

Regretfully, Natsuki forced herself to focus on Shizuru's behavior earlier. At the thought of how Shizuru had kissed another girl for no good reason, a bolt of anger made it's way from Natsuki's heart upwards, getting caught in her throat and coming out as a growl. Shizuru turned her head to glance back at Natsuki in confusion, but Natsuki stifled this with a sharp, "Eyes down!" With that command, she could feel the her dominatrix attitude taking over.

Shizuru quickly obeyed, whimpering slightly. Natsuki walked over to the side of the bed with a confident stride, keeping her eyes on Shizuru to make sure she didn't look up. When she reached the nightstand beside the bed, she bent down to open up the bottom drawer, where they kept the majority of their toys. She first took out a blindfold, so she wouldn't have to constantly worry about Shizuru looking up. With it in her hands, she climbed on top of Shizuru and commanded, "Keep your eyes closed, but raise your head."

When Shizuru obeyed, Natsuki wrapped the blindfold across her eyes and tied it snugly behind her head. Shizuru was particularly fond of using this on her, so Natsuki knew quite well just how tight it needed to be so that it wouldn't fall off, but neither would it be uncomfortable. She paused for just a moment, reflecting on how much she let Shizuru dominate her in bed. Submitting to her girlfriend always gave Natsuki the same rush she got whenever Shizuru teased her, so she secretly enjoyed doing it. However, she also enjoyed all the times she could turn the tables on Shizuru, both with teasing and in bed. Even by those standards, she planned to make this night something special.

Looking at the sight of her blindfolded lover, Natsuki realized that something wasn't quite right. The blindfold was messing up her hair, not allowing it to flow freely. Quickly determining the place that needed help most, Natsuki slipped her fingers under the locks of hair near Shizuru's ears and slid them down, freeing them from the blindfold. She held the nearer of the two locks in her hand for a moment and brought her face down to it, feeling the soft texture against her lips and inhaling Shizuru's scent. Sighing contentedly, Natsuki allowed the lock to fall back to her girlfriend's face and lowered her mouth to Shizuru's ear.

"Alright, Shizuru," Natsuki said softly, trying to put a bit of a mischievous tone into her voice. She was no match for Shizuru, but she liked to think she'd picked up a few things from her in their time together. She allowed her left hand to drift down along Shizuru's naked back as she continued talking. "You've been very good taking up this position for me, so I'm going to let you decide how you want me to restrain your arms. What would you like me to do?"

It was hard for Natsuki to tell with Shizuru blindfolded, but she seemed a bit surprised by this. This caused a wave of fear to grow in Natsuki; was she not being dominant enough? Oh no, I'm not falling into that trap. Natsuki waited just until Shizuru started to reply before sharply cutting her off, "Too late! Handcuffed to the the corners of the bed it is, then."

Shizuru barely had time to let out a surprised gasp as Natsuki jerked her hands up towards the head of the bed. As Natsuki withdrew a couple pairs of handcuffs from the drawer, Shizuru tried to still her pounding heart. Natsuki's mood swings were starting to put her on edge. It seemed that her girlfriend's love for her was battling with her anger over Shizuru's actions, and each popped out as the winner for a short while. Shizuru knew that she was probably in for quite a rough night – which was much less than she deserved – but that Natsuki would make sure to do it all lovingly.

Shizuru offered no resistance as Natsuki handcuffed her hands to the bedposts. It wasn't the most comfortable position, and it didn't give her the option of rolling over if things progressed, but it was Natsuki's choice. Chances are, she wouldn't even have a chance to think about her arms getting sore. Besides, the handcuffs were a pair she'd picked out for maximum comfort, with nice, silk cuffs. She'd made Natsuki wear them for extended periods, and she'd done so herself, so she knew there wasn't likely to be much of a problem.

When she'd finished securing Shizuru, Natsuki allowed herself to lie down on top of her prone love. Shizuru couldn't help but feel a sense of security from the warmth of her lover covering her, though she just wished that Natsuki weren't still wearing her uniform. That thought was quickly pushed out of her mind, though, when Natsuki's mouth found her ear and gently blew into it. Shizuru unconsciously shuddered from the sensation. She could feel her body surrendering to Natsuki by the moment.

"You've been quite a good girl tonight, Shizuru," Natsuki whispered. "But you were quite a bad girl earlier, and being good now won't get you out of your due punishment. It has, however, earned you this..."

Shizuru barely had time to think about the meaning of Natsuki's words before her lover wrapped her hand below Shizuru's face to turn it upwards and a heavenly softness met her lips. She opened her lips to try to inhale as much of Natsuki as possible through this connection, allowing warmth to flow in from her love's mouth. Her mouth instinctively started sucking in on it, trying to absorb every ounce of Natsuki's essence that she could. Her tongue stretched out, trying to pull in even more. When it found the soft lips of her love, she started stroking it across them, focusing on her girlfriend's taste: a little sour at first, like the mayonnaise her dear loved so much, but sweet underneath that.

She only had a couple seconds to enjoy the taste, though, before her tongue was subdued by Natsuki's own. It wrapped its way around hers and pushed it back into her mouth. Natsuki let out a gentle chuckle into their kiss with this act. Shizuru planned to pout in response, but she didn't get the chance as Natsuki continued their kiss, her tongue exploring around the inside of Shizuru's mouth and marking it all as her own. A couple minutes of this had Shizuru suffering from a burning in her chest, evidencing her love, and her body was completely Natsuki's. She couldn't even move a single muscle, except at Natsuki's behest, though fortunately all she wanted to move right now were her lips and tongue.

At long last, though far too soon, Natsuki pulled away from their kiss. Although Shizuru wished it could continue, she was far too out of breath and worn down to offer any protest. She did need the breath, after all. In her daze from the aftereffects of the kiss, it took some time for her mind to drift back to the knowledge of just what the two of them were supposed to be doing. The realization hit her at just the same time that Natsuki's hand did.

Shizuru let out a yelp of pain in response to the feeling of her lover's hand coming down hard on her rear. The slap had caught her completely by surprise. She hadn't been sure what to expect from Natsuki's punishment for her, but this possibility hadn't even crossed her mind. She'd playfully spanked her girlfriend on a few occasions, when she was being particularly resistant to her teasing, in order to teach her a lesson – which was quite successful, judging by the fierce blush it prompted in her – but Natsuki had never returned the favor to her. She'd long since written it off as simply something Natsuki wasn't interested in.

After this first slap, Natsuki took a few moments to gently rub her hand against the reddening spot on Shizuru's cheek. She chewed on her lip guiltily as worry started to flood her mind. She'd slapped Shizuru once, before their relationship had even begun, in order to ward off her unwelcome advances. As she got to know her girlfriend better in time, she realized what a gentle and delicate soul Shizuru hid behind her mask, and the guilt from slapping her started to grow. In the end, she'd made a promise to herself never to hit Shizuru again. Even when Shizuru had spanked her to force out a blush when she was in a particularly playful mood, Natsuki hadn't considered returning the favor.

It was only the need to truly punish Shizuru for her actions today that had made Natsuki reconsider her promise and the reasoning behind it. She'd eventually come to the conclusion that this would be alright if she made sure Shizuru was in a sexual mood when she did it, and that she made sure Shizuru took it alright. So this was it, then. She had to make sure that she wasn't really hurting Shizuru. If Shizuru couldn't enjoy this kind of play, then she'd stop immediately, declare the two of them even, and proceed to make Shizuru forget all about the pain. If Shizuru could get even a little rise out of this, however, Natsuki had one hell of a night planned for her.

Shizuru's heart had started pounding in her chest following Natsuki's slap. Her kiss with Natsuki had gotten her into such a romantic mood that she doubted anything could have completely spoiled it. But it seemed that being spanked like this didn't even lower her arousal at all. Instead, her body seemed to have immediately jumped up a level, though it was to a particular state she hadn't experienced before. Her body felt like it wanted to tense up. Emotions – primarily guilt – had started to build up within her. She needed more from Natsuki in order to push them all out. Although the gentle massaging of Natsuki's hand on her ass felt wonderful, she needed her love to punish her, to bring her her catharsis.

Whimpering softly, Shizuru tried to leverage her body as best she could to raise her butt into the air, towards Natsuki. It wasn't much, but she could notice the additional pressure of Natsuki's hand on her, and she hoped her love noticed what she was doing as well. Slowly, Natsuki's hand moved off of her. Shizuru waited a few torturous minutes, bereft of her lover's touch, before Natsuki spoke.

"I'm only doing this because I love you, Shizuru," Natsuki said. She had her hand raised and ready to strike, but she had to say her piece first. "But because I love you, I can't let you go around flirting with every girl in Garderobe. You have to learn. You have to be punished. Do you understand, Shizuru?"

Before Shizuru had a chance to reply, Natsuki brought her hand down in a swift stroke, meeting Shizuru's opposite cheek with a firm slap. She was still wary of hurting her lover too much, so she wasn't putting anywhere near her full strength into the blow. It would be enough to sting though, she was sure, and Shizuru's yelp confirmed this. She'd heard a ton of yelps from her love in bed, and so she was pleased to find that this one bore more than a trace of pleasure.

Natsuki's second slap sent Shizuru's heart racing even faster. She had to struggle to breathe enough to satisfy her rapid heartbeat, and her arms started struggling useless at her bonds. It was as if an ephemeral itch had spread through all of her body, and she needed to move, to do something to satisfy it. She had the vague notion that she was supposed to say something to Natsuki, but all she could think of to do was beg for more.

"I said..." Natsuki said after a moment. Her hand came down once more, striking Shizuru's left cheek and sending a wave of mixed pleasure and pain through her body. "Do you understand?" Another strike, on her right cheek now. Natsuki's hand was coming down harder, and it only made it all feel better. Shizuru could feel tears starting to form in her eyes, now. She had no idea whether it was from the pain or from her guilt finally pouring out, but she couldn't care less.

"Yes!" Shizuru said sharply. Her arms tensed up, trying to pull in against her bonds. After a second, she gave up with a grunt. Her admission didn't stop Natsuki's hand from descending once more, still harder. As soon as she could catch her breath and stop herself from sobbing, Shizuru continued. "I deserve this. I'm yours, Natsuki."

Natsuki slammed her hand down once more, putting the most force yet behind her blow. The pain from it made Shizuru let out a barely repressed scream. It hurt, she was certain of that, but the pain was all good. The fact that she knew she deserved this pain allowed her to make this whole experience more cathartic. They were making things better, and helping to assuage her guilt.

"Then if you're mine..." Another hard slap that left Shizuru whimpering. The itch in her body had developed into a burning, and she was starting to feel it center around her nipples. She tried to struggle a bit to rub them against the bed beneath her, but this just made the need worse. "Never be unfaithful like that again."

Shizuru was expecting another slap to come now, but she instead felt Natsuki's hand come to rest on her shoulder. It was still trying to pull in against her bonds, but Natsuki started gently massaging it to get her to relax. She soon switched over to work on Shizuru's other shoulder, quickly getting it to relax as well. "Are you alright, Shizuru?" Natsuki asked softly.

Is it over then? Shizuru wondered. She instinctively tried to turn her head to look at Natsuki, though the blindfold made this a futile endeavor. Digging into her heart to find the answer to Natsuki's question, she found that there was still a fair bit of guilt left there. "No," she answered honestly, if a bit shakily. "I deserve more than this. I hurt Natsuki."

"I never said I was done, did I?" came Natsuki's reply. Shizuru barely had time to reflect on the return of Natsuki's harsh tone before she felt another slap of Natsuki's hand on her tender ass. After Natsuki shifted a bit beside her, with what Shizuru thought were her knees pressed up against the side of her body, another strike came down. It wasn't a single strike this time, either. Natsuki kept up the spanking, striking Shizuru steadily and driving wave after wave of pain – or pleasure? – through her. As Shizuru started to whimper and then sob into her blindfold, she was barely able to hear Natsuki continue, "I'm not even close. I haven't had my fun yet."

As she finished speaking, Natsuki also finished off her volley of strikes with one full-force slap to Shizuru's rear. Shizuru yelled out in pain, unconsciously thanking Shinso for how remote their quarters were from anyone else and the privacy this afforded them. But through all the pain, it felt incredibly good. It was almost as if the chaos of deciding between pleasure and pain was driving her arousal up to new heights. And beyond that, Natsuki was absolving her of all her sins for the sake of their relationship.

Shizuru was left sobbing after this final, harsh strike. She shuddered lightly against her bonds, but it was only a few seconds before she felt Natsuki resting on top of her torso and wrapping her arms around her. Natsuki held Shizuru steady and cooed into her ear. "Good girl, Shizuru. You're forgiven, don't worry."

Shizuru tried to stabilize herself as best as she could. She let tears flow freely from her eyes now, soaking the blindfold in front of them. She could feel a weight lifting from her heart as Natsuki finally forgave her. And yet... She didn't want this to end so soon. As painful as it was, she found that she was quite enjoying the pain when it was Natsuki who brought it to her. The burning in her body had built up because of that, and it still remained, fighting for her attention. At least Natsuki would likely help her with that now. Maybe sometime later, she could talk with her lover, and see if she was interested in seeing if they could take this type of play further.

To Shizuru's secret delight, this turned out to be exactly what Natsuki had in mind. "Forgiven for that, that is," Natsuki said as she rose back to her sitting position beside Shizuru, imitating her love's mischievous tone as best as she could. "There are still a couple other matters we need to work through. You see, my love, I've found out that you've been keeping secrets from me. And I don't mean planning-a-surprise-type secrets, either. I mean the type of secret that goes against our promise to be completely open with each other."

Shizuru's body tensed up in a mix of anticipation and nervousness. She had to admit though, she was mostly just excited that their little game wasn't going to end so soon. And it wasn't as if it would be bad to get this secret off of her chest. She really had been unfairly worrying Natsuki over what she'd done with Tomoe. She deserved to know the truth. She would just have to work for it a bit first.

Natsuki watched over Shizuru for a few moments as a blush slowly formed on her love's cheeks. The side of her mouth twitched in a smile for a fraction of a second before she forced her face into an expression of regret. "You're right," Shizuru said. Her tone of voice barely held back her eagerness – at least to Natsuki's trained ears. "I've been mean to Natsuki, and I deserve whatever punishment she wishes to inflict upon me."

It was only by the grace of Shinso that Natsuki was able to keep herself from laughing aloud at this. She did let out a huge smile, but this was safe with Shizuru still blindfolded. Her signs from Shizuru hadn't been perfectly clear up to this point, but she was certain now that not only was Shizuru alright with this type of play, but she absolutely loved it. Shizuru had quite a submissive streak buried within her that few would suspect, and Natsuki delighted in bringing it out. It was just a question of which particular fetishes got her going best. She'd certainly have to remember this one.

"Yes you do, Shizuru," Natsuki said. She patted Shizuru's rump gently as she swung her legs to the side to get off of the bed. Since they were both certainly on the same page with this being a game, she figured it was time to step things up a little for Shizuru. She'd still be punished, of course, just in a fun way. Eying the redness she'd caused on Shizuru's rear, Natsuki continued, "However, I may have hit you a bit too hard before. Let me take care of that, and then I have a little something to make up for it."

The sound of footsteps marked Natsuki's departure from the bedroom. Shizuru tracked them anxiously, guessing that Natsuki was going to the bathroom. She wasn't gone long, though, which was fortunate, as otherwise Shizuru's heart wouldn't have been able to take it. When she was back, she came to the side of the bed and took out something from their toy drawer before crawling back onto the bed, kneeling over Shizuru.

"Okay, here you go," Natsuki said as she squirted a bit of lotion out of the bottle and spread it onto her hands. She started rubbing it into Shizuru's rear, though it was truly more of a massage than a simple application. Truth be told, Shizuru didn't need any help to heal up just fine overnight, thanks to her nanomachines. Natsuki was simply doing this to work on Shizuru's sexual mood. Okay, fine, and because I just want to as well. She really is so soft...

"Mmm..." Shizuru let out a low purr, which never failed to send a spark of joy through Natsuki's chest. "I'm not complaining, but wasn't Natsuki supposed to be punishing me?"

Natsuki let out a gentle chuckle. "Don't worry, I'm getting to that. I just wanted to make sure you're ready for Round Two."

"Ara, I think Natsuki just wanted to cop a fe-Ai!" Shizuru's tease was cut short by a sharp slap. She'd been hoping to get a blush from Natsuki out of it, but she had no way to know if she'd succeeded. Indeed, her reaction to being spanked by Natsuki again was starting to bring a warmth to her own cheeks.

"No teasing for you!" Natsuki reprimanded sharply, punctuating this with a slap to Shizuru's opposite cheek. "And besides, it's my right to cop a feel if I want to. Watch." Natsuki's left hand trailed up the side of Shizuru's body. Just before it reached her shoulder, Natsuki curled it in beneath Shizuru to cover her breast, and she gently started feeling it up.

Even though Natsuki had intended it as a show of dominance, Shizuru couldn't help feeling a delightful pleasure from her love's touch. She rolled over to her right as far as she could to allow Natsuki better access, and she let out another purr of pleasure. It didn't take her long to figure out that Natsuki wasn't simply doing this for her own pleasure. She was working Shizuru's breast in just the ways that Shizuru loved it, making it quite the enjoyable experience for her as well.

Shizuru had just started to think of ways she could show her thanks to Natsuki when she felt something pressing in against her sex. It wasn't the familiar touch of Natsuki's fingers, but a rounded plastic tip. Even though it wasn't her preferred type of intruder, Natsuki's work on her had gotten her so wet that it still managed to slip inside her easily. Natsuki pressed it into her as far as it could go, eliciting another soft moan from Shizuru. It might not have been Natsuki, but it did feel nice to be filled up.

Once she'd finished pushing the object into Shizuru, Natsuki also released her grip on Shizuru's breast. Shizuru let out a pout as her now-aching breast was abandoned, but it went ignored. After a couple moments, Natsuki's voice came from above her. "Alright then, Shizuru, we're going to play a little game. You're going to tell me absolutely every little secret of yours while I deal out your punishment for keeping them from me. I'll get harsher as we go on, so you'd better not delay.

"But even that isn't quite fun enough. I also need to punish you for attempting to tease me while you're in such a position. So, while you're spilling your secrets, I'm also going to let you experience a little of this."

A soft click came from the bottom of the bed, and the object Natsuki had slid into Shizuru suddenly started vibrating softly within her. Shizuru let out a gasp at first from the sudden pleasure, but this melted into a low moan as she allowed herself to simply enjoy the delightful buzzing. I think I like this type of punishment...

"Of course, that isn't much of a punishment." Shizuru's heart sank a little at these words, but it quickly bounced back into a stated of knotted anticipation when she realized that this meant more fun things from Natsuki. "Your punishment is that you have resist coming to climax while this is in you. You don't get to come until I do, and I don't plan to let you start working on me until we're done with secrets."

Shizuru could feel a burning start to build within her at this challenge. Natsuki certainly had put a lot of thought into this, and just the thought that her lover cared this much helped to boost her arousal. Only, that was going to make it even more difficult to hold herself back. Natsuki was just too arousing, and her double assault on Shizuru was just going to make things worse. Well, if she failed, she'd just have to take whatever additional "punishment" Natsuki had in mind.

"One last thing..." Natsuki said. A bit of that mischievous tone was back in her voice. "While you are nice and soft in this position, I don't think you're getting the most out of your spankings. So, I want you to bring your knees up under yourself so I have a nice, firm butt to hit."

Blushing, Shizuru complied with Natsuki's request. It was a bit awkward with her arms restrained, and they were starting to get a bit sore, but she pushed through that. The new position certainly did feel more vulnerable, as if she were presenting herself for Natsuki. Which I guess I am...

"Alright, Shizuru," Natsuki said. "It starts now. Spill!" Natsuki followed this up with a slap to Shizuru's left cheek. It was a fair bit gentler than she'd been previously, but the presence of the vibrator inside Shizuru seemed to amplify the sensations from being spanked. Even the light slap sent a spark down through her which connected with the vibrator, forcing a yelp out of Shizuru. She didn't even think of talking, and just wanted to wait for Natsuki to do more of that to her.

Fortunately, Natsuki was never one to disappoint. She slapped Shizuru once more, just a tiny bit harder, sending another jolt of pleasure through her body. Shizuru unconsciously let out a moan as she basked in the pleasure of the aftermath. The vibrator might not have been Natsuki, but it certainly was pleasurable.

Shizuru's reverie was broken by the sound of Natsuki growling. "You may think this is nice now, love, but you'll be suffering a fair bit more if you let me go on too long without opening up. Remember that you aren't allowed to come until we're all done with this. If you do, I'll have no choice but to punish you quite severely. My current plan is to tie up your ankles as well, turn this vibrator up to maximum, and then leave you here alone for the night. Please don't make me do that to you. Okay, love?"

The pleading tone of Natsuki's voice made Shizuru realize that her lover was indeed serious about this threat. A wave of fear hit her from the prospect of just what she'd be in for if she lost at Natsuki's game. She hadn't expected Natsuki to be quite that extreme, but she did deserve some real punishment for what she'd put her lover through. Even beyond these secrets, Natsuki had had to watch as Shizuru shamelessly flirted with hundreds of girls over the years in an attempt to get her to open up about their relationship. Even though Natsuki wasn't mad about that, Shizuru had indeed hurt her, and it was time to make things up. Perhaps getting Shizuru to reveal the couple things she'd kept secret from her was just Natsuki's pretense for getting back at Shizuru for all her teasing.

Shizuru was snapped out of her thoughts by another slap to her rear. Natsuki was starting to get serious now. Shizuru didn't think it would be possible for her to get off without feeling Natsuki inside her, but it sounded like Natsuki had even more planned for after this, so she couldn't take any chances. She had to get it all out quickly.

"Alright!" Shizuru said, just as another slap came down. She let out a light gasp, but tried to focus. "What does Natsuki want me to tell her?"

"I think you know," Natsuki said, giving Shizuru another slap. This one was gentler, but she followed it up by rubbing in on Shizuru's cheek for a moment. Shizuru couldn't help but let out a moan from the pleasure this caused her. "Tell me how far you went with her. If it were just your normal flirting, you wouldn't have tried to hide it from me. I need to know, Shizuru. What did you do with Tomoe-san?"

Shizuru was actually a bit surprised at the way Natsuki said Tomoe's name. She'd been expecting it to be filled with venom, like the way Natsuki talked about her father, but there was none of that here. Another slap to her rear – this one much more powerful and sending a bolt of sweet agony through her body – snapped her out of this train of thought, though, and she quickly refocused on the best way to tell her story.

"I let her kiss me-eeh!" Natsuki slapped Shizuru right in the middle of her word. Apparently she wasn't even going to stop to let her speak. Shizuru had to admit she wasn't exactly disappointed in this. "On the lips." Shizuru braced herself for another swat, but it didn't come, so she quickly continued. "I didn't kiss her back though, but I did let it happen... Forgive me, Natsuki..."

No more punishment from Natsuki was forthcoming. Instead, Shizuru felt her switch the vibrator off and pull it out – feeling an additional twinge of disappointment that it was gone on top of the confusion over what Natsuki was doing – and then Natsuki crawled up beside her. She unlocked both pairs of handcuffs to free Shizuru's hands, and she lay down beside Shizuru, gently nudging to get her to roll onto her side. Too confused by Natsuki's sudden abandonment of their game to protest, Shizuru obeyed.

"I'm sorry, Shizuru," Natsuki said. She gently stroked her hand over Shizuru's hair for a moment, before deciding to slide her thumbs under her love's blindfold to peel it away from her eyes. She was shocked for a moment at just how beautiful the sight before her was. Shizuru had been crying into the blindfold quite a bit, and Natsuki could still see the moisture surrounding her eyes. Somehow, the sight of Shizuru like this made her even more beautiful. She wrapped her arms around Shizuru and held her for just long enough to let Shizuru do the same to her before she continued, "We shouldn't be discussing such a serious matter in such a lighthearted way."

Shizuru gave Natsuki a small, but oh-so-sweet, smile. "It's alright, Natsuki. I don't mind having a little fun while we discuss these things." She smirked a little. "In fact, it was pretty nice for getting through my guilt."

Natsuki raised her eyebrow at the thought that Shizuru truly felt guilty, and she could feel a small blush starting to form in her cheeks, but she quickly suppressed that. "Alright then, we can handle your guilt with more punishment after, but I want to look into your eyes while you tell me all that happened. So tell me, why did you let Tomoe-san kiss you?"

"Well, you know how Tomoe-san feels about me," Shizuru said. When she received a nod from Natsuki, she continued, "Well, I was originally imprisoned down in a cell in the basement for the first few weeks. Eventually, Tomoe-san came down to see me. She was asking if I'd like to be treated better than this, saying I didn't deserve such treatment."

"You don't," Natsuki interrupted. "I can't thank you enough for taking that for me."

Shizuru gave Natsuki another small but sweet smile. "Anything for Natsuki. Besides, there was no way I could have organized such a counterattack. Natsuki needed to be the one free."

Natsuki grumbled and blushed a bit at this compliment. "Yeah, well... just continue, okay?"

Shizuru had to stifle a laugh. Natsuki could be so adorable at times, and even though she knew laughing would only result in her lover becoming more so, she was supposed to be letting Natsuki be in charge tonight, so she had to hold it back. "Whatever Natsuki wants. It was obvious that she wanted the chance to finally act on her crush, and she knew that I realized this was her intention as well. I initially considered turning her down, but I figured that I might be able to use this to escape and find my way back to Natsuki. So, I agreed to her offer for better treatment. I never said anything about liking her back, but I let her go ahead with assuming this as it would make it easier to make my escape."

Shizuru couldn't help but notice that Natsuki's hands had started to wander as she told her story. Natsuki's right hand had first started to stroke her back, before finding itself gently massaging her abused rear. Even now, her nanomachines were started to repair it and take some of the sting away, but Natsuki's gentle touch worked more miracles than they ever could. At the same time, Natsuki had slipped her left hand out from under Shizuru just enough to feel up her right breast. It was hard to tell whether Natsuki was doing this on purpose or if she was just running on instinct. With how good it felt, though, Shizuru didn't particularly care.

Letting out a pleased moan in thanks for what Natsuki's hands were doing to her, Shizuru continued, "Tomoe-san brought me up to one of the diplomatic suites. When I took a seat on the bed, she stood over me nervously. I could tell that she was thinking of kissing me, and I went into an internal panic. I tried to think of how I could get out of it without hurting her feelings and ruining my chance to escape, but I was too late." Shizuru closed her eyes for a moment and took a deep breath. Even thinking about this moment caused a horrible feeling in her chest.

Natsuki's right hand disappeared from Shizuru's rear and found its way to her face. She rested it on Shizuru's cheek, and Shizuru found herself unconsciously pushing her face into it. "It's alright, Shizuru," Natsuki said in a gentle voice. Shizuru opened her eyes slowly, meeting her lover's confident green orbs. "You can tell me. Tell me, and I'll be able to forgive you for it."

Natsuki's offer of unconditional forgiveness made a blush form once more in Shizuru's cheeks. Before the sweet feeling of love left her, she pushed through the hardest part of her story. "She kissed me before I had a chance to move away. Her lips moved against mine..." A slight wave a nausea hit Shizuru, but she suppressed it by focusing on Natsuki, much as she had back then. "My own lips simply trembled against hers as I tried to pretend it was you kissing me..."

Shizuru had to close her eyes again to stop tears from pouring out. She pressed her face even harder into Natsuki's palm and squeezed the woman in her arms. "Forgive me, Natsuki, but I didn't pull away, as I should have. I waited until she ended it. She must have noticed I was holding back, and she asked if anything was wrong. I told her I had a bad headache at the time, and she believed it. When she left to get me some painkillers, I ended up crying into my pillow..."

Natsuki started blinking rapidly, as if she were holding back tears of her own. "You cried? But you never cry... well, in bed..."

"Except for Natsuki," Shizuru said softly, casting her gaze down. "I cried then because I feared I'd betrayed you..."

"No," Natsuki said simply. "You didn't. She stole a kiss from you. Your heart was never hers, so it doesn't matter. You're mine, and you've always been mine. There isn't even anything for me to forgive, Shizuru." Natsuki paused for a moment and blinked a couple of times. "Er, that is, if that was all you did with her..."

Shizuru gave Natsuki a soft smile. "Well, I did need to make my escape, but I did nothing more with her beyond what I do – did, rather – with my fangirls. I confess that I was a bit mad at Tomoe-san, and so I made her run across Garderobe a few times in trying to set up many different fetishes for what she thought would be our first time. By the time she had settled on one, a simple kiss to the forehead was enough to make her faint, so worn out was she." Shizuru inched her face closer to Natsuki. She could feel Natsuki's left hand still working on her breast, replacing the pain in her chest with a sweet warmth. Combined with all Natsuki had already done to her, she was starting to feel almost unbearably aroused. "So no," she said airily. "Nothing more."

"Then we're good," Natsuki said with one of her rarest smiles, expressing her pure love. "Only thing you did wrong is in not telling this to me sooner, and I've already punished you enough for that." Natsuki's face made its way closer to Shizuru's as she said this. It seemed that they both had the same thing on their minds. Just before their lips met, Natsuki whispered, "You're absolved..."

Shizuru let out a purr of delight the instant her lips met Natsuki's. No matter how many times they shared a kiss, it was always bliss. It never even seemed to get old. Natsuki's lips did trace familiar patterns against Shizuru that she always loved, but there were those little changes every time. She'd gotten to know Natsuki's mouth so well, but there was always more in it. She could never have enough. She could never fully know her love, only get ever closer. Perhaps that was best, for otherwise their relationship would get stale.

It wasn't long before Natsuki's tongue made its way to Shizuru's lips, gently licking them to request entrance. Shizuru soon granted it, though she kept her lips tight for a bit to kiss that beloved tongue on its way in. It slid through Shizuru's tight lips slowly, finding its companion hiding inside Shizuru's mouth and starting to play with it. Shizuru was soon forced to loosen the grasp of her lips to give it a little more freedom and also to allow herself some room to breathe.

Shizuru felt herself falling into a daze as the kiss continued, but she didn't fight it. She never did – what else could possibly matter when Natsuki was kissing her? She barely noticed when Natsuki rolled her onto her back and climbed on top of her, save for how it increased the pleasurable feeling of Natsuki's body against hers. Shizuru let out a series of light moans as Natsuki explored every inch of her mouth and claimed it as her own.

Natsuki had learned how to tell when Shizuru was going into one of her dazed states over the years. For one thing, she was much more vocal with her pleasure, and just a millisecond slower in reacting, allowing Natsuki to lead in their kiss. She'd also learned how to carefully withdraw for when she wished to move to other forms of pleasure without breaking Shizuru out of her daze or making her feel abandoned. She carefully lightened the kiss and pulled away slowly, keeping her lips stretched out and in contact with Shizuru's for as long as possible. Lastly, she let out a small moan of her own, promising Shizuru that she wasn't done yet.

Even after Natsuki parted from their kiss, Shizuru could feel her essence lingering in her mouth. She spent a few lovely seconds just focusing on the taste of it before her eyes drifted open to view Natsuki sitting above her. The woman shrugged off her coat and tossed it aside as Shizuru watched, then she brought each of her feet up in turn to remove her shoes. The realization that Natsuki was finally shedding her clothes for the night sent a rush of warmth through Shizuru. She didn't know if she could stand many more of those, with how excited her body was getting.

The only problem was that Natsuki paused just as she was about to pull her top off, sending Shizuru immediately into a pout. She caught a mischievous glint in Natsuki's eyes that she was sure she'd learned from her, and Natsuki said, "Now, come to think about it, I did come upon something else that you've been keeping secret from me. Perhaps you need some more punishment to get it out of you?"

Shizuru instinctively knew that if she had to face anymore "punishment," she'd certainly fail at Natsuki's challenge to hold back from climaxing. She didn't know if Natsuki was still going to hold to her previous threat, seeing as Shizuru was already unbound, but she couldn't take that chance. Shizuru casted her gaze down from Natsuki's in embarrassment as she figured out what secret it was that Natsuki had found out. At least she wasn't mad at her for it, but it was still a bit embarrassing.

"How did you find out?" Shizuru said meekly.

"I found your manga collection," Natsuki said, "and some incriminating correspondence from the fanclub along with it. I was a bit amazed with how much work you put into concealing your identity while still micromanaging to make sure I was never 'paired' with anyone but you. It's really a wonder our relationship remained secret as long as it did."

"I'm sorry, Natsuki," Shizuru said, still not meeting her love's gaze. She flicked her eyes around the room trying to focus on anything but Natsuki – What's that bottle of mayonnaise doing here...? Don't tell me... – but when the silence got a bit too awkward she relented and met Natsuki's gaze. She was relieved that it wasn't as disappointed as she'd feared. Emboldened, she went on, "I just couldn't bear the thought of anyone else being the president of your fanclub... It just didn't seem right."

"Oh," Natsuki said. Shizuru caught the formation of a blush on her girlfriend's cheeks and allowed herself a moment of adoration. "Er... does it bother you that I'm not the president of your fanclub then?"

Shizuru's eyes instinctively broke from Natsuki's face. Her girlfriend had inadvertently stumbled into the one last secret she'd been keeping. "Well, officially..."

Shizuru was expecting Natsuki to interject as she trailed off, but her girlfriend was surprisingly restrained. All she got was a frustration grunt as Natsuki fell forward onto her, somehow managing to land with her mouth just an inch from Shizuru's nipple, which she couldn't help kissing after a second. Natsuki gave the nipple a quick flick with her tongue before breaking out into chuckles. "I really should have known... Thanks, Shizuru."

Shizuru's heart skipped a beat in her chest. This aspect of Natsuki's personality was one of the things she found most endearing about the woman. Beneath her strong exterior, Natsuki was a complete sweetheart. Her sweetness had a tendency to come out suddenly, as if in a mood swing, but only ever for Shizuru. It was the secret Natsuki that only she had the privilege of knowing.

"Tell you what," Natsuki said. She freed up her mouth to talk by bringing up her hand to gently play with Shizuru's nipple. She stared at it, enthralled, as she continued, "You really do deserve some punishment for keeping both of those secrets from me, but I just don't have the heart to do anymore of that to you tonight. Instead, maybe could you help fulfill a little fantasy of mine?"

Shizuru closed her eyes and took a deep breath, letting it out in a sigh. She knew this was coming since she saw the mayonnaise bottle in the room. For Natsuki, I'm doing this for Natsuki... "Alright, Natsuki... you deserve it. It's just..." Shizuru was nearly broken out of her line of thought as Natsuki started sucking and licking her nipple quickly and moving her hand to play with the other. Glancing down she saw that the girl had an expression of eager anticipation on her face, and she was taking out her happiness on Shizuru right now. Shizuru almost didn't have the heart to continue, but she still couldn't take the risk. "I don't know if I could handle it tonight without climaxing before you..."

Natsuki paused in her motions. "Oh... right." She'd forgotten about that challenge to Shizuru herself since she'd untied the woman. But if Shizuru was still game, it might turn out to be more fun even than her little fantasy. A wicked smile crossed her face. "Well, then how about we put that off until tomorrow. It's about time you returned the favor to me tonight anyways, and I at least owe you a sporting chance."

Shizuru's heart jumped in her chest. She'd been nearly at her breaking point thanks to all Natsuki had been doing to her tonight. She needed desperately to be able to return her love and let herself explode from Natsuki's touch. She could barely hold herself back from pouncing on her lover as Natsuki sat up again and stripped her top off.

Shizuru's gaze was quickly enraptured with the sight of Natsuki's bare breasts, and she could almost feel herself start drooling. It was like this every time she saw them. They were just so perfect in size and shape. Unlike her love, who responded more to touch, Shizuru was a much more visual person, and she'd lucked into having the body of a goddess to admire. She could feel her chances of holding herself off diminishing by the second as Natsuki stripped before her. At this point, she wouldn't have been surprised to find her nose bleeding from the sight.

Natsuki gave her best alluring smile to Shizuru as she removed the rest of her clothing. She could feel a wave of excitement building just from the knowledge that Shizuru was seeing her naked. She'd been embarrassed halfway to death the first time she'd exposed herself to her girlfriend, even though it was during the heat of passion, but it had gotten steadily easier since then. With the knowledge of just how visual Shizuru was, it had eventually even flipped over and became a turn-on for her too.

She was trying not to let it on to Shizuru too much, but Natsuki was actually getting quite worked up herself. It certainly wouldn't be as difficult as Shizuru was fearing to get her off once she worked at it – though it would still be a challenge to beat Natsuki to the punch. Which was exactly what Natsuki had in mind, as a matter of fact.

Natsuki could only stand holding both herself and Shizuru back from what they both craved for so long, however. The sight of Shizuru lying submissive before her, a blush of arousal spread from her face down through the tops of her breasts, was just too irresistible. She was starting to burn with need, and she just couldn't hold herself off any longer, no matter how fun it was to tease Shizuru by staying just beyond her reach.

Half-falling, half-pouncing, Natsuki came down on top of Shizuru and met her mouth in a hungry kiss. She was running out of the ability to hold herself back, but neither of them particularly cared at this point. Shizuru was just as passionate as Natsuki, and she tried to push her tongue as far into her lover's mouth as it could reach – which turned out to be quite far, Natsuki realized as Shizuru started tickling her throat. She suppressed the cough reflex by forcing out a growl. Shizuru's tongue seemed to curl up demurely at this, and Natsuki caught her lover's blush deepening out of the corner of her eye.

Natsuki gasped for air in the middle of the kiss, breathing in Shizuru's intoxicating aroma, before promptly returning to her love's mouth. She couldn't help but close her eyes and let out a moan as she focused on her lover's essence. The need to breathe soon got the better of her again, and she started panting heavily as she opened her eyes to find Shizuru doing the same below her. She dipped her head down to rest her forehead against Shizuru's and gaze into her eyes for the seconds it took the two of them to catch their breaths again.

Natsuki arched her back up just slightly so that she could bring her hand in between herself and Shizuru. She rested just the tips of her fingers on Shizuru's abdomen and turned her hand downwards. Shizuru's eyes flickered just slightly from the pleasure this light brush elicited in her, but their expression was soon overwhelmed with anticipation of what more was to come.

Natsuki always loved this moment, where she could peer into her love's soul just as her hand was making its way into her body. As her hand traced its way down, passing through soaked curls of hair, she watched as Shizuru's eyes changed from showing growing anticipation to joy to raw pleasure – at which point Shizuru was no longer able to keep them open, and she threw her head back and let out a low whisper, "Natsuki..."

A smile crossed Natsuki's face at hearing her named purred out like this. As Natsuki circled her fingertips around Shizuru's lips, her love let out a series of soft moans and yelps. She always loved it when Shizuru lost enough control over herself during sex and became vocal like this. It was a sign of her complete surrender to the sensations Natsuki was bringing her.

She couldn't let Shizuru surrender completely just yet, though. Getting her into a sexual daze was fine, but she had her own job to take care of while she was in it. While her right hand was occupied with keeping Shizuru whimpering, Natsuki fished around with her left until she found Shizuru's own hand clutching at the bedsheets. It didn't take much prodding to get it to clutch onto her hand instead. Shizuru was probably still too engrossed in what she was feeling to even know what she was doing, but that was fine by Natsuki.

Aside from the nearly unbearable melody of sensations Natsuki's hand was causing her, all Shizuru was aware of was a shifting of Natsuki's weight over her, moving just a bit to the side. The reason for this soon became apparent when her hand made contact with a heavenly warmth and wetness that she knew well. Her mind couldn't put enough thoughts together to figure out how that had come to be, but she just knew that she had her chance to make love back to Natsuki, and there was no way she was wasting a moment.

Natsuki let out a surprised gasp as Shizuru immediately plunged two of her fingers into her. She'd been expecting Shizuru to be a bit more subtle and teasing at first, but apparently she was well beyond that point. Looking up at her face, which was thrown back, eyes unfocused and mouth whimpering heavily, Natsuki figured that Shizuru was well beyond conscious thought at this point. At least her instincts were still working well, keeping her fingers pumping pleasurably in and out of Natsuki.

Letting out a soft moan of her own, Natsuki allowed herself to lean forward onto Shizuru again. She buried her face into her love's neck and couldn't help but letting her face split into a grin. She just loved this woman too much not to smile at times like these. She gave Shizuru's neck a light kiss as she felt her love's free arm wrap around her back and pull her in, and then curled her own arm around Shizuru. Just doing this seemed to cause Shizuru some manner of pleasure, judging by her extra little purr – Shinso, I love that sound!

Although Shizuru's hand was working on her at full force, Natsuki had to try and restrain herself and be a bit more teasing to Shizuru, seeing as she'd already been worked up a fair bit more. But even if she couldn't delay Shizuru long enough, Natsuki couldn't just let her lover suffer if the teasing was getting to be too much. She kept her ears attuned to the sounds of Shizuru's moaning, trying to figure out just how long she could keep on stroking the outside of Shizuru's lips and along her slit before the girl cracked. She knew that she was safe if she just kept doing this – Shizuru had never climaxed before without Natsuki either inside her or working on her clit – so she was going to keep Shizuru here as long as she could. If nothing else, she deserved the teasing.

Shizuru couldn't decide if she was in heaven or hell. The pleasurable sensations Natsuki's fingers were causing her, along with the simple fact that she was making love to Natsuki, was a strong point for the "heaven" column. However, Natsuki was holding back far too much. As glorious as her light touch was, it just built up a need for more in Shizuru that her love simply refused to fill. The worst part was that there wasn't anything she could do about it. Every muscle in her body seemed to be beyond her conscious control; she could barely even maintain any semblance of consciousness for more than a bare instant before it was overwhelmed by a wave of pleasure.

Natsuki, on the other hand, was certain that this was heaven. Shizuru was holding nothing back with the thrusts of her fingers, and it was quickly bringing Natsuki towards ecstasy. On top of the constant pleasure Shizuru was bringing her, she was having quite the time returning just enough of it to her lover to keep her on edge. However, she was starting to get concerned that Shizuru had reached her limit, judging by how the sounds she made had turned from moans more into whimpers and pleas.

Natsuki pulled her head up to look at Shizuru's face to try and confirm this. Shizuru was redder than Natsuki had ever seen her – and oh so beautiful – and tears had streamed down her cheeks. Her eyes were clenched tight, but aside from that, her expression couldn't stay steady. Every movement of Natsuki's fingers caused her to jerk and let out a whimper. Between the whimpers she let out what sounded like pleas for more, though they often merged into squeals.

Taking mercy on her desperate lover, Natsuki allowed herself to go just a bit further. She gently pushed her fingers into Shizuru's slit, which opened up easily as Shizuru spread her legs to grant Natsuki entrance. Natsuki was pleased to note that Shizuru's whimpers started to turn back into moans for a bit as she started to explore deeper within the girl. They even started to get quite frantic when Natsuki reached her clit, but she regretfully had to pull back from that. She wasn't quite ready to end things yet; she wasn't going to let Shizuru fail at her assigned task, even if she truly had no intention of punishing her if she did.

Shizuru let out a whimper as Natsuki's fingers abandoned her clit, though she was soon delighted to feel them start exploring her depths. There was absolutely no feeling in the world that could compare to having a couple of Natsuki's fingers inside of her. She lived solely for these moments, which could never last long enough. Natsuki knew all the perfect spots within her, and she was so adept at hitting them all with just two fingers bending in just the right ways. They bent and twisted inside her, stroking at her walls and seeking out all the little bundles of nerves that gave Shizuru an extra jolt of pleasure. It was truly getting to be too much for her. She felt her body getting ready to burst.

"Not yet." The sound of Natsuki's voice pierced through Shizuru's daze like a bolt of lightning. She couldn't figure out why she was being told this; she could only think to obey. "Hold back for me, love. Let's do this together."

Together. That thought struck a chord in Shizuru's heart. They had to enjoy this moment at the same time, and that meant she had to hold herself off until Natsuki was ready. It would be extremely hard on her body, given how close she was getting, but now that the thought was in her mind, there was just no way she could climax before Natsuki. All she could do was try to pull out all the stops to bring her lover to the brink of ecstasy.

"Ah!" Natsuki was caught off-guard by the furious movements of Shizuru's hand. Her thumb rapidly flicked against Natsuki's clit while her fingers pumped into, out of, and all around Natsuki's depths. Shizuru squeezed her tightly, desperately, just at the threshold of painfully. Although she'd been able to maintain control up until this point, Natsuki felt her mind rapidly being flooded with the waves of pleasure Shizuru's hand was bring her.

The only task that Natsuki could focus on was keeping her own hand active to return the favor to Shizuru as much as she could, racing to bring her off. She instinctively knew that Shizuru was just a hair away from exploding, but she couldn't quite get her there. Natsuki couldn't even bring to mind what the reason was for this, and she desperately pumped her hand harder into Shizuru as the waves of pleasure built up within her own body and threatened to overwhelm her.

Shizuru felt like she was being tortured by pleasure. She was at a higher state of arousal than she could ever remember, with every nerve in her body firing and aching with a need to just explode. But she couldn't make it without Natsuki. She needed to do this alongside her love, or she couldn't at all. She knew Natsuki was almost as close as she was, and she gave her love one last, desperate squeeze with her hand, crushing in on her love's clit with her thumb and pulling on her front wall with her fingers.

Natsuki cried out into Shizuru's neck as her lover's hand clamped down on her. Her body started jerking violently, and her muscles clamped down on Shizuru's hand to squeeze out every possible bit of ecstasy it could give her. She squeezed her love into her body, needing to be as close as possible her beloved and feel every inch of her body up against hers as she rode out this wave of divine pleasure. A shrill scream coming from just above her head pierced into her clouded mind, and she held Shizuru even tighter so they could enjoy this together as much as possible.

As soon as it filtered through to her mind that Natsuki was climaxing, all barriers to her own orgasm vanished and all the pent-up energy and pleasure burst through Shizuru's body. Every muscle in her body tensed up beyond her control, and every inch of her skin exploded into excruciating pleasure. Her mind was seared straight through by a blast of pleasure. She let out a scream in an instinctual attempt to release some of this overload from her body. Somewhere within the scream she tried to form her love's name, but that level of control was simply beyond her. Just an instant later, the thought that she'd even tried was pushed out of her mind by the incessant blasts of pleasure.

As Natsuki descended from her peak, she became aware of the violent thrashing of Shizuru beneath her. She'd been expecting – and hoping for – Shizuru to be hit this hard after having to hold back for so long, and so she had her nurturing instincts ready for her lover. She withdrew her hand from inside Shizuru and brought it up around her back, coming to rest behind her head. She held it against her love's sweat-soaked locks and brought her own body up so Shizuru could bury her face into her chest.

As she sensed comfort nearby, Shizuru instinctively nestled her head into Natsuki. She pulled her limbs in and crossed her arms over her chest to try to hold herself steady against the waves of pleasure that were still shooting back and forth across her body. Strong arms curled in to hold her protectively, and a sweet hand gently patted the back of her head.

"Good Zuru, sweet Zuru..." Natsuki cooed to her lover, using the pet name she saved for their most tender moments. "It's alright, Zuru... You did well... You pulled it off... You're absolved... You can rest now. You're safe."

"Safe..." Shizuru uttered back as her body stabilized within Natsuki's arms. "...tsuki... suki... love..."

"Love you too, Zuru," the whispered words ushered Shizuru off to sleep. When Natsuki was sure her love was sound asleep, she withdrew an arm just long enough to flip off the light beside the bed and pull some sheets up over the two of them. She then quickly wrapped the arm back around Shizuru and allowed herself to rest, basking in this perfect moment. Everything was perfect now. It was time.

Half-asleep, Natsuki bent her neck so she could give Shizuru a last kiss goodnight. Tomorrow, love... I'll propose tomorrow...