Author's Note: Hey all. This is a particularly special chapter for me, due to how much my girlfriend enjoyed this fic and that this was "her" chapter, so I wanted to save it for a special occasion. It has finally come, on our one-year anniversary, and this chapter is to celebrate it with all of you. I hope you enjoy.

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Title: Oneesama Side-Stories

Rating: M

Story 2: Letting Go, part 2

Timeframe: Present: Immediately after the present portion of chapter 7 of Oneesama. Past: Immediately after chapter 3 of Ascension Reborn.


"Ah! Shizuru... no more..." Natsuki pleaded between breaths. She'd barely regained coherence after the last orgasm Shizuru had given her, and she could spot Shizuru looking through their drawer of toys to find something for the next one. Natsuki was already on her third, which was usually around where she ran out of steam on their longer nights, but Shizuru showed no sign of slowing down. It figured, really. A happy Shizuru was a horny Shizuru, and Natsuki was her preferred means of alleviating her horniness. The only problem was, this night, neither Shizuru's happiness nor her horniness seemed to be fading.

"Ara?" Shizuru said in a sad tone, turning from the drawer to face Natsuki. "Doesn't Natsuki like my attention? I'll never be able to be a good wife if I can't satisfy her..."

If Natsuki were able to think a bit more clearly, she would easily have been able to see exactly what Shizuru was doing. At least, that was her excuse for falling for it. "Huh? No... that's not it... just... you're too much. You're too good! That's it!"

Shizuru's eyes shown in glee at this. With a smile, she said, "Ara, my Natsuki is so cute when she's trying to cheer me up. I'm sure she'll make the perfect wife, though I still don't know about myself. Too good is still too much, and if Natsuki can't handle me then I don't know if we'll be a good fit..."

"No! Don't say that!" Natsuki snapped. She tried to get up to get closer to Shizuru, but her arms were still in such a weak state that all she managed to do was to roll over onto her stomach. "Er, I mean... Okay, I guess I can still take more... but at this rate I'll be worn out long before you..." Natsuki didn't even realize until after she'd said this that Shizuru's smile had never left her face through her tease. She really had no excuse for falling for that one.

"Aha, so that's it," Shizuru said. Her eyes started drifting down Natsuki's body hungrily, and Natsuki realized that she probably had less than a minute left before Shizuru would pounce on her, regardless of whether she was ready. It was just fortunate that her words seemed to be getting through. "But I don't think there's any way I'll be able to stop giving Natsuki her proper reward for her proposal. I guess we'll just have to figure out a way for her to return a little pleasure."

Natsuki had a moment of joy over her victory, though it started to fade as Shizuru turned away from her. "Oi! What are you doing, Shizuru?"

"I'm just getting out something here that will help Natsuki in her task," Shizuru said. Her tone of voice set off warning bells in Natsuki's mind, and seeing Shizuru duck down below her view didn't help matters any. She was definitely doing that just to keep Natsuki on edge so she couldn't see what she was up to. Even as Natsuki started to crawl across the bed to get a peek, Shizuru seemed to sense it, as she said, "No peeking!"

Natsuki scurried back to the head of the bed at this. She was in for enough already; she didn't want to give Shizuru an excuse to "punish" her. Then again, it was pretty doubtful she actually would... or at least, she'd choose the most pleasurable form of punishment possible. So maybe she could get away with taking a peak after all...

"Ah, good puppy to wait so patiently for me," Shizuru said as she jumped up to her feet. Natsuki practically jumped herself out of the shock of Shizuru's sudden appearance. As she saw what Shizuru was now wearing between her legs, she nearly jumped for a second time. "Ara, I see that my Natsuki-puppy is anxious for her treat."

"Wh-what is that?" Natsuki asked. She was pretty sure it was some type of strap-on, but there wasn't much of a strap to it. There was one band holding it up, but nothing like the mount she was used to. The only other place it seemed to be supported was – Fuck... – inside Shizuru.

"Oh, just a little thing I've been saving for a special occasion," Shizuru said. Her grin nearly split her face in two as she eyed her puppy. "If Natsuki has it in her to try, she can pleasure me as well while I use this on her. Is she up for it?"

No. You know damn well as soon as you put that thing inside me I'll be mush in your hands, Natsuki thought at Shizuru. She didn't need to say the words out loud; she was sure Shizuru understood. Of course, being Shizuru, she just found Natsuki's defiant glare to be a turn-on. With her, Natsuki's defiance was always just an invitation to try and break it down. She always succeeded, too. Natsuki would complain that it wasn't fair if it weren't always so damn good.

When it was clear that Natsuki's glare was all that Shizuru was getting in reply, she made her move. This move was in fact a leap forwards, which Natsuki barely had time to try and dodge before she was caught in Shizuru's grasp. A matter of seconds later, Shizuru had Natsuki with her back to Shizuru's chest, holding her up precariously over the strap-on. Natsuki couldn't help but break out into a giggle at Shizuru's behavior, though this turned into a yelp as Shizuru lowered her the inch necessary to bring her lips to the tip of her toy. She was still quite sensitive there, so even this delicate touch sent quite the shock through Natsuki's body.

"Ara, what a cute noise my puppy makes for me," Shizuru whispered into Natsuki's ear. She was still holding Natsuki up just too high to really feel the strap-on, despite the girl's attempts to let herself fall down onto it. "I wonder what other cute noises she could make for me?"

Natsuki was beyond caring about any pride she might have – it was a lost cause around Shizuru anyways – and so she responded to this with a pleading whimper. She was in full "puppy mode," as Shizuru liked to call it, and all she could think of at the moment was trying to please Shizuru. The fact that she could do so by getting pleasure herself was just an added benefit.

"Ara..." Shizuru said, rolling her R to extend the word and send shivers through Natsuki's body. "Good girl. I think you've earned your reward..."

Natsuki's breath caught in her throat as Shizuru's hold started to loosen on her, just enough so that she could start descending onto Shizuru's strap-on. It slowly peeled her open and started to slide inside of her. Shizuru seemed to have quite the intimate connection with it, as she guided it with such ease. She even adjusted it so that it wouldn't rub against Natsuki's clit, which was still far too sensitive to take any stimulation at the moment, even some as pleasurable as this.

Natsuki finally came to a rest when her rear met Shizuru's pelvis. A quick jerk upwards by Shizuru found Natsuki's lips briefly tickled by her girlfriend's pubic hair, eliciting a gasp of air from the girl. After this, Shizuru allowed Natsuki a minute to rest and just enjoy the feeling of the toy connecting the two of them, while she wrapped her arms around the girl to pull her close into her body. Her lips found their way to Natsuki's shoulder, and she started kissing slowly up her love's neck, forming herself a nice puddle of Natsuki mush to play with.

Still connected to Natsuki, Shizuru started pushing herself over to the edge of the bed. Each jerk from her caused Natsuki to let out a whimper as the strap-on moved inside of her. Shizuru was being careful not to overstimulate her though, so she moved slowly enough that Natsuki was filled only with a warm pleasure. Natsuki was starting to feel a bit more confident that she could completely trust Shizuru not to hurt her by going too hard or too fast, and her body relaxed into Shizuru's embrace.

Shizuru paused when she reached the side of the bed and let her legs hang off the edge, giving Natsuki some time to adjust. Her lips latched onto the side of her lover's neck, sucking gently as her hands began to roam around the front side of Natsuki. She started off with one hand low and the other high, stroking across the girl's shoulders and belly, though the two hands slowly moved together to find Natsuki's breasts.

As Shizuru twirled her fingers around the girl's breasts, she removed her mouth from Natsuki's neck and said, "Are you ready, Natsuki?" Natsuki's muddled mind was only able to form an incoherent noise in reply to this, but fortunately Shizuru understood well enough. "Ready to let go completely. You need to be completely relaxed for this, or you could overstimulate yourself. Don't fight the pleasure at all, just let it take you. You can trust me completely."

Trust you... Shizuru...The thoughts came to Natsuki's mind, without a sliver of doubt. With a whimper of pleasure, she nodded her head and let herself go. When Shizuru stood up and grasped Natsuki's breasts with both of her hands, Natsuki's world became one of sheer joy. She was held up only by Shizuru's hands on her breasts and the strap-on inside of her for a few brief moments, but she could feel nothing but pleasure coming from those points, as strong as the pressure might have been.

Shizuru was soon able to adjust her grip so that her arms could help support Natsuki, but the girl was still suspended in Shizuru's grasp. Shizuru's extra inch of height was just enough to keep Natsuki's feet from touching the floor, forcing her to leave herself completely at her love's mercy. She was grateful now, more than ever, both for Shizuru's strength - so that she could hold Natsuki up in such a position - and for her tenderness.

Natsuki's hands found their way to Shizuru's. She gave them a loving squeeze, which prompted Shizuru to squeeze Natsuki's breasts in response. Natsuki drew in a sharp breath of air, but she just as quickly yelped it back out when Shizuru thrust her hips upwards. Natsuki was already as far down on the strap-on as she could get, but the jolt of it moving inside her like that still managed to send a wave of electricity through her body.

Shizuru pulled out of Natsuki then, briefly allowing the girl's feet to touch the ground, but she quickly pushed back upwards. Natsuki screamed out from the shock of pleasure, but this only meant that she was out of breath when Shizuru repeated her movement to thrust again. She wasn't even able to control as much as her moaning under Shizuru's assault.

Shizuru was certainly strong enough to hold this position until Natsuki climaxed, but the pressure required was just starting to hurt the girl's sides. But just as soon as Natsuki felt a little pain, Shizuru seemed to sense it. She moved an arm to wrap around Natsuki's front and support her as she turned herself and her love around. Natsuki collapsed onto the bed in front of her as soon as she could, but Shizuru was right behind her.

Natsuki lost all consciousness of what position she might have been in after that. All she could think about was her connection to Shizuru. Wave after wave of pleasure blasted through her body, overwhelming all of her senses. In her muddled state of mind, all of this pleasure felt like it bore Shizuru's distinct signature. Shizuru was just so good at this. She made every thrust both forcefully and carefully, so as not to accidentally rub too hard against Natsuki's clit and cause the girl pain.

No, she was saving that spot for the end. Even as Natsuki felt like she was going to explode just from the feeling of Shizuru's strap-on moving inside of her, Shizuru had to push her one step further. Just as Natsuki took in a breath so that she could properly scream out for her climax, Shizuru's hand found its way to her clit and gave it a careful pinch. It was just enough. Natsuki's scream turned into a shriek as her world exploded in ecstasy.

Proposing to Shizuru was definitely the right decision.


Somehow I knew at that moment: This was right. Shizuru was going to be my first, and I was going to do everything in my power to make sure she ended up being my only as well. I was in love with her. I knew that beyond the shadow of a doubt now. And just looking at her beautiful, naked, sweat-covered body was causing heat to stir within me.

I wanted this. But that didn't mean I wasn't still nervous as hell. You're talking about the girl who showered in the middle of the night just to avoid letting anyone see her naked. Too many comments from both boys and girls had left me quite self-conscious about my body, even if the comments were all positive.

Then again, Shizuru never made me feel uncomfortable that way. That probably seems odd to hear, but it's true. She may have teased the hell out of me – which she still does, of course – but it was all in a loving way, and she never really made me feel uncomfortable with any of it. Shizuru was especially careful never to make me feel uncomfortable with my own body. She was probably being a bit overcautious there, trying not to make the same mistake she'd made when I asked to be her heya-gakkari. Or maybe she was being just cautious enough. I certainly needed it right now.

Thankfully, Shizuru didn't rush things. She started things off with a simple kiss, to follow up on her ones from before. This one was a little different, though. It wasn't a kiss out of thanks, or just from love. There was something more in it which I couldn't quite pin down in my mind. It was a bit forceful, as if Shizuru was trying to make me submit to her. No, that was it: The kiss was dominant. Just a little, but enough for Shizuru to get the message across that I was safe giving myself up to her. I could let her do everything without worrying about what I was supposed to do myself – I'd already done everything I needed to for her, after all.

Maybe I was reading a bit too much into her kiss. I was over-thinking things again, I realized. Here I was, being kissed passionately by the love of my life, and I was over-thinking. I forced all of those thoughts out of my mind so that I could think about nothing other than Shizuru. This was particularly easy right at that moment, as it was just then that I felt Shizuru's tongue slip into my mouth. The feeling of it sent a rush through my body, and I allowed this sensation to envelop me, melting down for Shizuru. I was hers, mind and body. I know that sounds corny, but it's how I felt. Sue me.

Shizuru's hands were a welcome feeling on my back, especially as they started to move their way downwards. She circled them around slowly, feeling every muscle in my back just long enough for them to relax under her touch. The proceeded gradually lower, and I knew just where she intended to bring them next. I could barely wait for her hands to reach my ass; I even started squirming a little under the anticipation.

Of course, Shizuru noticed this. I half expected her to tease me over it, but perhaps she wasn't in a teasing mood right then. Or, more likely, she just had another way in mind to tease me. Whatever the reason, her response to this was to withdraw from her kiss on my lips and give me a quick peck on the nose. Even if it wasn't a tease, it still made me blush. It was one of her many little ways of calling me cute, and for some reason that always made be even cuter for her by blushing.

Shizuru looked into my eyes, holding contact with them as her hands found their way down to my butt. I held my breath as her hands first cupped it, and I felt a rush of excitement start to run through my body. I wanted to just close my eyes and ride out that wave, but Shizuru's eye contact held my eyes open. I wanted to show her that I wasn't afraid. I may have been nervous, but I was certainly ready for this. I couldn't risk her thinking that closing my eyes might mean I was afraid so that she would back off and ruin the moment.

She didn't, though. She gave me another kiss on the lips as she felt up my ass. This didn't last long, though. I think it was more just a test to make sure I was ready, or maybe she was just trying to ease me into things. Either way, she was quick to bring her arms back up to my shoulders so that she could roll me over onto my back and get up on top of me. A brief wave of nervousness hit me as she did this, but it was soon replaced by an odd thrill. I was actually starting to get excited by this. With a smile, I said, "Take me, Shizuru."

Shizuru smiled back at me. She only said one word in reply, but it was the only word I really needed to hear: "Ara." I took it as a promise to comply, along with a guarantee that Shizuru would be quite happy indeed about doing so.

Shizuru held my gaze as her hands found my shoulders and then started to trail downwards, across my chest. A tingle followed them for a bit, until the tingle jumped ahead in anticipation as Shizuru's hands neared my breasts. I knew Shizuru had to be thinking of the first time she tried to touch my breasts and how that all turned out, but there didn't seem to be any worry in her face. Good. She had no reason to worry. Unless, of course, she kept moving so slowly that her hands never actually arrived there. Damn, she could be a tease sometimes... I really shouldn't have been surprised.

Even through the material of my uniform, Shizuru's touch caused a burst of pleasure when her hands reached my breasts. I didn't realize until that moment just how much I'd been aching for her touch there. I closed my eyes and let the released pleasure drown me for a moment. Even as nice as that was, it still made me ache for even more. The material of my uniform was definitely starting to get in the way now. If stripping naked was the only way to satisfy my ache, then I'd just have to go through with it, modesty and nervousness be damned. I'd convinced myself for a moment, I just had to hold onto that resolve long enough for Shizuru to take care of the job – I did want to allow her the privilege of stripping me, after all, as she did for me.

My train of thoughts was interrupted when I felt Shizuru take my hand in her own. Looking down at it, I only now realized that my fingers had started to play with the ties to my uniform while I was thinking about getting rid of it. Of course, leave it to Shizuru to notice it and see right through me before I even fully realized what I was doing. With a suppressed grin, Shizuru brought my hand to her mouth and gave it a kiss. "Allow me?" she asked.

I gave her a suppressed smile back and nodded. Shizuru didn't waste a moment getting to work. If I didn't know any better, I would have suspected that she'd been practicing the best way to remove a Coral's uniform from this position. More likely, it was just an extension of her innate Shizuru-ness that allowed her to automatically be so good at this. All I knew was that my tabard was somehow off before I'd even realized she'd untied it, and Shizuru was rapidly undoing the buttons on my blouse. I almost wanted to stop her just out of surprise at how fast she'd gotten to that point, but fortunately I was able to catch myself and realize that this just meant she'd be able to ease my ache all that much faster.

Of course, this was Shizuru, so just when I thought she'd be getting to things quickly, she slowed down just to add in a little teasing to the mix. It wasn't just her slowing down because she realized she was rushing things, I knew, thanks to the small glint in her eye I caught. I knew that look far too well, and I'd dreaded for a long before I was finally able to accept that maybe her teases weren't necessarily a bad thing. It was certainly a good thing I'd reached that point by now, as that glint just served to excite me even further with the anticipation. A mix of frustration and anticipation, but still good. If there was a time to be a little teasing, this was certainly it.

Adding to the thrill, Shizuru started digging her fingers in just through the opening in my blouse so that she could gently trace them over my skin while she worked. For the last couple of buttons, she even went so far as to start her fingers at the top of my blouse and drag them all the way down to the buttons, for no reason other than to make me shiver from her touch. She was so skilled with her fingers, and her gentle nature truly shone through when she was loving like this. She could touch me with just the slightest brush of her fingers, and it was just heavenly.

Shizuru gave me another nice brush with her fingers as she pulled my blouse open. I was so focused on the feeling of her fingers on my skin that I didn't even think of how much I was revealing myself to her now. Not that I would have cared at this point, though. Hell, I was reaching the point where I just wanted to let Shizuru see me for her own pleasure. She certainly deserved it, after all. It did look like she was enjoying the sight, though the grin on her face might have been a bit more from her teasing. Either way, really.

I lifted myself off the bed to help Shizuru remove my blouse, taking the chance to steal a quick kiss from Shizuru. I saw a light blush form on her cheeks, and I could tell that she planned to get revenge on me for that. Even if I didn't like it when she made me blush, it would still have been worth it to see that sight on her. Shizuru didn't seem content to let me go just like that, though, as she quickly leaned back down to capture my lips in another kiss.

I half expected her to pull away just when I started to get into it as a tease, but she seemed to have something else in mind – that "something else" being my exposed flesh. Her hands became to roam across my stomach and chest while she kissed me, and it was only a matter of seconds before I was squirming under her. The feeling of her hands touching me like that was nearly too much, and we'd barely just started. I couldn't believe I'd denied this to myself for so long. And to Shizuru too, though I'd least I'd covered her needs first.

Of course, Shizuru hadn't quite gotten to my needs yet. She was still at the stage of making me need her even more by giving me just too little. She trailed her fingers individually around my chest, nearly driving me into a frenzy of need. I was just about to snap when her fingers suddenly slipped right in under my bra. Almost as soon as I realized this and was about to let out a gasp, the fingers were gone, and my gasp turned into a pout.

Shizuru could feel my pout with her lips, and she tried to gently prod them apart with own lips and her tongue. The gesture was too cute to resist, so I relented and started to return the kiss again. As soon as I did, both of Shizuru's hands quickly shot up underneath my bra, pushing it away as they grabbed onto my breasts. I let out of yelp of surprise, though this did nothing to deter Shizuru. While one of hands stayed with my breasts, starting to gently explore around them and get a sense for how they felt, her other reached around my back to unclasp my bra.

I was breathing so deeply from the sensation of having Shizuru's hand directly on my breast that she had to release me from the kiss to give me enough air. Her hand moved off from my breast for a moment, landing on my heart. I was sure that she could feel it beating a mile a minute from the excitement and the surprise of feeling her hand on my breasts so suddenly. She seemed to be a bit concerned with this. "I'm not going too fast, am I, Natsuki?"

"No... no," I said. "It's alright." There wasn't any doubt in my mind about that. I was scared and nervous, yes, but that didn't mean I wanted to stop. The prospect of Shizuru stopping, or even just slowing down, was far more frightening than proceeding. I didn't even want to think about that. "Please," I said as I caught Shizuru's eyes. "Don't stop, Shizuru. I love you, so much... I really want this."

Shizuru was silent for a long moment. The only change in her face was her slowly-growing smile. But I could see in her eyes that she was trying to hold back a flood of emotions for my sake. She eventually got ahold of herself, though, and she came back down to give me a quick kiss. "Natsuki had better pace herself then," she said after she came out of the kiss. "I plan to make her heart race quite a bit more. I wouldn't want her to wear herself out too early."

I couldn't help but smile at this. I held Shizuru's gaze, silently asking her to continue. Thankfully, she got the message. Her hands found my bra and pulled it away from my chest, tossing it onto the floor with the rest of our scattered clothes. I was now completely exposed to her, and Shizuru finally had a chance to eye my bared breasts. Just thinking of this fact made me blush, but Shizuru was too absorbed in the sight of my breasts to notice. I couldn't decide whether that was a good or bad thing.

What was certainly a good thing, though, was Shizuru's appreciation of my breasts. I'd actually been a bit nervous about them, as Shizuru's breasts easily dwarfed mine in size, but right now, Shizuru seemed to be absolutely entranced by the sight. Tentatively, she brought a finger to my breast and gently poked it, feeling it a bit and watching how it moved in response to her touch. I had to stifle a laugh at this – Shziuru had already spent some time just grabbing them, but she still had to do such cute little explorations. Even while stifling the laugh, I could also feel a little burst of pleasure from the gentle contact of Shizuru's finger.

"Mmm... Perfect!" Shizuru declared at last. "Just the right size and shape for Natsuki's body – which is also perfect, I might add. Very nice firmness and sensitivity as well. I think I'll have a lot of fun with these in the years to come..." Shizuru paused for a moment in thought. "Natsuki?"

I blinked at this. "What?"

"Can I have these? They're such nice breasts... I promise to treat them really well and to give them lots of pleasure..." Shizuru gave me her best pleading look, blinking her eyes cutely. The sight of Shizuru being so cute and silly like nearly made me laugh again, but it also made a warmth flow out from my heart. I knew that she was just trying to help relax me and make sure I was comfortable with this – well, in addition to just being herself – and it was certainly helping.

"Alright, Shizuru," I said, smiling at her with all the love I felt for her. "They're yours. Just stop delaying and do me already."

"Ara, whatever Natsuki wants," Shizuru said, giving me a wink. She brought both of her hands up to my breasts and grabbed gently onto them. The warmth from her hands quickly filled up all of my breasts. "Now that I know these will be for my use only... I don't think I have any reason left to delay."

I was just about to make a quick reply to that, but Shizuru was even faster at getting to work, so all that came out was a moan. Shizuru had started gently kneading my breasts, and it caused the most amazing sensations to course through them and into my chest. At this point, I just let myself lie back on the bed and drown in the sensations Shizuru was causing in me. I could honestly do that all day, Shizuru was so good. I was quite lucky that Shizuru had taken courses in massage, as she was putting all of that knowledge to work right now. Of course, she'd never touched anyone in quite this place before – well, I hope – but the way she moved her hands was still just perfect for this task.

"Shizuru..." I let out in a moan. It was starting to reach the point where I needed still more. I don't think there was anything Shizuru could have done just to my breasts to satisfy me then. I needed more of her – much more. My mind was too muddled to figure out just what at the time, but at any other point it would have been quite obvious. Fortunately, Shizuru could tell what I needed just then. Unfortunately, it required her leaving my breasts alone for a bit.

At least this gave me the presence of mind to realize what Shizuru was doing, even if it was after a brief spurt of disappointment. But this also meant I quickly ran out of patience when she started to slowly remove my shoes and socks, so I pulled my feet back from her and whipped them off myself, much to her amusement. I glared at Shizuru when she laughed at this, but my glare slipped when Shizuru's hands found the waistband of my skirt.

I lifted my hips off of the bed to help Shizuru get my skirt off. She pulled it down slowly, her fingers trailing down my legs as she did so, causing a wave of shivers to run through me. I looked up to try to catch her gaze, but she was more occupied with looking at my newly-exposed flesh. Or rather, she seemed more interested in the flesh that had yet to be exposed. This became abundantly clear when she brought a finger up to rest on the crotch of my panties. I would have protested if I weren't busy yelping from the shock of pleasure.

Shizuru giggled gently at my reaction, and she followed this up with stroking her finger down my crotch a couple times. Just this much stimulation had me squirming underneath Shizuru. My hands had gripped onto the bedsheet beneath me to try to get some anchor, but there was just no satisfying my needs. All Shizuru was doing was making my needs worse, right now. Even when she did decide to try to help with them, she went back up to my breasts rather than going further down below.

I was far beyond being able to protest at this point. All I could do – all I wanted to do – was to let Shizuru take me where she might, however teasing she might have been. Hell, the teasing was really part of the fun, frustrating as it may have been. It was all just one big tease, when it came down to it. Shizuru would just keep teasing me and teasing me until I completely snapped. When I put it that way in mind, it was really no wonder she was so good at this.

At least right now, Shizuru was keeping my needs mostly satisfied through her work on my breasts. She'd left one hand down on my crotch and was gently rubbing me the material of my panties, while she'd replaced it with her mouth up on my breast. Through the clouds of pleasure, I took a chance to look down at Shizuru. The expression on her face was one of sheer joy, and I couldn't help but reflect it in my own on seeing this – though it was soon overtaken when a flick of her tongue across my nipple caused me to let out a moan of pleasure.

Surprising as it may seem, I was actually more focused on the feeling of Shizuru's mouth on my breast than I was on the hand rubbing my crotch. There was just something amazingly soft and warm about the feeling that lit my breast on fire. I found myself bringing my hands to the back of Shizuru's head to hold her down on my breast while I moaned out from her gentle attentions. I just couldn't get enough of her; she was simply amazing at this.

"Shizuru..." I called out between moans. "Love... you..." I just had to say it. There was no other way to describe the feelings this girl aroused in me. I was madly in love with her, and I was drowning in her love right now.

Shizuru paused for just a moment in sucking on my breast to get off and reply, "I love you too, Natsuki." She then gave my nipple a quick kiss and nuzzled into my chest, between my breasts, periodic planting a small kiss on the flesh there. I rubbed my hand on the back of her head for a minute while she did this, though her head then slipped out from my hand as she ducked down, kissing her way down my stomach.

When Shizuru finally reached my panties, her hands quickly found the waistband and pulled them down, leading the way for her mouth to kiss its way directly into my slit. The electricity this action sparked within my body caused me to let out a low moan and roll my eyes back into my head. I was a puddle of mush on the bed before Shizuru, and every kiss just weakened me further. Shizuru had claimed yet another part of my body for her own.

Shizuru took this chance to start enjoying the new part of my body she'd captured with her mouth, while her hands took just a moment to fully remove my panties before reaching around to hold my butt in place. I was a good thing she'd done so, as otherwise I'd likely have squirmed out of her grasp in a matter of seconds from the unbearable pleasure she was causing in me. Even as it was, I was giving her quite the fight, as just the slightest touch of her lips had me jumping.

I'd never felt anything even close to the sensations Shizuru was causing in me as she delicately probed my folds with her tongue. I just don't know how to adequately describe it – each movement of her tongue caused a jolt of warmth to shoot up from it. Every place she touched felt a little bit different, and Shizuru seemed to be sensing this in how I jumped in response to her. She seemed to be slowly switching over to long, slow strokes around my lips, which caused me a constant wave of pleasure as she moved around, punctuated by bursts of pleasure when her tongue brushed over my clit. The mix of anticipation for her to hit that spot and the sharp release of pleasure was nearly killing me.

My hands found the back of Shizuru's head again, digging into her hair to get as firm a grip as I could manage. I needed to hold on as tightly as possible for the ride she was giving me. This had the added benefit of giving Shizuru the freedom to remove a hand from my ass and bring her fingers in to play with my folds alongside her tongue. After some time of using them to hit all the areas her tongue wasn't at any given time, she used them to split me open, exposing my deepest regions to her.

"Ah! Shizuru!" I couldn't help but yelp out when Shizuru's tongue plunged right inside of me, as deep as she could push it. It felt incredibly strange, but also incredibly good. Shizuru was inside of me. I was connected to my love, as she used that connection to give me such joy. Every burst of pleasure as she moved her tongue inside of me caused my love for Shizuru to grow even stronger. I wasn't sure if I would explode first from my arousal or my love, but I didn't particularly care.

I slowly lost myself to Shizuru as she filled me with her tongue. My body filled with a pleasant warmth, radiating out from where Shizuru's mouth was lighting my nerves on fire. Time slowed to a crawl as the heat built up inside of me. Shizuru's tongue began to move slowly in and out of me, while her fingers found their way to my clit and started to rub on it. She was gentle with it at first, though she gradually picked up the pace of her movements and the firmness of her touch.

At last, all the heat that had built up within me exploded into an inferno of pleasure. I grasped onto Shizuru as hard as I could to hold myself steady, screaming out something that might have been her name. Just like Shizuru earlier, I'd never imagined that this could feel so incredibly good. Of course, I'm sure it would only ever be that way with Shizuru – no one else had ever been able to arouse me so. I couldn't bear the thought of ever leaving her. At that moment, I decided that I wanted to be with Shizuru for the rest of my life.

As I fell down to earth, Shizuru crawled up on top of me and wrapped me in her arms. My hands slipped down from her head to reach around her back and hold her to me. She rolled me over onto my side so that I could nuzzle into her chest. I stayed like this for a while, with Shizuru slowly stroking my back and me placing weak kisses on her chest. "Love you..." I was able to get out at last.

"I love you too, Natsuki," Shizuru said, placing a kiss on the top of my head. "Thank you. I just hope I gave you as much pleasure as you've given me."

"You did... Thank you... 'zuru..."

"Mmm, you're welcome, 'Suki.'"


"You okay, Suki?" Shizuru's voice pierced through the fog in Natsuki's mind. She was vaguely aware of the strap-on slipping out of her, and somewhere in her mind there was a bit of disappointment that she didn't have it in her to try and pleasure Shizuru in return.

Mostly though, she was just worn out. "Yeah, Zuru..." she said. "Just... sleep... need..."

"Rest then," Shizuru said. The comforter was tugged out from under Natsuki and wrapped around her. A few seconds later, Shizuru's arms found their way around her as well. "I've thanked you as much as I can for tonight, but I still have the rest of our lives to make you glad you decided to marry me."

"I am..." Natsuki said. Sleep threatened to overtake her, but there was one last thing she wanted to say. "Always... Wanted to marry you always... Just... needed it legal... and us... out..."

A whimper came from Shizuru. "Natsuki..." she said, her voice quivering. "I may just have to thank you again, after you go to sleep..."

Natsuki gave a weak smile at this. "Mmm... fun sleep... I like that. Just please... let me rest a bit first..."

"Of course, Natsuki," Shizuru said. Her hand came up to Natsuki's head, holding her love to her chest. She planted a kiss on top of Natsuki's head and whispered, "See you in your dreams, Suki."