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Prompt 1: Denim

Title: Never deal with Toph...

Katara and Zuko

Rating: T ( for slight cursing, and potential innuendo)

Done: July 6, 2008


"I AM not wearing that."

"Technically it's not a that, it's a those-"



" Because!"

"Because why?"

Katara sputtered for a moment.

"They're totally indecent!"

"They're just jeans."

"Hardly," she snorted.

Her partner in arguing was lazily picking through the racks, feeling the rough denim between her fingers and flinging her retorts over a pale shoulder hidden by a green tee shirt.

Toph paused again, ears prickling up at the absent sound of rustling clothes.

"You're not even going to try them on?"

"Toph they're a size too small-"

"Details. Unnecessary and pointless."


Toph growled before turning to narrow her sightless eyes in her friend.

"I thought you wanted my help?"

"I did-"

"And what, "she paused for affect. Katara rolled her eyes. "Did you ask for help with?"

Katara huffed.


"I knew I should've asked Suki-"

"And have Sokka tag along to ensure you didn't where anything 'revealing'?" Her hands hand lifted to form quotations over the last word.

Katara grumbled, shutting the dressing room door to slip on the jeans she would most likely be unable to breathe in.

"And why are you trying so hard to impress this guy? We all thought you hated him."

Katara had to stifle a blush. The sudden changed opinion had been a surprise to her as well. He really hadn't taken no for an answer…



"Sokka's going to kill you."

Katara sucked in a breath and threw a discarded shirt over the door at the snickering girl. It was no great secret that her brother despised the Agni boy.

She was risking grounding by agreeing to go to the movies with him, picked up, of course, by him and brought home in the same way.

Sokka had been left in the dark as to her recent…delays…on the way home from school. He always stayed after for Track, leaving her to navigate past a certain park.

A certain park with certain…men.

Katara couldn't stop the fiery blush that spread over her face. For two weeks, he had taunted her, calling out to her from a park bench that lay directly in her path.

Never would she have guessed it would've come to this.

The last week she had stopped to fire insults back. It wasn't normal for her to be so cruel, but somehow it was understood that neither of them meant a word of it.



"Little Girl."


Katara struggled to pull the jeans past her hips. They were snug across her thighs, but the bones of her hip refused to let them slide up any farther. So the only option was to button them below the hips.

Sokkawould skin her alive.

Toph had been a witness to the momentous occasion, howling with laughter and catcalling throughout.

Zuko had swept up to her in the middle of the hall. They never spoke at school. Pinned her to her locker. They didn't touch, either. And then promptly whispered his offer in her ear as she turned beet red before a howling Toph and a snickering group of passing students.

Sokka had pulled him off her almost as soon as he saw them, attracted by Toph's loud jeering. Suki and Aang had grabbed at his shirt, sighing at the normal reaction from 'older brother' Sokka.

Zuko had smirked, delighted and oh-so smug, before looking at her pointedly.

Katara had sputtered, Sokka had threatened, Aang had twitched, Suki merely shook her head, all while Toph laughed in the background.

"She'll go!"

Toph had been screamed at by Sokka, but the 'villain' in question had already made his escape.

Suki had flicked him on the head, Aang had walked away, Katara was still in shock and Toph punched him a good one in the ribs.

Sokka had been threatening and mumbling ever since.

"Yo, Sugarqueen?"


"Do they fit?"



Toph then proceeded to pull her out the store, ignoring her protests and excuses.

Zuko leaned against the porch railing, shuffling his hand through his hair.

He had just rang the doorbell and was waiting for little Ms. Blueyes to escape the clutches of her nagging brother.

The door snapped open quickly and Sokka's odd pony tail was visible before he yelped, pulled back inside.

Low murderous mumbles were heard through the door before Katara strode out with a sweet smile on her face.



Shaking himself he went to pull her hand along and stopped.

And stared.

And stared.

Was that drool dripping past his lips?


His voice was choked, she was looking at him oddly.

"Is there something wrong with my jeans?"

Zuko shook his head frantically, eyes not leaving the aforementioned article of clothing.

"Then why are you staring?"

"Not staring."

He didn't even blink.


Was she always so damn skeptic?


Katara blinked before looking down. The jeans were tight, but not so slutty that Sokka called the police on her, they merely rounded a few…



The edge of her underwear peeked above the side of her hip.

Not underwear.

The strap of a thong.

Katara sucked in a breath. Toph had given them to her as a gag gift and blackmailed her into wearing them. She had been so sure they were tucked out of sight!

Embarrassed, she placed her hand over the slip, not covered by her rumpled tan top.

"I'll just go change," she stuttered, backing towards the door.

Zuko lunged and grabbed her wrist.


He pulled her to his car, his sight never leaving her hips.

"Besides," he drawled, that arrogant smirk slipping back to its home on his lips as he leaned foward to purr into her ears.

Sokka had to be having conniptions.

"I like red."

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