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Prompt 7: Pinch

Title: The meanings and uses of pinch

Katara and Zuko

Rating:T!! (For mentions of Katara being...domineering & Zuko being hormonal)

Done: July 13, 2008


The word pinch could be used in several different circumstances, with several different meanings.

It could be used to mean the physical act, the painful squeeze between two objects.

The best example was Toph's daily torment of Sokka, when she pinched his ear whenever she pleased, leaving an amused firebender, a scolding waterbender, and a howling Sokka.

It could also mean an amount.

When Katara cooked, she often added a pinch of spice or salt in an effort to increase the flavor. Zuko's favorite memory of her cooking escapades was the time she add curry spice to Sokka's (and Sokka's alone) oatmeal in the morning. Toph cheekily suggested he join Aang and Zuko for training, on account of his newly discovered fire breath.

It could mean to steal.

Toph often regaled him with stories on her time as the Runaway, whilst he shared tales of his pinching days as the Blue Spirit. It was all well in good till Katara nearly skinned him alive for discussing what Toph thereafter named 'The Pirate Pinching'.

It wasn't uncommon to use pinching in terms of thrift.

Katara had become quite accomplished at conserving their low funds, pinching and scrimping to obtain whatever they had need for. She took it as a personal, punishable insult that Zuko had brought several bags of Fire Nation gold in his little was balloon. Toph roared with laughter when Zuko was unable to sit down. For days.

The last reasonable meaning for pinch stands in a phrase. 'In a pinch', or, that is to say, in a dire situation.

He wondered at the soft skin of her wrist, most likely being pinched by his tight grip. Being a teenage boy he wondered at the of trouble he'd be in for attempting to pinch a kiss from the soft, angry waterbending girl's lips. There was no doubt it would far surpass a pinch. At the same time she contemplated the efficiency of taking back the scroll, at least in order to pinch together her dignity and conserve the work and finesse it had taken to acquire the damn scroll. It rankled her certainly that even though she was in quite a pinch, she could barely keep her face from flushing as he refused to turn his eyes away, from her face or…ehm…lower.

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