"We've got to do it, Mate," Ron said nervously, but firmly

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"We've got to do it, Mate," Ron said nervously, but firmly.

"Yeah, I know… why can't we find girls to do it with though?!" Harry argued.

"Because, I'm not going to ask one to snog with me! Are you?" Ron asked skeptically.

"Well… no… Fine lets just get it over with," Harry said with a sigh.

The two fourteen year old boys sat cross-legged, facing each other on Harry's bed in their dormitory. The curtains were drawn for privacy and Ron was giving Harry a piercing stare.

The Yule Ball had just been announced, and both boys agreed they needed some experience. They needn't worry about the dancing, for they both had a pretty good grasp on that, but the girls part of it…well, they could use some work. Especially in kissing.

Neither one had had more then a peck on the cheek since they were little kids, and didn't want to make fools of themselves, if the situation arose. So now, both boys sat nervously fidgeting on Harry's bed waiting for the other to make a first move.

"Alright, well I from what I can tell, you have to just press your lips together and be done with it," Harry said dumbly. Ron nodded then looked timidly back at him.

"Alright then, we better do it," he mumbled and scooted himself closer so he was on his knees in front of Harry, his face inches away. Harry looked at him shyly for a moment before coming the rest of the way and pressing his lips clumsily against the redhead's.

A heat spread through Ron quickly. Not wanting to show his enthusiasm, he pulled back. "I don't think that was right," he said unconvincingly.

"No, I think we need to try again," Harry murmured and grabbed the front of Ron's robes, heatedly pulling him into another kiss, more confidently this time. Harry fell back onto the bed, dragging Ron down with him.

Both boys' eyes were closed, and Ron's hands immediately became tangled in Harry's jet black hair. Harry's moved to Ron's waist.

The kiss was heated and intense. Harry's tongue probed at Ron's mouth and the other boy parted his lips, admitting him entrance. Their tongues entwined for a moment, then Harry' pushed past it to explore Ron's mouth, memorizing every part.

Finally the need for air became too great and Ron pulled back, gasping. He rolled off of Harry, letting his hands slip from the other boy's hair. They were both breathing hard with exhaustion and excitement.

"I think we got it," Harry said breathily. Ron chuckled.

He rolled over onto his side to face Harry. He draped an arm over the smaller boy's chest, and propped up his head with the other.

"You know, learning to kiss wasn't the only reason I agreed to this," Ron said with a smirk.

A grin broke out across Harry's face as he lunged at Ron again.