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Okay, here we go...

16 Reasons We Hate Jake

1. He won't leave Bella alone and find his true love.

2. He Kissed Bella without Permission

3. He Tricked Bella into Kissing Him

4. He Made Bella Cry A Few Times

5. He's got some Anger Issues

6. He's too young for Bella A/N: Kind of…

7. He'd scare your cat away

8. He tried to force Bella to choose between him and Edward. Not attractive at all!!

9. He'd rather see Bella dead then a vampire

10. He's manipulative

11. He's jealous of Edward Although I can understand why, I mean, honestly!! ; )

12. If he were to get too mad near anybody, he could hurt them or kill them (e.g. Emily)

13. He wants to kill Edward!!

14. He gets annoying at some times

15. He can't get into your room quietly.

16. He's not Edward.

Okay, so I have a few extras that I feel I need to put in here, because they're hilarious.

1. He hasn't imprinted on me yet(haha)

2. He kisses Bella, not me

3. He's not a hott, sexy vamp!

4. He might eat your cat

5. He streaks….A lot….

6. His dad is creepy

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