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Summary: My take on what happens after X-Men the last stand. Features Magneto and Rogue (friendship), Gambit, and how Rogue gets herself a back bone.

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Chapter 1

She had to get out. There were too many people back there, in the mansion, even without her powers, there were too many people. It had been 3 months since she lost her powers—correction, since she had them taken away. It seemed like the only thing to do at the time, now, looking back, it was the worse thing she could have done.

She still had nightmares. Logan, Pyro, David's… they were still vivid, haunted her more than they ever did when her powers were there, they seemed to act like a buffer.

Logan had been right, and her reasons for getting rid of them had been very wrong. Besides, after the initial fun of not having them wore off, her relationship with Bobby didn't get any better, it actually got worse. And everyone in the school looked at her like a traitor.

She felt like one. So she did the only thing she could think of, she trained. She blamed the part of her that was Logan for that. She got up early, avoiding the stares from those around her, forgetting to listen to the murmurs of why she was still there, and she trained. She was getting good, better than she thought she would. She was proud, she never was that gifted at things, so being truly good at fighting, at surviving… she was proud. That pride, however, didn't overwrite the weakness that overcame her every time she thought about taking the easy way out.

She withdrew. From Bobby, Storm, Logan… everyone. She wasn't surprised when Bobby started to spend more time with Kitty, she didn't care either. Not when caring had cost her something she didn't realize the importance of, not until it was too late. She still felt that her powers were a curse, but she thought, after a long session of tears, that it was a curse she was given for a reason. She wouldn't have been given something that she couldn't have handled… right? She was strong enough to live with it, she was strong enough to use it for good, and she was strong enough to beat it. Right?

That was the final straw, and what lead to her leaving the mansion and going into the heart of the city, to Central Park, where anyone could be alone, even amongst the throngs of people. She liked it there, it was peaceful. No one looked at her as though she betrayed her genes, no one thought she was weak, no one thought she didn't belong…


She stopped and turned at the sound of her name, now the only one she insisted on being called. She wasn't Marie any longer; she could never be that girl, with those hopes and dreams…

"Magneto?" The older man sat, wearing regular clothes, at a chess set, his face sad and lost.

"I thought it was you."

She approached him. "What are you doing here?"

"Being human." He gave a sad laugh. "You don't need to look around, I am alone."

She understood how he felt, and, with shadows of his memories standing in the corners of her mind, she felt sorry for him.

She sat down. "So am I."


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