Does it hurt?

Summary: That's all I wanted...just to see your face.

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Inuyasha: "Feh!"



'What the hell! of all the nerve! Dammit! It's not fair! I hate him!' Kagome yelled inwardly to herself. 'He just freakin' comes and goes and has no inclination of other people's feeli...'



"Ow! That hurts like hell!" Kagome winced now on the ground holding her bruised ankle. Damn it all! Why did it have to bother her so much? She clenched her teeth as she struggled to get up. After all she was one of the useful members in thier group and couldn't afford to get injured. Gad she so needed a vacation. She felt suppressed by her emotions and fears of thinking that she could indeed be losing her mind and it was all his fault.


Those were his words...

Does it hurt?

Of course he hadn't any idea that he'd done anything to her but the irony of it was hilarious. Of course he appeared every once in a while to taunt or maybe to show face to them but sometimes she wished that he wouldn't come at all...Maybe this was his way of killing women in general...

To see your face everywhere...

A childish wish, her wishful thinking that she just wanted to hold him, to talk to him, too feel the comforting aura that he produced. But he was unreachable...

To know that I'll never be there?

-With Sango-

"Kagome-chan!" Sango cried out worridly as she rushed over to Kagome's side. She had been acting odd as of recent and she didn't know why. When she (Sango) asked her a question Kagome would always be like 'yeah...uh-huh...' and stare off into either space or the clearing ahead of her. What was on Kagome's mind? And why didn't she confide in her? They were like sisters after all. In a way, Sango felt hurt that Kagome didn't trust her or something or maybe Kagome felt that she (Sango) would disagree with her and think of her as odd.

"Clumsy wench! watch where you're going!" Inuyasha exasperated, turning around from the front of the inu-tachi group waving his fist in the air with emphasis. "What's the matter with you anyway?" Geez it'd been like for a week she'd been like this. Always blushing, always running into trees, always tripping and now, no surprise, had fallen to the ground after tripping over tree roots. "Kikyo was never this clumsy! She was always on target! She always saw danger and planned ahead of time!"

Crap...did he have to go and say that and now?

Then suddenly he felt guilty for saying that to her. How many times had Kagome explained to him that she wasn't Kikyo...his dead lover...of course he acted like he hadn't heard, oh but heard, yes indeed he did. In reality he should be more worried about the now fallen Kagome with the swollen ankle. Great, they'd be set back a couple of days now (once again) and they even knew where Naraku was this time.


"OWW! WTF was that for you damned hentai monk?" Inuyasha yelled glaring at him rubbing his now bruised head. Damn that staff of his! One day he was going to wrap that staff around the monk's own damned neck!

"You're insensitive." Miroku said wisely.


"Perhaps it's best we made camp." Sango said, who was currently crouched down assessing Kagome's wound.

"Yes my Dear..." Miroku started in a caring voice.


And there was a swirly eyed monk was on the ground. "Don't think I didn't see that hand of yours inching this way!" Sango hissed, replacing her boomerang on her shoulder. Kagome scooted towards a tree and laid her back against it, ignoring Inuyasha's loud insulting voice, a habit he would never break. Once Kagome had actually liked Inuyasha for his rugged and gruff manner but this was pushing it.

Kagome stared out in the sky and remembered the last couple of days and wished, could only dream that it could happen again one day. but of course with Inuyasha by your side 24-7 that was really just wishful thinking. The hell he would or rather could let that happen. But really was that asking too much? All the things that Kagome did and all she wanted was just this small favor...Of course she knew it would never happen and maybe she was being stupid too. He would never be there with them and no matter how hard she ran after him, he'd just be unreachable.

Why couldn't both brother's let bygones be bygones anyway? It's not like they were 'really' going to kill one another. Sesshomaru could've finished him off easy, after all Inuyasha was just a hanyou...she shook her head and berated her thinking. How could she think of Inuyasha so lowly?


"The Hell no! And i mean it!" Inuyasha said pointing at the said person. "What's gotten into you anyway? Are you really that much of a saint to forgive and forget that easily Kagome? or maybe you just enjoy wanting to have someone try and kill you twice? This is MY group and the hell we're going to let that half-bastard into it! and that's final!"

Kagome bit her lip and knew that in a way that Inuyasha was right but Sesshomaru was...

"Was what exactly?" her inner self said.

Sango and Miroku watched from the sidelines, well actually Miroku was holding onto Sango so she didn't intervene. Damn but his woman had powerful arms! He would have his arms ripped off at this rate! Currently Kagome was standing between the two brothers making sure that they didn't slice each other's heads off...accidently of course. Sango getting in-between this situation/confrontation would only end up killing her. Not wanting to voice his opinion, Miroku thought that Sesshomaru joining them would be a good thing, more power to destroy Naraku (etc.) and perhaps Sesshomaru, himself had a 'bone to pick' with Naraku himself?

"Sesshomaru! I'm gonna rip off your head!" Inuyasha glared at him trying to get at his brother but Kagome was holding him back, standing in front of him.

"Indeed?" he said looking bored. What had compelled him to join/engage in this childish quarrel?

Not helping! Kagome thought as she watched both brothers growl at each other. GAH! DEMONS! She should purify them both.

"I just thought that it would be a good idea for him to join Inuyasha! What's so wrong with that?" Kagome said.

"Indeed." Sesshomaru said.

"You're enjoying every moment of this aren't you? You cocky bastard! and you're manipulating my woman into thinking you're a good...ACK!" and Inuyasha was miraculously lifted off his feet, being held up by his neck by none other than Sesshomaru.

"Care to repeat that?" Sesshomaru said frostily.

Inuyasha coughed violently and shook his head. What'd he say that was so bad? What realization dawned upon him. Damn but he was stupid sometimes.

"Where's her mark? Her scent?" Sesshomaru said shaking the life out of Inuyasha.

"Why do you even care? She's part of my pack! She's MINE! Are you becoming another Kouga or something?" Inuyasha said angrily.


And Inuyasha went flying...thrown (very hard) into a tree and the tree broke in half. With that Sesshomaru disappeared like a cloud of smoke. Of course, why would he care to spend time with low life's such as them? They were, after all lowly ningens, not worth his time.

'Sesshomaru...' but her voice was just a whisper in the wind.

-End Flashback-

'And he left! He didn't come back! He doesn't like me! He...' Kagome thought sadly.

"Oi! Kagome! What's gotten you all tied up in a knot?" Inuyasha said looking down at from where she was sitting.



"It's all your fault!" Kagome said pointing at the crater. Inuyasha peered up and blinked at her. Huh? What was his fault?



"Whaaa the F...?" Inuyasha yelled from his crater. "Wench have you gone crazy or something? I'm the one whose head is hit everytime you go and sit me! I should be the one complaining!"

Kagome, seething with anger wobbled off towards the woods announcing she was going for a walk, no matter how much it hurt her. "But Kagome it's getting dark and we're in demon terrritory and..." Sango said, stopping when Kagome held a hand up.

"I'll take care of myself." Kagome said and wobbled off.

"Kagome!" Inuyasha called after her. What brought upon that?



-With Kagome-

Does it hurt to know I'll never be there?

Kagome made her way through the trees fuming all the way. So many mixed feelings tormented her and it pissed her off to no end and since she didn't know why she was so pissed off...that pissed her off even more!

"Why that no good selfish son of a..." Kagome muttered loudly and then she winced inwardly. "He doesn't care at all!" Maybe the hotspring's heat and warm water would help the swelling go down. "Why sometimes he acts like he cares and then the next...maybe they all care too much about me...hmm a thought..." she said.

"ACKK!" and Kagome fell face forward (after tripping over a tree root) again. Alas but that girl would forever be the 'twinkle-toes' of the inu-tachi group. Huh? How come she didn't fall down? someone had caught her from behind?

"You ought to be more careful in the future..." a voice whispered from behind. Kagome stilled. Of all the nerve! He had the audacity to show his face NOW out of all times? She wanted to smack him right in the face, but she didn't really have a death wish yet.

But now I see your face everywhere...

"You! you have the gall to show you're face now out of all times? why did you leave anyway? and don't give me the whole 'I was watching you from a distance' crap." Kagome said angrily.


"You are are really aggravating sometimes you know? Why won't you join us? You couldn't possibly hate us so much that you can't even bare to look at us..." Kagome started. "Hate is such a strong grasp onto, to wonder and someday hope that things could get better...What I want so much from my group is not acceptance, not friendship, not love...but I want a recongnition that I truly belong there and am not some reject and copy of someone else. I want someone who sees me for me.

Sesshomaru blinked as Kagome gave him a hopeful look, a look of want and sorrow. Why was she so hell bent on wanting him? his companionship? his presence in their group? What was it that made him so special?

"This Sesshomaru thought you're ankle was bothering you?" he said.


Did he hear any of her long lecture? Well she was going to show him and make him listen to her! She stalked towards him, ankle pain be damned, gave a war-cry sound and jumped on him...preparing to knock some sense into him. How dare he ignore her! and then both landed (Kagome on top) on the ground with a loud sound.

-With the inu-tachi group-

"Did you hear something?" Sango said looking up at Miroku from stoking the fire.

"Keh!" Inuyasha said from up above on a tree, no surprise. "Leave her to her girly problems and issues..." Stupid girl. If he didn't know any better she'd been moaning and groaning about god-knew-what ever since...ever since...

Sesshomaru had left...

Inuyasha's eyes flashed red and he jumped down from his tree. Miroku and Sango looked up at the pissed off demon but didn't say anything. No doubt he'd caught a familiar scent, but quite unfriendly.

-Kagome and Sesshomaru-

"Onna..." Sesshomaru said in an amused voice. Interesting have knocked (quite effectivelly in fact) Sesshomaru to the ground. What was her plan?

"Err...ha-ha..." Kagome said, scratching her head in embarressment. It wasn't supposed to be this way! She'd landed in a place where she (technically) didn't want to be in. "Erm so how are you? I just wanted to know why you're not joining our group Sesshomaru." Kagome started lamely.

"Why do you miss this Sesshomaru's presence?" he said in a teasing voice. He ran his hand down her arm and rubbed circles on her back. "Perhaps its my aura that calms you? or my powerful and ruthless demeanor? Do you feel stuck with Inuyasha? You didn't have to go to him you know...I was always around and all you had to do was ask.

"I'm not his woman! dam...oommphh!" Kagome started but her insult was cut short when Sesshomaru kissed her.

"That's good news to know." he said.

-Back to Inuyasha- (an unsuspecting Inuyasha)

She'd been gone for a while now. He didn't like a moping Kagome because if his shard-detector was inaffective then she wouldn't be doing her job right. Of course he cared about her but he couldn't help it really...Kikyo was involved! and he couldn't help but think he'd be betraying her with Kagome. Of course Kagome deserved to be loved and all...

He heard a rustle of leaves and went to the source of the sound. Voices. Male and female and both were teasing one another like they were lovers or really good friends...What he found was what he really didn't expect. He really didn't expect Kagome, his Kagome to be in the arms of another male, let alone his damn brother!

"Ka-Kagome?" he started.

" looks like Sesshomaru's joining our group now huh?" Kagome said to a gaping Inuyasha. He was at a loss for words.

"So this was what you were missing wench!" Inuyasha yelled. "If you wanted some then all you had to do was ask me!" Inuyasha yelled again. Sesshomaru growled at him in warning. How dare he yell at Kagome like that? "But now you're going to my big brother instead? You're back-stabbing me with the enemy? You put him before your obligations to the shards? What kind of worthless stupid person does that? You...ARGGGHHH!" and Inuyasha was thrown into a tree, courtesy of Sesshomaru. Kagome blinked at the spot that used to be Inuyasha and then turned to Sesshomaru.

"He was getting on this Sesshomaru's nerves." and he stretched.

"Do you think he's alright?" Kagome asked him anxiously looking at Inuyasha.

"Who cares?" Sesshomaru said and walked off and Kagome found her feet following him.

-Clearing- (with Miroku and Sango)

"Ah don't you think that Inuyasha has been gone for too long?" he asked Sango.

"Perhaps he found Kikyo?" Sango said bitterly, staring at the fire and sighed. To think that even know, though things were tense between the group, they did manage to have some good times but that was when Sesshomaru was overseeing and with thier group... Suddenly Sango stood up, 'You don't think that...'

"Sango my dear?" Miroku said at her abruptness.

"I think that Kagome was missing Sesshomaru..." Sango said a small smile appearing on her face. Miroku smiled a lecherous smile and then nodded. It could be possible. Kagome's mood had been worrying him recently. There was a rustle in the clearing and both hesitated and readied their weapons. Sesshomaru and Kagome came walking and both saw them in battle ready position and Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow. Leave it to ningens to be afraid of just a sound...

"Ah-heh...look who I found in the woods..." Kagome said scratching her head. Sango sighed and sat down again. She didn't consider him an enemy anymore. If her sister Kagome had a 'thing' for him then he couldn't be all that bad right? After all she did have a thing for dangerous men/males herself...

"Inuyasha went looking for you. Do you know where he is?" Miroku asked Kagome. She stilled and couldn't exactly say that Sesshomaru sent Inuyasha 'flying' now could she?

"Oh he's busy, This Sesshomaru doesn't expect him to be back soon." Sesshomaru said. Miroku and Sango nodded, both assuming that he'd found Kikyo but no one noticed Kagome and Sesshomaru share a knowing smile/smirk. Kagome still thought it was odd how Sesshomaru materialized out of no where, like he knew when she needed him and then a sudden thought horrified her. She gulped and felt her heart constrict with worry.

"You're not leaving us again are you?" she asked the pale demon who had enough sense to not sit in a tree and ruin his kimono, and he would never cheat on any woman ever...anyway...

Sesshomaru sitting across the fire from her gave her a thoughtful look. It would kill her wouldn't it? Why would it hurt her? Why should it? a simple mere human girl...that's all she was and that's all she should be! but then why did it bother him so much? He had his own life and things to see to. He didn't have time to be with a woman! in any shape, form or kind! She'd just slow him down. He was supposed to be the cool and composed demon lord of the west but why did a mere slip of a human girl with big beautiful blue eyes make him feel so guilty that he would be committing a crime to leave her...

Miroku and Sango watched with silent interest like they were watching a match. Something was happening between the pair, too bad they couldn't scent if the both had...


"I knew what you were just thinking about hentai!" Sango hissed at him.

"Oh Sango my love I was just..." Miroku said rubbing his bruised head. Then suddenly someone came barging through the trees with an angry expression. Being subjugated all the time was taking a toll on him.

"You've got some nerve to dictate and tell everyone what to do in this group Kagome!" Inuyasha said ignoring his brother who was giving him a blank look. Looked like he was contemplating if he wanted to take Inuyasha out of the world of the living or not...He came closer to Kagome unaware that Sesshomaru was watching his every move. "You're going to take this damn rosary off of me now!"

"Sorry I can't do that. Kaede said I can only do that when the jewel is completed." Kagome said and then muttered a 'Sit.'


"I'm really sorry Inuyasha." Kagome whispered and didn't see Sesshomaru sigh deeply and look away like he didn't care. A small smile appeared on her face. Yeah things would be a whole lot better now that he was here.

I never had to say goodbye...

Life is now or never...

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