Chapter 18: Harmony

Last time: 'indeed.' Sesshomaru thought and walked into the barrier. This would be a day remembered in history, when said, little Miko of the Shikon gave her mate, Lord Sesshomaru of the western lands the okay to kill one of her friends because he was constantly claiming her as his. but Kagome belonged to Sesshomaru and to him alone.

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Everyone was waiting for Sesshomaru in his study and yes even Kagome who'd rather be waiting in his bedroom anyways, that wasn't the point. Inuyasha was irritating her and she'd like nothing more than to hurt him. He was twitching his fingers and kept pacing. What was his deal? Had it not been for Sesshomaru walking in at that very second she would've marched over and kicked him where it hurts…really bad. Who was Inuyasha to order her around or rather treat her like baggage? It was like he was acting like her mate or something. Grrr him!!!

She didn't feel bad that Sesshomaru, had perhaps killed Kouga off, as sad as it sounded. The wolf deserved it for his constant advances and claims of her. It was enough for her mate Sesshomaru to kill him (which he did).

"Okay let me get this straight…." Inuyasha started finally looking at Kagome with a look that said, 'WTF! You love my brother! How dare you! You're mine…you shard-detector you!' "I finally found out that you love my brother which is odd considering the fact that you are kinda betraying us and anyways…." But sadly he was cut off by Kagome who didn't appreciate being called a person who betrayed her pack.

"I thought you were injured Inuyasha?" Kagome said sweetly, still angered that he'd dragged her in here and now all that rubbish he was spouting... "Well if you're not then…."




"He will never learn will he?" Sango said sighing and looked down at his fallen form and Kagome just huffed. A job well done and it looked like they'd be here in the palace for a while. Sesshomaru and her were supposed to mate after he (Sesshomaru) killed Kouga! But no, she was in for a full fledge confession/confrontation from Inuyasha himself. What was he…Her father? Huh?

Speaking of never learning……



And a swirly eyed monk fell next to Inuyasha's fallen form. Yes. It looked like they'd be here quite for a while. "Why can't he just keep his hands to himself?" Sango said blushing red. She sat down on the couch and sighed staring her beloved monk's fallen form. It'd be a while till he got up but then again she had said that if he stayed within the castle barriers he could grope her. How dumb was she? She was turning into a female Miroku! Good God! Someone help her! Suddenly she felt guilty and prepared for a full fledge apology to her Monk when he was healed. He did have a head of made of steel (so she wasn't worried about it breaking)

"Hn." Sesshomaru said while stepping into the study. Drama never ceased to end with this pack but he wasn't complaining. He did a job well done too. Killing Kouga that is….

'That's right!' his beast said proudly. He was slowly weeding out the competition for Kagome. He would win her and wasn't now a good time? The males out of this pack were out of commission for a while and Sango seemed to be a mix of confusion and uncertainty staring at the Monk.

'Pity though.' Sesshomaru thought shaking his head regally. He then proceeded to take Kagome's hand and lead her out of the study. "We shall return Taijiya. Keep an eye on these…worthless pack members." 'Alpha indeed' he thought looking down at Inuyasha's eagle-like fallen form. At least he didn't damage the study too much but he'd have to talk to Kagome about 'sitting' Inuyasha outside from now on. It wouldn't do for her to ruin the castle and the door closed behind him.

"Where are we going?" Kagome said pleasantly. Sesshomaru raised an eyebrow and said nothing. She should've guessed or maybe she was just playing along? The Wolf was dead so what did that mean? They passed by guards and servants who bowed and he ignored them concentrating on only his mate and her pleasant scent. He opened the door that led to his chambers and smirked. He was so going to enjoy this and after this no one would claim or assume that Kagome was theirs….

"Uhm you know Sesshomaru…" Kagome began nervously. She'd never done this before so…

'Whaat? You want some company now? Someone to monitor and watch you while you 'do it' with him hmm?' her conscious berated her.

Noo… Kagome thought turning red but…Kagome thought as he shut the door with a 'bang!' behind him. He-he now she was alone with him….


Sango was sitting on the comfy couch waiting for both boys to wake up. Looked like both girls had hit them both really hard this time….She sighed at smiled softly at their knocked out forms. Sometimes things would never change. This was like a tradition to their pack, although usually Inuyasha got knocked out and 'sat' when Kagome wanted to go home.

-Back to Sesshomaru and Kagome-

Suddenly, without any given notice he pushed her against the wall, holding her by the shoulders. "Kagome." He growled dangerously into her neck. He pressed his body against her and she smiled softly running her hands through his gorgeous locks. She could feel him...and took a sharp intake of breath. God she loved him so much. It didn't matter if she was labeled as the 'lady of the west' already even if she hadn't been then she would've dragged him to a far off spot in the dark and did the 'dirty' with him, even though he didn't want it and she would've even gone as far as drugged him! Consequences be damned.

A blush ran down her neck as she recalled when she started to have feelings for the baka who had dared insult her way back when. And here he was (well both) making out like no tomorrow and about to mate. How such things changed sometimes. But it wouldn't do for her to bring that up because they were hurtful words from him and surely he felt bad for it as well even though he hadn't voiced them aloud.

Insulting her entire kind and certain quotes she wouldn't ever forget. Of course if she brought that up now, Sesshomaru would just drag her to the nearest available room and prove her wrong/otherwise and a dark blush stained her cheeks.


It was when she saw him standing like an angel scoffing down at Inuyasha from that large demon. Seeing her, he had used those degrading words on her. Sure they stung a little but he didn't know any better right? It was the way he was brought up and what he saw and learned. It was enough to make anyone bitter and cold.

'These human creatures.'

'A taste from father.'

And Kagome was a forgiving person…

-End Flashback-

He started licking her neck and whispered, "What are you thinking about koi? You seem to be aroused more than ever."

"Nothing interesting." Her words started stumbling out. Why couldn't she speak?! She could feel the wetness and she swallowed laughing at herself. "This is so umm…ahhh… Sesshomaru." Kagome said as his hands played with her breasts. It kinda tickled. He didn't seem to be listening to her…. He seemed to be preoccupied at moment with her breasts….She would never understand why the male species always found them so utterly fascinating.

"Sesshomaru?" she said as he carried her and laid her down on the bed desperately trying to remove her clothing. There was a low growl rumbling in his chest now as he was unable to restrain himself under the pressure of his beast who found her as his and demanded that he take her now. He felt himself harden and he shifted her body over her pressing his throbbing erection against her. She shut her eyes for a second, swallowed and said what she had been dying to say since forever. "I want you now Sesshomaru." Well it sounded more like an order….He could've laughed had he been anyone else.

"Are you ready?" he asked breath a little ragged and she nodded. He licked her belly button and moved lower and parted her legs softly and pushed his member deep into her. It hurt and she bit her lip trying not to scream but couldn't help it. She should've erected a barrier. Kagome felt his powerful thrusts into her and closed her eyes. She matched each of his powerful thrusts and Kagome cried out as she reached her orgasm and he sank his fangs into the juncture between her neck and shoulder. He leaned down and licked it clean. He looked down at her, she was still breathing hard as he whispered into her ear,

"Are you alright? Did it hurt?" Sesshomaru asked Kagome who had a rosy blush on her face and Sesshomaru with a smug expression on his face.

"No." Kagome said smiling up at her mate….. Sesshomaru.


Inuyasha groggily got up from his crater and looked around. Hentai monk on ground. (No surprise there) No Kagome. No Sesshomaru. Just plain silence. He saw Sango sitting on the couch looking at him now.

"Hey do you know where Kagome is?"

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