Love is blind

Love is blind

Summary: Love is blind. For Misa, for light and for L. MisaXlightXL.

Disclaimer: Death Note © Tsugumi Ohba & Takeshi Obata

Misa knew that Light, the guy she loved, is Kira. Misa knew, or Misa thought that Light hated L. Misa Loved light. She paid so much attention to his boyfriend. She knew what he liked, she knew what he hate, she always knew.

And she knew that Light never loved her. She knew light only love himself. She knew that Light even didn't love his parents. But, she still loved him.

"Raito-kun..." called Misa as she small-run towards Light who was sits next to L- handcuffed. L was working at his notebook, just at his notebook. But Light was doing something else. He was reading his book, but sometimes he took a glance at his friend and rival, L. Misa thought Light just wanted to know what L was doing on his notebook just in case if he calculating the percentage of Light being Kira.

It took a little longer for Light to answered Misa's call. For Light to moved his eyes from L. "Yes Misa. What's wrong?" answered him as he turn to looked at Misa from behind his eye glasses.

"Oh no… it's nothing. I just wanted to know what you were doing, Light-kun…" said Misa as she smiled sweetly to Light. Light just nodded then he back to his book or we could say, to L.

"Hi Misa-san… good afternoon." Said L as he looked at Misa and he smiled sweetly.

"Good afternoon too L-kun…" Answered Misa.

L's sudden move (to look at Misa) made Light a little bit shocked. Because once again, he was staring at L. and Misa knew it. Light's face turned soft pink. What did it mean?

Was it possible to Light pay more attention to L?

"Mm, Light-kun…" said L as he moved closer to Light slowly and stared carefully at Light's face.

"Yes?" answered Light and then looked at L and then he realized that L was staring at him and was moving closer to him. "L! What are you do--?"

"This." Stated L as he corrected the location of Light's eye glasses that were askew and then he moved back to his original position.

Light's face turned even redder than before. And, Misa started to realize about that.

Misa sometimes found L took some glances at Light when he was eating his beloved cake. Misa sometimes found Light stared at L. and sometimes Misa found they were talking sweetly at each other. Things were getting worse- or better.

The 'sometimes' turned to always. The 'just a glance' turned to 'was staring'. And L was becoming moody when Light was with Misa.

As a girl, who the heart is more sensitive, Misa finally knew it.

If it wasn't Love, why did Light's face turned red when he talked about L or talked to L?

If it wasn't love, why did L became moody when Light was with her?

If it wasn't love, why did the pay so much more attention to each other and it's increasing in every single day?

If it wasn't love, why did Misa felt like it?

So, she decided. It was what we call Love.

At first, Misa thought that it was impossible Light loves L. it was impossible that boy would love another boy. It was impossible for Light to love his eternal rival. It was impossible for L to love his biggest suspect. But, as what people said, Love is blind. It never care about gender, richness, status, skin color, nation, or whatever. Love is just blind. And love is blind too for Misa.

She knew Light didn't love her but L, but she still love him and even increase in every single time when Light smiling at her. She knew there was no place for her in Light's heart, but she still hoped for it. She knew she would get hurt, but she couldn't stop loving him.

So, love is blind.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: hello all, I'm Rhodes Rai and this is my very first death note fanfiction. Hope you all like it. This is unbeta-ed. So, forgive me for the grammar mistakes and wrong words usage.

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