Disclaimer: Harry Potter isn't mine. Each chapter title will be a name from a song from the 'House M.D.' Soundtrack and so the titles belong to their respective artists.

This was written for Jillie Bean's Song and Dance Challenge on the HPFC Forum. This is going to be a collection of one-shots inspired by the songs on the soundtrack for the TV show House M.D. They will centre around Draco Malfoy and the story will be twelve chapters long.

Hope you like it.


See the World.

It all depended on perspective. That was what Draco Malfoy had decided a long time ago and, stubborn to a fault, he would be damned if he'd change his mind now. If anything, his ideas had only developed over the years and now more than ever, he was certain that looking at things from a slightly different angle shed a whole new light on things.

It was like the view from his bedroom window. Standing a couple of feet away from the glass, he couldn't see the play park down the road but if he shifted to the right of the pane and pressed his cheek against the glass, he could just about make out the swings. And they were never empty.

He spent a lot of his childhood pressed against that window, watching the children come and go, laughing as they ran, crying as their mothers kissed their skinned knees, bouncing back up and sprinting to the roundabout, injuries long forgotten. When he finally pulled away from the window after watching them for a while, with a face moist from condensation and a soul lonelier than ever, he was left with his increasingly complicated thoughts.

He had come to the conclusion that he would always be the one with a cheek pressed against the glass, seeing the world at a slightly different angle to others. It was on those long afternoons all those years ago that he first decided that perspective was everything. He saw things differently, that's all.

So far, his theory had never failed him. Everything could be explained by a difference in perspective, differing views of the world.

There were people, like Harry Potter and his little friends, who looked at the wounds of the world and believed it was possible to kiss them all better, like those mothers in the park who kissed their children's' bumped heads and scraped elbows. They believed the world was theirs to fix and that it was possible to do so with some wishful thinking and a bizarre mix of bravery and downright idiocy.

Draco didn't agree with them.

Draco didn't think it was possible to heal all the problems of the world that had probably been there since the beginning. Bad things would always exist. But then there would always be good things to make the world just that bit more bearable. It was futile to try and fix the world because problems were being made all the time and to try and solve them would only drive you mad.

Then you had your Luna Lovegoods of the world.

Somehow she didn't quite fall into the first category. While seemingly acknowledging the bad things, she apparently didn't pay them much attention until they were absolutely unavoidable. She covered everything up with her light attitude which only seemed to serve the purpose of making her Gryffindor friends like her more. They forgot while they were with her. She seemed to make everything easier. He supposed that's why they liked her so much. An easier life was something which they had never appeared to have. Draco laughed internally at this thought. Life was not designed to be easy. He'd learnt that lesson years ago.

Then there were people like Crabbe and Goyle who saw the world and its people as an opportunity to survive.

They armed themselves with the people who they believed most useful to them. Make friends with the powerful and survive was their motto and Draco never made the mistake of underestimating them. They would never win any general knowledge quiz, he knew (but what use were they unless you had a strange desire to win a cheap and questionable bottle of wine?), but they had their own brand of intelligence.

The first mark of their sort of cleverness is that they didn't let anyone know that they weren't idiotic apes.

Manipulative? Maybe. Clever? Oh definitely.

To take any situation and turn it to your advantage is intelligent. For nobody else to realise you're doing it is a feat of intelligence of immense proportions. Survival of the fittest, and all that. And, despite what everyone thought, Crabbe and Goyle's type of intelligence meant they would survive.

Draco? Draco was still reserving judgement. He hadn't seen enough to come to a definitive conclusion. Every time something happened it changed his opinion. One thing held true, though: It was all about perspective.