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You Can't Always Get What You Want.

Draco had never graduated from Hogwarts. He had, of course, attended Astoria's graduation, and Scorpius', and could still see them both, dressed in Slytherin green shaking hands with Professor McGonagall, but he had never gone through such a ceremony himself. He hadn't even gone back to Hogwarts after the end of the war. It wasn't that he hadn't been given the option; he just decided that it wouldn't be the best idea.

So, he had finished his education alone, taught himself, took his exams and got his NEWTs at the end of it. But he never really graduated. It didn't really matter to him.

Nothing much had mattered to him after the war, there was so much devastation everywhere but Astoria had pulled him back. Astoria and then Scorpius.

His son had made him proud. In comparison to Draco's own, Scorpius had had an easy life but he hadn't let that make him complacent. His studies, his career, his personal life, he had tried his best in all of them.

When he had announced that Rose Weasley was his girlfriend, neither Astoria nor Draco knew how to react. He had never even mentioned her in a romantic context before, so it was a surprise when he had asked if he could bring her home.

She was a charming girl and, despite Draco's history with both of her parents, he found himself warming to the intelligent red head. Scorpius had looked at Rose as if she were the one who had discovered magic, so it was less of a shock when two years after leaving Hogwarts he had announced his plans to marry her. And Draco felt no objections at all about her parentage. That had been three years ago and judging by his present location, Draco surmised that their relationship was as strong as it had ever been.

Draco stood up suddenly from the hard plastic chair in the waiting room and stood perfectly still for a moment, feeling the not-quite-painful rush of blood back to his feet. He had been sitting still too long. He looked at the clock hanging on the wall. Two and a half hours since Scorpius had called his parents sounding simultaneously excited and totally terrified to tell them that it was starting. They had apparated to St. Mungo's immediately.

He had been shaking, head to foot when they had arrived, and looked as shell-shocked as the time Hannah Bedwin had grabbed him and kissed him at his eighth birthday party. ("On the lips, Mum, on the lips!" He had exclaimed while wiping his mouth on the back of his sleeve.)

"She's been in labour for a few hours but the doctor said it's getting close now. Hermione and Ron are on their way. Rose wants her mum." He used his hand to steady himself on the wall.

"Don't take it personally, Scorpius, I wanted my mother, too."Astoria beamed at him. "How are you feeling?"

Scorpius was slowly turning green.

"It's going to be fine, Scorpius." Draco said. "You'll never forget tonight, trust me. In a few hours you'll see- this is the best night of your life."

Scorpius nodded. "I know." But he still looked faintly sick.

Ron and Hermione Weasley had run into the room, as fast as they were allowed in a hospital, and their wide eyes found Scorpius immediately. They had made their way over to the Malfoys in the next second.

It was hard to make out specific words in the jumble of noise that came next. Ron was demanding to know how 'his baby' was and where she was. Hermione wanted to speak to the doctor and see her daughter. She also enquired whether Scorpius was feeling alright (a remark brought on, Draco was sure, by Scorpius' green sweaty face and heavy breathing.) Astoria and Draco listened to the Weasleys in silence exchanging greetings when Ron and Hermione were quiet enough to hear them.

Hermione had been led away by Scorpius and Ron, Astoria and Draco settled in to wait. That had been over two hours ago.

Draco walked across the floor, feeling the muscles in his legs stretch. Astoria didn't look up from her book, but Ron's eyes followed Draco closely. Draco met his eyes and nodded, courteous if not particularly friendly. He didn't say anything, worried that trying to force a response from Ron would cause the other man to vomit.

Ron stared back at Draco, apparently unable to move anything other than his eyes. He was turning a shade of sea green to rival Scorpius' earlier colour.

Draco sat back down and Ron went back to staring into space.

Astoria turned a page.

Draco crossed his legs.

Ron let his head fall back against the wall.

Twenty minutes later Hermione walked into the waiting room, looking tired, pale and sweaty, and beaming from ear to ear. Ron, Draco and Astoria stood as one.

"She's had a girl." Hermione ran to her husband and wrapped her arms around him, both of the exclaiming in happiness. Astoria squeezed Draco's hand but with Hermione's words a kind of haze had enveloped Draco and he was stunned.

A granddaughter. A bubble of delight spread outwards from Draco's stomach ending at his face, stretching a smile across it. Somewhere, not too far from where he was standing, his son and daughter-in-law had become parents, bringing a little girl into their family and giving Draco a granddaughter.

The thoughts swirling through his head solidified into one idea. He wanted to see her. Before he could even voice this idea, Hermione was ushering all the new grandparents down the corridor into a private room half way down.

Rose was sitting up in bed, Scorpius hovering by her side, bent over her and the bundle in her arms. Hermione's smile had nothing on the grin on Scorpius' face. Even Rose, completely exhausted as she clearly was, was beaming. Scorpius looked up as the door opened. The green from his face was gone and his eyes were shining.

"Hi," he whispered.

"Hi," Astoria answered for all of them. Like they were in a library, there was something about the atmosphere that made all of them whisper without being told. It felt disrespectful to disturb the careful stillness of the room.

Draco's eyes were fixed on the small child in Rose's arms. He listened in silence to the answers to Astoria's questions about the weight and length of the baby, her enquiries as to how Rose was feeling, but didn't stop looking at the little girl wrapped in a blanket. He couldn't see much of her but that didn't change the fact that she was one of the best things he had seen in a long time.

Suddenly she moved, or rather, was passed into Hermione's arms. She cooed at the small baby, stroking a pink cheek with the back of her index finger. There wasn't much time for her to settle, though, as all the grandparents wanted to hold the new addition to the family.

She went from Hermione to Ron, Ron to Astoria, and then finally was passed to Draco who held her reverently, as if she were made of glass. He hadn't felt this way since Scorpius was a baby. It felt strange to hold something so small and helpless.

Tiny eyes, the same colour as Draco's and Scorpius', blinked up out of a round face topped by flaming red hair.

Everyone continued talking around him, but Draco couldn't take his eyes off the baby girl in his arms and almost all of the words washed over him. He only really noticed three.

Mira Bethany Malfoy.

He had everything he needed and he was happy.