For a long, long, long, loooooooooong time, I've wanted to write this story. Well now I have!

Goth vs. Gummy bat: A Story of Addiction

Danny punched Skulker in the gut so hard that he exploded! Then everyone started cheering, Vlad flew down from the sky and our favorite Halfa readied himself for battle. Instead, when Vlad landed he bowed before Danny.

"Oh great and handsome Danny! I pledge my life to thee! I shall serve you for eternity!" The older half ghost declared. Just then Sam ran up to Danny in a black bikini followed by Paulina in a pink bikini and Valerie in a yellow bikini. The Goth embraced Danny.

"Danny, Paulina, Valerie and I have been thinking. We've decided we all want to be your girlfriends!" The three girls began to hug and kiss Danny while Vlad polished his ghost form's boots. Jack and Maddie appeared and began handing him chocolate cake which the girls hand fed to him. Sam began to whisper seductively into Danny's ear. "Ooh, Danny. Danny. DANNY!" The Goth girl then slapped him.

"Huh?" Danny asked in shock.

"WAKE UP!" Sam yelled. Slowly the landscape melted away to blackness as Danny slowly awoke from his day dream.

"Ah poop."




Danny sat, slumped over his desk fast asleep. Sam and Tucker were furiously poking him, trying to wake the halfa to no avail. Sam bent down and whispered into his ear.

"Ooh, Danny. Danny. DANNY!" Getting frustrated the Goth slapped him. "WAKE UP!" Danny got up, his eyes still closed and looking around, trying to see what had hit him. Finally the halfa opened his eyes and frowned.

"Ah, Guys! I was having the best day dream of my life!" Danny threw his arms up for emphasis.

"Yeah, but school ended fifteen minutes ago." Tucker counter-argued. Still upset with his friends, Danny stood up and the trio walked out of Casper High. Once outside the building, Sam pulled out a bag full of Gummy Bats and began to shovel the small treats into her mouth.

It was handful after handful, Danny and Tucker doubted she was even chewing on them. Tucker looked towards the Goth.

"Hey Sam, can I have one? They way you eat them, they must be pretty good." Sam whipped the bag behind her back and began snarling at Tucker.

"Precious! My precious! You can't have my precious!" Danny looked rather worried after this outburst.

"Sam, I think you've had too many of those. Give the bag to me before you hurt yourself and have to get your stomach pumped like last time." The halfa pleaded.

"NEVER!" Sam screeched, she then climbed a nearby tree and sat on the tallest branch, still stuffing handful of Gummy Bats after handful of Gummy Bats into her mouth. Sam leaped from the tree and into the window of an apartment building. A lady's scream rang out from said apartment. "Sorry!" Tucker and Danny heard their friend yell. Sam climbed out of the window and muttered something that sounded like "If you're going to change, close the darn window." The Goth then jumped from the building, planning to land on her feet and make a mad dash for home. It didn't turn out that way; instead she landed on her face. Danny and Tucker cringed as the sound of girl hitting pavement filled their ears. Sam raised her index finger and told them "I'm okay." Before the arm supporting said finer collapsed.




The next morning, Sam awoke to find her arms and legs tied to their respective bed posts. The covers had been stripped from the bed and Danny stood over her.

"Wow Danny, I didn't know you were into this kind of thing." Sam commented while blushing. "But I'm open to try it." A look of disgust crossed the halfa's face.

"Eww! Gross Sam! No! This is an intervention for you addiction to gummy bats!"

And there you have it. In chapter two, What the Heck Ryhmes With Intervention? Sam's intevention begins and Danny has a musical flashback of the time he first realized he loved Sam. Its funny of course.