Here's chapter three. Sam gets desperate to get her gummy bat fix, while some other stuff happens. Also this will probably be the penultimate chapter.

The pains of withdrawal filled Sam, but then she came up with an idea.

"Danny! These ropes are too tight! I have some handcuffs in my closet, don't ask why. Could you use them instead?" (AN: Wow, this sounds SO WRONG out of context) Sam pleaded; she didn't mention they were ghost-proof or that she was planning on using them to incapacitate Danny.

"Um, okay." The halfa shrugged and he began rummaging through Sam's closet. Finally Danny found the handcuffs and he began untying Sam's ropes.

"Okay. I can't watch walk into a trap so easily Danny. So I'm gonna go get some ice cream." Tucker commented. He then promptly left the room.

"What was that all about? What trap?" Danny asked, completely clueless. Sam shrugged and the halfa resumed untying her.

--Line Break--

Tucker walked back into the Manson Mansion, licking his chocolate ice cream cone. He looked up to the stairs.

"I guess I better check on the lovebirds." Tucker sighed and went up to Sam's room. Unsurprisingly, he saw Danny handcuffed on Sam's bed with the Goth in question hanging from the ceiling fan while emptying a bag of gummy bats into her mouth. Tucker could only face palm at this sight. Sighing once again, Tucker went over to un-cuff Danny. Once freed, Danny jumped up and pointed his finger at Sam.

"All we were trying to do was help you! And in return you tricked me and handcuffed me to your bed! Well I hope you have fun drowning yourself in gummy bats Sam!" Danny stormed out of the room and Tucker, seeing that any further negotiations would have no affect followed him.

Once the two were gone, Sam let go of the ceiling fan and landed on her bed. She then scrambled to the floor and looked underneath. Just as I thought, Sam thought to herself. They were too stupid to get rid of my stash. Beneath Sam's bed were dozens of bags of gummy bats, enough to last a normal person two months.

--A couple hours later--

Sam had eaten all of the gummy bats… She lay on her bad, fading in and out of consciousness. Colors swirled around the edge of her line of sight, and a dancing pink elephant sang karaoke on top the TV. (AN: What do they put in gummy bats? Drugs!?) Finally, he stomach having bloated to twice its size, and in the throes of having had a massive sugar rush, Sam passed out.

--Don't worry she's okay--

Sam opened her eyes, the room looked normal, expect for the empty bags of gummy bats scattered everywhere. And the fact she could no longer see over her stomach. The Goth sat up to find a swirling vortex in the middle of her room.

"W-where'd that come from." Sam stuttered, still half asleep/passed out. From the portal emerged a woman about eighteen. She had red hair and wore a suit of armor and had a sword.

"I am Joan of Arc. The patron saint of self confessed, cynical, angst-ridden Goth kids who are in love with their best friends!" She announced. Sam looked rather puzzled.

"What?! I thought you were the patron saint of France?" The Goth asked. A look of unimaginable anger came over Joan of Arc's face.

"Grrr! Stupid! Prejudiced! Historians!" Joan yelled. "Just because I was from France doesn't mean I'm its patron saint! But everyone I tell always says 'No-o, you're from France, so that makes you the patron saint of France!' Well I'm not! I'm the patron saint of self-confessed, cynical, angst-ridden Goth kids who are in love with their best friend. Got it?" Sam leaned back from the angered saint thing.

"So let me guess. You're some gummy bat high induced hallucination here to tell me the error of my ways?" Sam asked sarcastically.

"What? No." Joan replied. "I'm here to tell you about the Black Prophecy. Sam, unless you want everyone you love to die, you must sacrifice sixteen infants to-"From the vortex emerged a cloaked figure wielding a massive scythe. His face was shrouded, but it appeared to be nothing more than a skull. Sam immediately recognized this being to be the Grim Reaper, and were it not for the fact that she was convinced this was some hallucination, the Goth would've asked for his autograph.

"Joan of Arc!" Grim yelled in a surprisingly Jamaican accent. "You're late for your lobotomy class!" Sam looked towards the saint in confusion.

"Lobotomy class?" The Goth asked.

"All proper saints should know how to drill holes in people's heads." Joan explained. Grim grabbed her by the hand and dragged the saint back into the vortex. "We'll talk later!" Joan yelled before disappearing in the portal, which promptly shut.

"What the he-"Before Sam could finish talking, darkness clouded her vision, and for the second time that day, she passed out.

Another chapter ends. The Joan of Arc part is based off that in the series Clone High, Joan of Arc is almost a carbon copy of Sam, and Joan once called herself a "cynical, angst ridden Goth kid" and is in love with her best friend. I hope that explains things.