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Green eyes narrowed as the lithe young woman dropped into a combat ready stance. Her senses shut out everything except the doorway in front of her and her goal. Even those who didn't know Kim Possible recognized the look. Mission Mode. There were no death rays, no elaborate villain threats, but she wasn't going to take any chances. To Kim this was no different than any other save the world sitch. Kim surveyed the sight in front of her. High tech laser grid blocking the entrance, cheap stun rays after I get in, and who knows how many wannabe henchmen waiting in the wings. No big. A smile crossed Kim Possible's lips. She'd be done with this in no time.

"Go," a voice coming through Kim's earpiece said. In an instant Kim was a flurry of movement. A few well placed twists and flips got her through the grid and into the long metallic hallway without her even singeing a hair. I guess they forgot about my first mission, she thought. No sooner had she come to a full stop than the next defensive measure activated; several panels on either side of the hall slid open, allowing the stun cannons to deploy and point right at her. No cover, she mused. Okay, not good. But I can adapt. She was in motion before the first stun bolt fired. She noticed the cannons following her movements, which gave her an idea. Instead of just dodging the blasts, she used them. A well timed jump at the exact midpoint between two guns lead to said guns taking each other out. A few repeat performances turned the stun cannons into expensive piles of smoldering junk.

Once through the hallway Kim came to a large circular room. A large circular room filled with at least twenty men in head to toe black and purple suits. Kim recognized the goggled masks immediately. It couldn't be. Before she could finish her thought, half of the men rushed her. Kim ducked under the punch of the first one and landed a hard blow to his solar plexus. The grunt and wheeze that followed told Kim exactly what she needed to know. Not syntho-drones. They were just messing with me. Kim glanced down at her wristwatch. I so don't have time for this, she groused. At times like these Kim usually relied Ron Stoppable to distract the bad guys while she did what she had to do. Unfortunately for Kim, Ron wasn't there. She had to do this herself. No time for the usual theatrics, it was time to get down to business.

Kim dodged the henchmen as they came for her, and only took down the ones that got in her way. She was getting ever closer to the pedestal at the center of the room. A henchman came up on her right and threw a punch. Kim ducked, and the blow took out another henchman who was coming up on her left. Two more were blocking her path. She lunged forward into a handspring, coming to rest on one of the henchmen's shoulders. She jumped again, using the henchman as a springboard and knocking him down in the process. The last henchman she felled with a kick to the stomach. Her goal was in sight. Kim ran for the pedestal and quickly hit the red button in the middle. The simulation was over.

"Three minutes and twenty seven seconds," the agent running the drill said. "Cadet Agent Possible just beat her old record. Again."

Kim just grinned and brushed it off. "No big. You bust into enough secret lairs and this sort of thing becomes second nature."

Kim watched as the men in the syntho-drone suits staggered off towards the infirmary. Normally she'd feel bad, but they were the ones who thought the sight of a syntho-drone would make her stumble. They were just lucky they weren't wearing Erik masks; she might have been even more brutal. Kim glanced at her watch again. She had just enough time to get her review from the agent in charge and get back to her dorm room. She'd never been late for one of these video calls before and she wasn't going to start now.

After her review, which was nothing more than a "Good job, Possible," Kim took off. Fort Campbell, the Global Justice facility where she was stationed, stretched for miles in every direction in the Oregon wilderness, but Kim knew it like the back of her hand. She should know her way around; Kim had been there since late July and it was now early November. Even with other cadet agents milling about between classes and training exercises, she got to the living area in record time. Kim's destination was a large circular doorway with a horseshoe shaped emblem over it; the Greek letter Omega. Kim had the same letter on the right shoulder of her blue cadet's uniform. The number twelve under the letter identified Kim as a member of the Omega 12 Global Justice advanced training group. This accelerated training was codenamed Fast Track, and Kim had been recruited just a month after the Lorwardian invasion. Just her, Kim Possible. Not Ron Stoppable. That still had her tweaked.

Kim's dorm room was bigger than what she would have at a university, but it still seemed cramped. There were two beds, two desks, two computers, and a small fridge. The nice thing was the fact that she and her roommate had an adjoining bathroom. Although Kim had showered with her teammates on the cheer squad, she liked having a bit of privacy. When Kim entered the stark white room she was greeted by a young woman with shoulder length black hair wearing an identical uniform.

"Hiya, Roomie," she said in a cheerful tone. "How much did you shave off the record this time?"

Kim smirked. "Just a minute and a half. So not the drama, Lynn."

"Says you," Lynn Corrigable chuckled. She saw Kim sit at her computer and hurriedly turn it on. "That's right, it's Ron night, isn't it?"

Kim smiled. The first Friday of every month she was able to have a video call with Ron back in Middleton. Since he never heard anything from any of the colleges he applied to, Middleton Community College included, he decided to work full time at Smarty Mart and reapply for the spring semester. Ron hadn't even been considered for Fast Track, and he couldn't get into any schools. It was beyond not fair. Ron had saved both Kim and the rest of the world from a pair of nine foot tall alien invaders. He'd bested them in hand to hand combat, for crying out loud! That should have counted for something.

"If only Ron night was every night," Kim said in a sad voice.

"I wouldn't mind a little of that action, myself," Lynn mused.

Kim shot Lynn a dirty look. "Sorry, Corrigable, but he's all mine."

Lynn grabbed a few books off her bed and went for the door. "Just make sure you hold onto him, then. A cutie like that could get snapped up when you're not looking." With that, Lynn left for the library or wherever it was she was going.

That comment was the last thing Kim needed to hear. She liked the fact that her roommate had heard of Ron, but when Lynn's crush on him made itself known, the Green Eyed Monster in Kim resurfaced. It was worse than with Yori; at least Yori never went into detail about what she would do to Ron if she ever got him alone; Lynn was known to do that. Ron loves you, Possible, Kim told herself. Not Lynn, and not Yori. You. He went into space and accepted the mantle of Monkey Master to save you. So stop jealling. "Yeah, easier said than done," she sighed.

A beep from the computer got Kim's attention. The webcams were on and connected. But instead of Ron, Kim was greeted by the sight of a one year old Japanese girl with a naked mole rat sitting on her head. "KP!" the child happily exclaimed.

Kim smiled. Hana Stoppable was the only person in the world besides Ron who could get away with calling her KP. "Hana you're getting so big," Kim gushed.

Hana reached out for the screen. "Miss you, KP. Brother miss you bad."

"I miss you, too, sweetie. Speaking of your brother, where's he hiding?"

"Right here, KP." Kim saw the familiar Smarty Mart vest come into view, and a large pair of hands gently lift Hana from the chair and put Rufus on the desk. "Hey buddy," Ron said to Rufus, "Mom says dinner's ready. Why don't you keep Kim company while I take Han downstairs?"

"Okay," the mole rat squeaked.

"Be right back, KP."

When Ron Stoppable returned, he had a happy yet exhausted look on his face. Kim heard from her 'rents that Ron had been putting in a lot of overtime since October. He'd only had two days off in the last month. "Sorry about that, KP. I got in later than I thought I would."

"It's okay, Ron. Just don't let it happen again." Kim took a good look at her BF. The freckles and big ears were as they should be, but those dark circles under Ron's eyes definitely had to go. The next thing that caught her attention was just below his bottom lip.

"Ron, what's that under your mouth?"

Ron rubbed the small blond square. "It's a soul patch, KP," he said in an excited tone.

"And you have one why?" Kim sounded almost annoyed.

"Well, y'see, after our last call I was running some errands for my mom." Ron's voice went from matter of fact to defeated. " When I was coming out the grocery store a cop stopped me and asked me why I was ditching school. He actually dragged me to Middleton High and into Barkin's office! It took Mr. B ten minutes to convince the guy that I'd graduated."

Kim smirked and cocked an eyebrow. "So you grew the fuzz to look older."

"Sure did, Kim! Did it work?"

"Not really."

"Awww." Ron looked crestfallen. "Well, do you at least like it? Cause of you don't I can totally shave it off!"

"I'll need to see it in person." Both Kim and Ron grew silent. "Were you working late again?"

"Yeah," Ron replied a bit uneasily. "I worked a fourteen hour day today instead of the usual twelve. There's some cold or flu plague thing going around so I had to cover for a few people."

Kim got a concerned look on her face. "I never thought I'd say this, Ron, but you're working too hard. All the hours you're putting in at Smarty Mart and the missions... Ron, if you're not careful you're going to burn yourself out."

A beep from the computer cut Ron off before he could answer. Time was almost up. "This is so tanks," Ron complained. "Twenty minutes isn't enough time."

Kim closed her eyes and sighed. "No it's not."

"You still coming home for Thanksgiving?" Ron asked. "Cause I have the day before off."

"Syntho-drones and monkey ninjas couldn't keep me away, Ron," Kim replied with a smile. "I'll be home that Wednesday, so you better make absolutely sure you have the day off. Because if you don't, not even the Mystical Monkey Power will save you from me!"

"I wouldn't dream of it, KP." Ron said with a wistful smile. "I guess I'll see you in a couple weeks then."

Kim looked away for a moment. "I love you," they said in unison.

"Jinx!" Kim immediately exclaimed. "You owe me some extra special Ron-shine when I get back." Her voice had taken on a sultry tone. "So no more overworking yourself. I want you in peak condition when I get home. We have some serious catching up to do."

Ron's normal lopsided grin became a devious one. "A-booyah." Since extra special Ron-shine replaced sodas as a prize, he stopped complaining when he lost a jinx.

"Wait till I get home and I'll give you something to 'booyah" about." With that, the connection automatically terminated and Kim slumped back in her chair. These video calls to Ron were among the high points of her month, along with the video calls to her family, but saying goodbye at the end was getting harder. Kim missed him more at the end of each call. If that was even possible.

Ron had slumped in his chair just as Kim did. Rufus looked up at his human with worry in his eyes. "I'm okay, buddy." Rufus, unconvinced, scampered onto Ron's shoulder and hugged his face. "Thanks, Rufus." Ron stood and sat the mole rat down on the desk. He thought about heading down for dinner, but he wasn't all that hungry. His mind was on something other than food, something he'd been thinking about since graduation. Ron shed his vest and made for the door. "Be right back, Rufus. The Rondo's got a mission!"

Less than ten minutes later Ron was at the Possible's front door. He had only been this nervous about ringing the doorbell once in the fourteen years he'd known Kim, and that was before the Moodulator date. He was a bit relieved when Anne Possible and not James answered the door.

"Hi, Ron," she said. "This is a pleasant surprise! Come in. What brings you by?"

"Actually, Mrs. Dr. P," Ron replied, tugging at his collar, "I came to talk to you and Mr. Dr. P."

As if on cue, James Possible came out of the living room. "What about, Ronald?"

Ron swallowed hard. "Well, it's about Kim. And... and me."