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"I'll see you next week, Daddy," the sixteen year old strawberry blonde said as she struggled to keep her tears in check. "I love you."

"I love you, too, pumpkin," Marcus Mann said to his daughter, hugging her tightly. In an incredible act of kindness, as well as a collossal breach in protocol, Mann had been allowed face to face visits with his daughter. Instead of being separated by a glass partition, he could actually hug her. Sometimes he thought that made it worse. Letting Abigail go was getting harder with each visit.

As soon as her father was led away, tears started to pour from Abby Mann's eyes. "Oh, Dad. Why did you do this to yourself?" It was a question she had asked herself every day for the last month; since she found out about her father's arrest and the charges against him.

"I wish I had an answer for you, Abby," Dr. Director said as she walked up behind the young woman. "I'll bet your father does, too." She gave the girl a worried look. "How are you holding up?"

"Okay I guess, Dr. Director," she lied. "You'd think I would be more used to this by now, though."

"If you do get used to it, then it's time to worry. Now come on; you look hungry. Let me get you some lunch before we take you back home."


Fort Campbell had been reclassified as a Global Justice detention center since Fast Track was officially terminated. Its first prisoners were former base commandant Marcus Mann, and dethroned Omni-Tech CEO Bradley O'Shea. The arrest of several operatives from the Worldwide Evil Empire had bolstered the new prison's ranks, and more prisoners would be added as more would be tyrants were captured.

As Marcus Mann was led back to his cell, he remembered the look of hurt, confusion, and shame that he had seen on his daughter's face. It was a look she wore during all of their visits. That's worse than any prison sentence, he thought. It's my fault that she feels like that, and I'm gonna have to live with that knowledge every day for the rest of my life. Mann glanced at O'Shea's empty cell. Looks his son finally decided to pay him a visit.


Bradley O'Shea was seated behind a glass partition, awaiting his visitor. If it is that worthless son of mine, he'd better have a damn good reason for waiting a whole month before coming to see me.

Instead of Rick O'Shea, a dark haired woman in a black business suit was escorted in. "Hello, Bradley," she said as she sat down.

"Jenn," he grunted. "What the hell are you doing here?"

"Unlike you, I remember my friends when they're in jail," Jenn Casey said with a distinct edge in her voice. "Or should I say, someone I thought was my friend. You would have let me rot in prison for the rest of my life just to cover your own sorry ass, wouldn't you?"

"Is that why you're here, for some kind of 'closure?'" O'Shea was not in the mood for this.

"No, I'm here to gloat," she smugly replied. "Stock prices plummeted after news your arrest was made public. They fell even more when we had to recall every single product that had been reverse engineered from villainous origins. Fortunately, our new CEO is very shrewd. We're offering free upgrades to all of our affected customers. They'll be getting replacement products that were designed by the young man who makes Team Possible's gear. He's even agreed to act as an independant contractor and design new product lines for us."

Mrs. Casey didn't feel the need to add that the designs Wade Load sold them were old projects that he had lying around, and that the money he was paid would most likely be used to create better gear for Kim and Ron. It was Mrs. Casey's way of helping to save the world, as well as return a favor to those who helped her regain her freedom. "Thanks to that, stock prices rebounded, and we're looking at higher projections for next quarter than we've had in a long time. It looks like the company's going to be much better off without you."

"So who is this upstart who stole my job?" I'll rip him apart when I get out of here.

Jenn Casey folded her arms, leaned back, and gave her former boss a condescending smile. "Me."


Abby Mann and Dr. Director sat in the cafeteria. Abby was poking at a bacon cheeseburger while Dr. Director was finishing a bowl of clam chowder. "What's gonna happen to my dad?" It was a question Abby had been wanting to ask for weeks. "No one will tell my mom anything since she's the ex-wife, and I'm just a kid so I get ignored."

Dr. Director wiped her mouth and set her napkin aside. "He cut a deal, and is going to testify against his accomplice. His career is over, and I doubt he'll find any work in government or law enforcement after this. But considering how successful a couple of ex-vilains I know have been, and how much ambition your dad has, I wouldn't count him out yet." That got a weak grin from Abby. "Depending on how the trial goes, he could be looking at at least ten years behind bars, though."

Abby nodded. "Dad's really not a bad guy, y'know? He just...screwed up."

"I know." Dr. Director gave the girl a half smile. "Just remember that this isn't your fault, Abby, and blaming yourself isn't going to do any good. Now, why don't you tell me about this little internet group you started up."

Abby's face lit up. "The Friends of Team Possible." True, they were involved with her dad's downfall, but they weren't behind it. Besides, Kim Possible had been a hero of Abby's for a long time. "We're an officially recognized fan site now," she said. "We even have a link on Kim's main page. This month is 'Ron Stoppable Appreciation Month.' I know it isn't much, but after what my dad did to him, I figured it was the least I could do."

"Knowing Ron as well as I do, I know it'll be enough."


A short time later, Dr. Director and Mrs. Casey sat in the office formerly occupied by Marcus Mann, discussing the business arrangemernts between Omni-Tech and Global Justice. "I believe we just reached an agreement in record time, Mrs. Casey," Dr. Director said. "It would take weeks with your predecessor."

"It's 'Jenn,' Dr. Director. And I'd like to think that I'm more approachable than he was."

"Please, call me 'Betty.' It's going to be nice working with someone I can actually talk to like a rational human being." There were times that Dr. Director wanted to use Bradley O'Shea as a punching bag during their meetings.

"That's it, then." Mrs. Casey gathered up her documents and contracts. "Is there anything else?"

"Yes. Thank you for doing what you did for Ron Stoppable."

Mrs. Casey smiled and closed her briefcase. "I wish I could have done more, Betty. After everything he did for me, that little pay off doesn't seem like much."

"Doesn't seem like much?" Dr. Director couldn't believe her ears. "That was a lot of money, Jenn! How did you get that by the board of directors?"

"I just listed it in the books as a consultation fee with compounded interest. No reason for them to really know about it."

Dr. Director shook her head and smiled. "You are a devious woman, Jenn Casey."

"That's what my husband and our son tell me." Mrs. Casey thought for a moment about how to approach her next question. "I know I really have no reason to know this, but I have to ask. What's going to happen to Mr. O'Shea now?"

"Well, provided his lawyers don't get him off on a technicality, he'll be unable to leave the country, be banned from any sort of commerce more expensive than buying a used car, and he'll be under constant surveillance for the rest of his life."

"Oh, it'll be worse than that, Betty," Mrs. Casey said. "You're gonna love this. It turns out he was embezzling from the company. He's being brought up on criminal charges, and the stock holders want to sue. He can kiss his fortune goodbye!"


"Well, Rufus, what do you think?" Kim Possible asked her naked mole rat friend as she wiped the sweat from her brow. "Be it ever so humble, and all that."

"Home!" Rufus squeaked. He gave an enthusuastic thumbs up.

"Yup. Home sweet home." The last month had been a whirlwind of activity for Kim. Ron awoke three days after Smite was defeated, and the two of them returned to Middleton. A few days after that, Kim attended the launch of a rocket at the Middleton Space Center that would deliver Erik's remains to their final resting place in the sun.

"I think you should do the honors, Kimmie-Cub," her dad had said, offering her the button. She didn't even hesitate. She pressed that button like Ron would press a self destruct button in a villain's lair. That was one chapter of her life that was now closed for good. But a new chapter had opened. Shortly after the launch, Ron was presented with a large check from Omni-Tech by their new CEO, Jenn Casey. Officially it was for consultations on a laptop battery, but in reality it was a royalty check for the mega weather generator power core that Bradley O'Shea had illegally acquired from Marcus Mann. That money, and a pair of real estate agents they saved from getting mauled by a mountain lion, were what brought Kim to where she was now.

Aside from an unfinished cabinet in the corner of the living room, everything in Kim and Ron's new home was all put away. Kim's dad offered to come over on Saturday to help with the cabinet since Ron has been banned from using power tools since the table saw catapult incident in shop class sophomore year.

Kim looked around her and beamed. "This is our house," she said. It was a one story, three bedroom house that was at the exact halfway point between the University of Upperton and the Institute for the Culinary Arts; shools Kim and Ron would begin attending in August. For right now though, Ron was working on getting the new Mega Smarty Mart opened, and Kim was setting up their home.

The master bedroom, of course, Kim and Ron were using. One of the bedrooms had ben set aside for Hana, who was missing her big brother terribly. I don't know who cried more, her or Ron, Kim thought. The last bedroom would be a guest room until they decided to start a family.

A smaller room that adjoined the living room had been claimed as their home office. Once we get cable and internet set up, we'll be in business. This is our house; mine and Ron's. Kim smiled at that. She never thought that she'd be a home owner at age nineteen, or that she'd be as well off financially as she was. There was more than enough of that check leftover after the closing costs on the house and buying the furniture and appliances they needed that they could live comfortably for quite a while.

Kim looked at the wall she had just finished putting shelves on. Those shelves now held her surviving cheerleading trophies, Ron's football trophies, and various pictures of them over the years. A place of honor was being saved for their wedding pictures, but those would have to wait. They had set a tentative date for the following May, on the third anniversary of Diablo Night; it would be the final erasure of Erik from her life, and a fitting tribute to the night when she discovered what true love really was.

"Ooooh, hungry," Rufus whined.

"Yeah, I am too. Pizza?"


Kim smiled. "Yes, Rufus, we'll get extra cheese."

Kim was about to call the pizza place when the front door swung open. "Honey, I'm home!" Ron proudly declared. "Man I've been waiting to say that."

"Waiting how long, all day?" Kim asked with a cocked eyebrow. "You've said that every day since we moved in."

"But it's true." He took Kim in his arms and kissed her. "You're my honey, and I'm home." They kissed again.

"Oh no," Rufus muttered. Since they moved in the poor mole rat had noticed that, at the drop of a hat, his people would mash faces, hurry into the bedroom, and stay there for a long time while making funny noises. There were a few nights when Rufus had to sleep in the guest room. Rufus wasn't dumb, he knew what they were doing. He just didn't want to see it. He really hoped they didn't do that now; he was very hungry. Right before things could get too out of control, the four familiar alarm tones of the Kimmunicator sounded.

"You're right," Ron said as he pulled away. "He does have lousy timing."

"What's the sitch, Wade?" Kim was silently wishing that she hadn't decided to put a Kimmunicator in the living room.

"Just got a hit on the site that Professor Dementor's at it again," Wade said.

"He's not going after that time thingie again, is he?"

"Not the pan temperal vortex inducer this time, Ron. We're getting reports that he's going after an experimental light refractor."

"Okay, we're on it. Download the coordinates to the Sloth, and we'll be on our way." Kim shut off the Kimmunicator. "Duty calls."

"Awww, cheese," Rufus moaned.

"We'll stop at Bueno Nacho on the way back, buddy. How's that sound?"

"Yeah!" Rufus happily exclaimed.


"It's MINE!" the helmeted madman shouted as his henchmen started to load the large, rectangular device onto a waiting hover carrier. "Once I reconfigure ziz light refractor, I can plunge ze world into TOTAL DARKNESS!!"

"Think again, Dementor," Kim said. She had her arms folded and was leaning against the wall. "You're not going anywhere."

"Vell vell vell, Fraulein Possible is back!" Dementor noticed that Kim was in her standard purple and balck mission gear. "You do not have ze zelf healing suit, zo you CANNOT STOP ME!"

"Oh I don't need the suit to stop you, shorty," Kim taunted. "I have something better. I have a Monkey Master."

"Iz zat so? MINIONS!!" In the blink of an eye, Dementors goons were surrounding Kim with their weapons drawn. "Vhere is zis 'Monkey Master' of yours, Fraulein Possible?"

"Right here, helmet dude," Ron said as he emerged from the darkness. He cracked his knuckles and let his eyes briefly flash blue. The henchmen all dropped their weapons and surrendered, not wanting to be on the receiving end of Ron's mad fu skills again.


"Forget it, boss," one henchman said. "I don't wanna spend another six weeks in traction!"

"Vhell at least zis time I can admit to beaing beaten by Kim Possible," Demntor muttered.

"Oh no," Kim said. "You're going to admit to the world that Ron Stoppable beat you, and he did it without even lifting a finger."

"NEIN! I will NOT!"


Again, his eyes went blue, but this time they stayed that way.

"NO! Don't hurt me! I vill do as you zay."

"Booyah," Ron said in a satisfied tone.


Where is it? Rick O'Shea thought as, for the twenty third straight day, he went through his father's study. Dad was paranoid, so he would've hidden it. But where? Rick knew that it was only a matter of time until the police, Global Justice, and the lawyers came through and picked this place apart. He was determined to find his prize long before then.

Rick was beyond angry; he was furious. He was furious with his father for being a self righteous bastard, and with Global Justice for ruining his family name. But most of all, he was furious with Team Possible. Stoppable broke his nose again and kept him from getting what he wanted, and Possible had spurned his advances over and over. They're gonna pay for it.

Where before Kim was just a conquest, now she was a symbol. If Rick could take her down, he would finally get the respect that had eluded him his whole life. Good looks, a rich upringing, and a promising future had brought him nothing. Now, the world would pay for his failures. Rick again went to his dad's bookcase, and for the first time, noticed something that was out of place. The Complete Works of William Shakespear. Bradley O'Shea hated classic literature.

Rick pulled the book from the case and opened it. "Yes!" He had finally found his father's list of passwords. Now he could go through his dad's computer files and take whatever he needed to exact his revenge. "Look out, Kimmie, Rick O'Shea's gonna bounce back and take you down!"


Author's note: So ends my first attempt at fan fiction. Special thanks going out to Sentinel103 for his brilliant idea about Kim being the one to hit the launch button that shot Erik into the sun. And a big thanks to everyone who read this and reviewed it.