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This first chapter is an old tale that's apparently well known in America and the British Isles.

The Risky Bet

A group of boys and girls were at a social gathering one night. They were all friends and were known as the Strawhats. After the festivity, they decided to go to the town's cemetery after discussing about how frightening it was.

"You don't ever wanna stand on a grave after dark," a boy with a long nose said. "The person inside will grab you and pull you under!" he said, making frightening gestures and scaring himself quite a bit at the same time. A small reindeer next to him trembled at the thought, about to say something, but was interrupted.

"That's a lie, Usopp," a girl with orange hair commented. "You're just telling another one of your tall tales."

"I'll give you a dollar if you stand on a grave," a green-haired boy said, turning to the girl, who in turned scoffed.

"Zoro, you already owe me much more than just a dollar," she replied, frowning. However, the frown was quickly replaced by a Cheshire grin and beli signs in her eyes. "I'll do it for ten bucks, though."

Zoro frowned slightly, clearly not having ten dollars on hand, but not expecting the girl to go through with it. "Fine," he said, then pulled out one of his swords. "Stick this sword on one of the graves, Nami," he said, grinning. "That way we'll know if you were really there."

Shadows filled the graveyard, which was quiet as death. "I shouldn't worry. I shouldn't worry. There's nothing to be scared of," Nami told herself, clutching the sword closer to herself. She was terrified, but attempted to soothe herself. "Just think of how much money you'll gain, Nami. Imagine yourself swimming in a sea of beli."

This helped her somewhat as she picked out a grave and stood on it. She hesitated a moment, and then plunged the sword deep into the soil. Satisfied with herself, she started to leave…but found herself stuck. Something was holding her back! She tried moving once more, but still could not get away. Her entire body was filled with terror.

"HELP! SOMETHING'S GOT ME!" Nami screamed and screamed as she fell to the soft earth.

When Nami did not return, the group went to go look for her. After searching through the cemetery, the finally found her body sprawled across the grave. Apparently, without realizing it, she had plunged the sword through her skirt and pinned it down to the ground. The sword was all that held her. The girl had died of fright, but the words of a familiar voice seemed to echo through Zoro's mind.

Don't forget the interest…