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AN: Here be-eth the ever so short epilogue, written from Sakura's POV, in case you couldn't tell. ^_^

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A Broken Friendship

Epilogue: Fear

Fear can be a powerful thing. It can make people run screaming, hide behind others or lash out aggressively. Nobody fully realises just how dangerous fear can be until they are gripped in it, completely at its mercy.


I never realised it.

"Sasori! Wake up!"

"Sakura...he's gone."

My heart had been gripped with such a powerful emotion at that moment and I had known then what true fear was. To know, that no matter what I did, the one person I cared about would not be coming back.

I was frozen.


Just like the friendship that had grown between Sasori and I.

"He can't be gone Naruto! He can't be!"

Yet he was.

And nothing would change that.

~ End ~

AN: Yes, it's depressing and VERY short after the LONG wait. But it finally hit me with what to do. I really don't want to write too much of the actual canon plot with this, but I realise that it's necessary in places. Also, I REALLY didn't want to include Orochimaru, Kabuto or Sasugay, simply because I'd ruin my most favourite characters and I HATE the Uchiha _

So, there WILL be a 3rd installment and I'll leave it up to you guys to imagine what has happened until I write it ^_^

Please don't hate me! I know Sasori's like dead... and stuff... but he can come back! Don't forget Chiyo!

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