Love Me

Bella is sick and finds out she has cancer. Edward must make a decision before it's too late.

By Emiliana Keladry

Author's note: This takes place after Eclipse. I hope to finish before Breaking Dawn comes out, but no guarantees. Please enjoy it and review!

Disclaimer: I don't own Twilight, it belongs to Stephenie Meyer. I only wish I owned a plushie version of Edward to cuddle.

Bella POV

I adjusted my new jean skirt, which was a gift from Alice, and wished that I could sink into the floor. I tried to imagine it happening as I took a bite out of my rainbow licorice and examined myself in Alice's full length mirror. The thin long sleeve shirt was blue with a little bit of eyelet lace on the top. Alice told me that Edward would love it. I put down the licorice and fluffed my freshly straightened hair, gently touching the headband that matched my shirt. Slipping on my blue ballet flats, I froze. I noticed two large bruises on my left leg that I had no memory of getting. It wasn't unusual for me to run into something, but these bruises were dark and very recent. I sighed and turned around.

"You can come in now Alice," I muttered, knowing that the vampire was waiting outside the door.

The door slowly opened and Alice danced in, holding a bag of make-up. I again wished I was sinking. Alice laughed, forcing me to sit down at her vanity.

"You really shouldn't imagine yourself sinking into the floor," Alice joked, taking out mascara and eye liner. "Edward won't like to ruin the floor to pull you out."

"Do you have to ruin all of my fun Alice?"

"No, but it is fun for me."

Feeling the beginning of a headache, I placed a hand on my forehead and sighed.

"Is everything alright?" Alice inquired, seeing her movement. She finished putting on my makeup and examined my face. "You look pale… well, pale for you."

"I'm fine Alice."

Alice paused. "Alright, but tell me if you aren't feeling well. Edward will have my head if you aren't feeling well when he returns tomorrow."

Edward, Jasper, and Carlisle were out hunting while Esme and Rosalie were in New York City seeing a Broadway show. I was home, stuck being babysat by Emmett and Alice, which wasn't turning out to be so bad. Though every time that I wanted to do anything, Alice would dress me up and Emmett would accompany the two of us. Since Charlie believed I was having a slumber party with Alice while everyone else was gone, it was easy for them to surround me at all times. I stood up, feeling a little dizzy. The three of us were going to grocery store to buy food for the human. I was careful not to trip down the stairs on the way to Alice's yellow Porsche. Emmett was sitting on the couch in the living room, playing some war game.

"Is that all you want to do with your existence?" Alice teased.

"Probably," he answered, not looking up. "Do you really want to spend forever shopping?"

Alice squealed in excitement and Emmett sighed, turning the game off.

"Why did I even ask?" he muttered. "Are you ready to go?"

I nodded, smiling. We all got into the Porsche and Alice drove to the only supermarket in Forks. The parking lot was buzzing with old people in power wheel chairs, babies in strollers, and adults scrambling to get their kids before they ran into the way of a car. Alice parked far away, so to leave room for the humans that needed to be close. I laughed, getting out and pulling two lists from my new purse that Alice had gave me to match the outfit. Emmett snagged a shopping cart and pushed it over, riding on the back bar and laughing like a little girl.

"Emmett, grow up," Alice murmured with a grin on her face.

"Nah, that's not any fun."

"Come on you two," I grumbled, faking frustration.

We entered the supermarket after Alice stopped Emmett from running his shopping cart into a pair of little old ladies and a stray dog. I was starting to feel a little funny, but didn't say anything to Alice as I handed her a list.

"Eww… spaghetti pasta noodles," Emmett snarled, looking at the list.

"Just get what's on the list," I laughed. "Don't add anything silly. No condoms or personal lubricant or… anything. Stick to the list. I'll meet you at the check-out line when I'm done getting the rest."

Emmett gave me a sad look as Alice dragged him down one of the isle, talking about cereal brands and milk coming from cows. I laughed again, heading over to the fruit. My thoughts wandered to what my beautiful Edward was doing. Of course, he was hunting and probably killing his dinner. I always missed him when he had to leave, but the wedding is getting closer and I want him to on his best behavior, even though he always is. I sighed, feeling my headache grow. I picked up a few red apples and tossed them in a plastic baggie, then placed them in my basket. Then I carefully chose a head of lettuce and put it in my cart. The room was starting to feel warm and stuffy. I placed a hand on the orange display and felt spent. I heard a crash and it took a second to realize that I was falling, taking several oranges with me. It was hard to breathe and my body hurt. It felt like my bones themselves were in pain, something I'd never felt before. My stomach lurched and I thought I was going to be sick all over the floor. I closed my eyes, moaning and sitting still with my arms wrapped around my stomach. Voices spoke around me, some gasping when they saw me.

"Bella!" Alice's beautiful voice called me to me.

I opened my eyes in time to see Alice and Emmett running over and kneel beside me. Emmett took my small hand in his, frowning. Alice was gently stroking my hair with one of her hands, pulling out her small silver phone with the other. Her fingers blurred over the numbers. A few seconds later, she hung up. Whoever she had tried to call wasn't answering.

"Bella, what's wrong?" Emmett whispered, shielding me from view with his body.

"I… don't feel well at all."

He chucked softly. "I think we can see that."

"Edward didn't answer his phone," Alice interrupted. "I'll call Carlisle once we get you out of here. He always has his phone turned on."

I bent over in pain, whimpering. Emmett gently put his arms around me and kissed the top of my hair. The manager of the store had been called to come see what was going on. He frowned down at me as I grimaced.

"Is everything okay?" his soft voice inquired as some of the employees forced the crowd to return to their shopping. "Do you need an ambulance?"

Alice stood up and smiled at him, dazzling the poor man and all the others present. "My father is Doctor Cullen. We'll take her to him. There's no need to worry."

He was frozen, smiling. Had I not been feeling so ill, I would have laughed as Alice released him from the power of her eyes. Emmett scooped me up in his arms, the movement almost causing me to lose my breakfast. I gasped, trying to breathe normally and leaned my head against his cold, stone chest. My head reminded me to be grateful that he wasn't thirsty and could carry me without problem. Alice picked up my purse and we rushed outside. The rain was pouring down hard. My coat was lying across the couch in Edward's bedroom. I felt like an idiot to leave it behind on such a cloudy day. There was a crowd of people watching us from the big windows, so it wasn't possible for Emmett to run speedily to the car. Alice and Emmett dashed into the rain. My protector tried to shelter me by hunching his back as he ran. Soon we were inside. Emmett laid me in the backseat and went to drive. Alice slid in next to me, reaching up and turning the heater on as I shivered.

"It's going to be okay," she murmured, buckling me up and letting my head fall onto her shoulder.

Alice dialed Carlisle's number on her silver phone and he picked up after two rings.

"Carlisle, you need to come home now! No, now… Bella's sick. She collapsed in the supermarket while we were shopping… Edward put Carlisle back on the phone; you didn't answer yours when I called you!"

I barely realized that Emmett was driving home extremely fast. I wanted to talk to Edward. Without having to ask, Alice passed the phone to me.

"Bella?" Edward's velvet voice was panicked. I melted, wishing he was holding me. "Are you okay? I knew I shouldn't have left you!"

"You needed to hunt," I murmured. "I feel horrible. Please don't be angry with yourself. I miss you."

Edward was silent for a second. "Bella, I miss you too. We'll be home as soon as we can. Jasper please stop trying to calm me!" I laughed weakly into the phone. "Just rest, I'll be there before you know it. Give the phone back to Alice so she can talk to Carlisle. I love you, honey."

"I love you too Edward."

I almost dropped the phone, giving it back to Alice. I was again grateful for her fast vampire reflexes. Emmett glanced back at me. My eye lids were heavy and I fought to keep them open. Alice began to talk too quick for me to understanding, pausing to listen to her father speak. We soon pulled up to their house and Emmett sprung out of the car, barely remembering to turn the car off and tossing the keys to Alice. She caught them and dashed into the house. I fought to stay awake and not throw up as my head pounded and Emmett lifted me out of the car. He slowly carried me into the house, seeing the pale green tinge to my face and recognizing it.

"It's going to be fine," he muttered, looking at me.

I wanted to smile, but my stomach chose that time to get rid of my breakfast.

"Quick, put her down Emmett!" Alice exclaimed, seeing me panic and try to get free of his arms.

Just in time, I dashed into the bathroom, slamming my arm on the door frame. My breakfast came up violently as Alice held my hair, rubbing my back. I regretted eating that licorice and cereal for breakfast. Once I was done, I leaned back against Alice. She wiped my mouth with a towel and flushed the toilet. My head was pounding. Alice gave me a glass of water and two Tylenol. Just the sight of the water caused me to return to my previous spot. She sighed and helped me again. Once I was sure that my stomach was calm, Alice carried me to living room where Emmett had laid a blanket and pillow. He covered me when she laid me down, slipping a thermometer under my tongue. I only wanted to sleep off my migraine. I slowly closed my eyes, noticing a bruise forming on my wrist where I had hit it on the orange display. Alice pulled the thermometer out, looking at it silently. She stroked my hair, lulling me to sleep. I groped for her hand, needing the contact. Alice gently squeezed as I lost consciousness.

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