Disclaimer: I own Mia and Jade Steele.

Pairings: SnapexOC, DracoxOC, etc.

Summary: A new student, a new teacher. Mia and Jade both start a new adventure and life at the school of Hogwarts.

A/N: This is going to be a collection of book series, like the movie/book. So, yeah. Enjoy. Credit for the title goes to Skillet. And the OC for Draco isn't probably going to actually hook up with him, until like, later when she's around ... probably thirteen or fourteen? For now, she'll be one of his friends who just has a crush on him.

Whoops. Sorry. Oh well. Carry on with reading! :3 This first chapter is short, only because it's an introduction to the story.

Falling Inside The Black

By: Rainbowblack

Chapter One: Getting Jitters

Jade took a deep breath. She could not believe this was the day she was finally going to Hogwarts. Did you hear her right? She was accepted into one of the finest schools ever. Hogwarts! This was pretty big, even for an eleven-year-old.

Although, she wasn't alone. She was being accompanied by her realitive. But even when she was going as a student, her mother was hired as a professor's aid. Yes, an aid. She was going to become a professor in time, but first she had to learn the ropes.

It was a clear, blue morning. A bit on the chilly side, but Mia didn't mind. Though Jade was too scared out of her witts to even know if she was bothered by the cold. The two continued on their way to the Hogwarts train.

Mia put her hand on her child's shoulder. "Hey."

The smaller female looked up to her.

"It'll be fine." her mother said. "Don't worry."