Alright here is a new short story! I do not own Inuyasha. This is in the feudal area just so you know. I'll do another story in modern era if I get a lot of reviews that want another.

A harsh thunder storm was ragging in the sky. Rin could see flashes of light every few minutes from inside the damp cave. She looked behind her and saw her lord looking at the rain also. She smiled at him when another roar of thunder was heard before walking towards him.

She sat down two feet away from where he was and laid down on a blanket that she always carries. Rin turned her body to the entrance of the cave before asking her lord a question.

"What comes first my lord, lightning or thunder?" Rin had always wondered this ever since she was little. Whenever she asked her parents, they just shrugged and told her that they didn't know. She figured since her lord was a demon, he would know the answer.

Sesshomaru smiled at the little girls head. He had always wondered that also but had never figured that out. His father had told him a story once when he had asked him when he was just a pup. He figured that same story might be a good answer for Rin.

"Thunder and lightning used to be two demon brothers. Thunder was the oldest and was kind and gentle wile Lightning was younger and had a short temper." Sesshomaru told Rin calmly. Rin turned her body to face him. How she loved to hear lord waited till she was settled before starting up again.

"Almost everyday the two brothers would fight about something. Sometimes it was about little things other times they would fight so fiercely that the world shook. One day they started fighting over this girl named nature. They both had wanted to court her and so they got into a small fight about it near the house where Nature lived. When the fight started to get too much for the girl she banished them to the heavens to fight over things.

He paused to see if Rin wanted to ask any questions like his father had done, but she just nodded her head to continue. "So Thunder and Lightning both live up in the sky now and they still fight to this day. Whoever started the fight is the first one you here Rin." Rin nodded and smiled at her lord.

"Thank you for the story Lord Sesshomaru." He gave a slight smile to her before looking back to the entrance of the cave. Before long Rin fell asleep and dreamt of Thunder and Lightning fighting up in the sky.