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Naruto and Kankuro helped Gaara up and supported him together before they started walking. After the whole group had gotten themselves together and they were well on their way, Lee bounded up to the three and grinned, "Good morning Gaara! And how are you feeling today?"

Gaara gave a small smile, "I'm fine Lee."

"That is wonderful!" Lee exclaimed loudly, I knew your youthful energy would-"

He was cut off by Neji whacking him upside the head, "Lee, calm down. Gaara's probably tired. He doesn't need to deal with your energy this early in the morning."

"It's fine," Gaara told him, "I've been up for a while now anyway."

Neji shrugged, "Alright, whatever. I could've saved you a few minutes silence, but you just ruined it for yourself."

Gaara chuckled, "It's fine. Just think about it: if he uses up all his energy now, he might be quiet the rest of the way there."

Neji rolled his eyes, "We can only hope."

Sakura walked up to the group of boys, "Sorry to interrupt boys, but I need to check up on all of you. How are you all feeling?"

"I'm good." Kankuro grinned.

"Me too!" Naruto agreed.

Sakura glanced at Gaara, who sighed "I'm a little sore, but I'm fine."

Sakura nodded, accepting his answer. She then turned to the other two boys, "Neji? Lee? Any injuries I don't know about?"

When both of them shook their heads, she grinned, "Good. Well, Gaara, Kankuro, and Naruto, I'll do a more thorough checkup when we get back to Suna."

"What about you Sakura? Are you doing alright?" Naruto asked.

"Yep!" She grinned, "I've basically healed everything by now. There's nothing you boys have to worry about except yourselves. Just focus on getting better soon."

"What did happen to you exactly?" Gaara asked, "No one told me the details."

"While I was fighting Sasori, he managed to run me through with a poisoned sword." She explained, "We had brought the antidote with us in case we ran into a problem, so the poison didn't have any effect. I also healed most of the wound myself and Elder Chiyo healed the rest."

"You were run through? Where?" TenTen asked from behind the group of guys.

Sakura turned around and pointed to the spot where the sword went through.

"Damn! It's a miracle you lived!" TenTen exclaimed.

"It's fine now!" Sakura grinned, "There's nothing to worry about anymore!"

TenTen walked up to Neji and smacked him upside the head.

"What the hell was that for?" Neji asked, glaring at her.

"When you got run through, you were complaining and mopey for weeks after you were healed! Hell, sometimes you still use it as an excuse!"

"I do not!" Neji exclaimed, "And it was a bad injury!"

"Sakura was run through with a poisoned blade the probably hit vital organs and she's all perky and taking care of other people. You sat in bed and complained about 'fate' this and 'destiny' that! Your shoulder was run through. After the medic-nins fixed you all up, you could've gone back to everyday activities!"

"It still hurt!" Neji defended himself.

"Uh-huh," TenTen said breaking into a grin to make sure he knew she was just teasing, "You are such a baby." She then turned to Sakura, "Are you sure you're ok? Should you be resting or something?"

"I will when we get to Suna," Sakura assured her, "But I still need to check them over."

"You could just let the Suna medics take care of us." Kankuro suggested.

"Yeah, they may not be the best, but they can do a simple checkup." Gaara stated.

I know, but it would make me feel better if I was the one doing the check-ups." Sakura told them.

"Sakura, you probably should just let the Suna medics do it." Naruto insisted, " You need your rest and-"

Sakura glared at him, "Oh no. I definitely want to check you over, so as soon as I know you're alright, I can beat the living shit out of you. I would like to say the same to Gaara, but I don't even need to do a checkup to know he's not in good shape."

"I'm fine!" Gaara insisted.

"Yeah, bullshit." Sakura commented, "Gaara, you died.

"But I'm alive now, so we're all good." Gaara stated.

"You can argue this point with me all you want, but you're still getting checked over and most likely put on some kind of medication." Sakura told him.

"Great." Gaara groaned.

"We aren't far from Suna." Kankuro stated suddenly, "We should be there soon, and then you can check over everyone and get it over with."


Baki ran through the empy village towards the gates where everyone was waiting for the Kazekage's return. He had sent the squads out yesterday to find him and there had been no word yet. He made it to the gates and pushed his way to the front. He scanned the horizon but saw no signs of his former students or any of the other squads he sent out.

"Still no sign?" He called out to one of the men he had posted up on the wall.

"It should be any moment now!" The man called back.

Baki looked back out towards the direction he hoped his students would be coming from. Suddenly, he saw a small dot on the horizon. That dot got gradually larger until he could make out the figures of Naruto and Kankuro supporting a still-breathing Gaara. He felt relief wash over him and grinned, "Gaara!"

All of Suna exploded with cheers and those who were able rushed out to greet their Kazekage.


As the group approached Suna, they heard the loud cheers. At first, everyone was a little confused, (especially Gaara), but soon, everyone was grinning when they realized who the cheers were for.

"That's some homecoming." Kankuro grinned.

"Wow!" Naruto exclaimed as he saw all the people cheering and rushing to greet Garra.

"There is so many people!" Lee commented.

"That's what I'd expect for the Kazekage." Neji shrugged.

"Yeah." TenTen agreed.

Eventually the crowd met them and Baki once again had to push his way to the front.

"I'm glad you're safe," he told Gaara .

Yeah, I bet you are. Temari thought angrily to herself. You didn't even go looking for him with the rest of us.

Gaara nodded, "Thanks to everyone here."

Baki then turned to Naruto, "Uzumaki Naruto, I thank you."

Naruto grinned sheepishly, "I wasn't- I didn't really do anything."

Baki smiled and turned back to Gaara, "Kazekage-sama, everyone from the village is waiting." As the crowd parted to clear a path for the Kazekage and the rescue party, Baki motioned them forward, "Please, go ahead."

Kankuro glanced down at his brother, "Ready to go?"

Naruto and Kankuro began to start walking, but Gaara stopped them, "Wait. Put her first."

Everybody turned towards where Sakura and some other Suna ninjas carried Elder Chiyo

S body.

"That's right," Temari said quietly. She had almost forgotten about Elder Chiyo in all the excitement.

"Pay your last respects to Elder Chiyo!" Baki called to the crowd, "Pray silently!"

Everybody closed their eyes and bowed their heads silently as Elder Chiyo's body was brought into the village.


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