A/N: I hope the usual "humor" is apparent in the story. As I write this, I am in extreme physical pain and really can't concentrate on anything else.

"Hey, guys…don't you think this is a bit…mean?" Kennedy asked, looking up at Triple H.

"Wait a second. Mr. Kennedy, lecturing us about being mean? Now I've heard it all," MVP sighed, rolling his eyes.

"No, Ken, it's not mean at all. Just think of it as…Think of it as a present to Edge from us, and we're welcoming ourselves to SmackDown," Triple H explained with a devious grin on his face.

"This is ridiculous," Ken said as Triple H bent down and placed an extravagantly wrapped present, bright red bow and all, in front of Edge's locker room.

"Yes, it is ridiculous, but it damn sure is funny," Triple H said.

"Dude is going to flip," MVP noted.


After his intense promo with Vickie Guerrero, Edge headed back to his locker room, glad that the show was over. As he extended his hand to open the door, his feet kicked something on the ground. Edge looked down to find the shiny box that Triple H placed at the door. Smiling, Edge picked it up and brought it into his locker room, closing the door behind him.

He sat down on the couch and picked off the card with the envelope that read "Edge."

A little something from the boys.


Triple H, MVP, and Mr. Kennedy…


Edge excitedly ripped the paper off of the box and tore the top open. He sifted through the packing peanuts until he found a piece of paper. Deciding to read it after he saw what the present was, Edge continued to dig through the box. His hand hit something hard. He pulled the treasure out.

It was an Edge bobble head doll.

Fuming, Edge opened the paper.

This is what we think you look like whenever you're on television. Sorry, we couldn't find one with tongue action.


Triple H, MVP, and Mr. Kennedy…