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A lone howl rips through the silent night carrying within its dark tones a deadly command. Edward and Lenai walk briskly toward the jeep; Edward's arm wrapped securely around her shoulders practically dragging her along at his pace. I sit in the driver's seat the engine already running ready to make our escape if necessary. None of us will fight with Lenai in our presence; we are not willing to take such a risk. To flee and find safety for her will be our choice if confrontation arises.

Edward opens the back door lifting Lenai into the rear seat and quickly fastening the complex harness. As soon as he has her situated he is in the back seat beside her as I spin the wheels kicking up great amounts of mud off the roadside as we head back down the lonely highway in the direction we had come just moments ago.

"Edward," Jasper asks from beside me, his confusion and concern palpable in the air. "What did he mean when he said they are bound?"

"I don't know." Edward answers uncertainly. "Every thought in his mind was screaming for our execution; I don't understand what stopped him. The moment he looked over toward Lenai his thoughts turned to protecting her at all expense. He said she is a member of the pack, but I don't see how that is possible. We need to speak to Carlisle, and maybe Bella. She seems to know more about the pack than we have ever known, maybe she knows the answer."

The tense atmosphere in the Jeep is shattered by a round of piercing howls from either side of the vehicle. The unmistakable stench of werewolf begins filling the car through the vented air. Two incredibly large dark shadowy forms race along either side of the Jeep.

"It's Tommy and Phillip." Edward states. "They've been assigned to help watch over Lenai." Edward turns toward the window obviously listening to their mental comments. "That's fine, but keep it to the trees and field, we are more than capable of protecting her in the house."

Lenai's face pales, her voice trembles with worry. "Are either of them the one who..." She trails off not finishing the question, knowing we all know what she is wanting to ask.

"No." Edward answers simply. "Neither of them are going to do you any harm, they both want only to protect you. Lenai, even though they do not wish you ill please stay inside unless you are accompanied by one of us. Their intentions are confusing, I don't like the intensity of their thoughts."

Bella's house looms large and dark before us as I skid the Jeep to a stop. Edward works to undo Lenai's belts picking her up he opens the door and races with her in his arms up the front porch steps and into the house. Jasper follows immediately. An uneasiness causes the small hairs on the back of my neck to stand on end. Closing my eyes and relaxing my stance I will the vision to come.

A darkened night with a new moon surrounds me. Moss hangs from the trees all around, the air has an almost palpable menacing feel to it causing me to shudder in my breathing. From the east a deep fog approaches, transfixed I watch as it swirls around my feet filling me with fear. I try to move but can not force movement to my legs.

For the first time in over a hundred years dread fills my heart bringing back a lost memory of my human life, my final memory. The memory of a night as dark as this but bitterly cold. I tried to run but my legs go weak beneath me as my bare feet leave a trail of blood behind. The fog from my memory and the fog of my vision blend together confusing the past and the future.

Looking around at my surroundings once again I realize I am no longer standing; I lie sprawled out on the ground in the same position I was in my memory only instead of sharp gravel under me I lay on the soft grass of Edward's meadow in front of Bella's home. The dense, lightly fragrant fog swirls over me now.

A searing pain in my right arm pulls me violently from my vision. Black fur and a matching dark eye stare at me as white fangs wrap around my wrist tearing through my granite skin. The heat from the werewolves breath searing the skin with blistering intensity. Instinct tells me to kill the beast attacking me but I find movement still an impossibility, my leaden legs refuse to lift, my arms failing to fly forward in defense.

The black eye blinks slowly with an almost human expression of guilt and remorse lighting it in the darkness. A low whimper escapes the beasts' furled back lips as he releases my arm from his mouth and races off toward the nearest trees. Seconds later a young boy I have seen several times at school approaches me from where the wolf had disappeared. His long black hair flowing freely over his bare bronze shoulders. An unquestionable strength can be seen in his muscular build, but he approaches with uncertainty. His uncertainty does not seem to be born of fear but rather concern and shyness.

Large, strong, hot hands grasp my icy arms lifting me to my feet. The muscles in my legs still refusing to cooperate. "I'm sorry about that. I couldn't think of anything else to do."

"Why did you attack me?" I ask trying to pull away from his grasp but my strength failing me. The uncomfortable closeness with this boy combined with the stench of his breed is overbearing, but his voice seems sincere.

"I thought you were having a seizure?" He replies, the question within his answer clear. "I didn't know your kind could have seizures." He ads in childish confusion.

A light laugh rings forth as I answer him. "No, we don't. That my young werewolf is called a vision."

"Do you always roll around on the ground like that and scream when you have a vision?" He asks, the humor in his voice undeniable.

"Well, actually no. I don't really know what happened." I reply trying to force the memory of the vision to replay so I could figure out what had occurred, but when I reach for the vision it is as if nothing is there, as if no vision ever transpired.

"It looked kind of like you were having a nightmare or something." He states trying to be helpful.

"Vampires don't dream." I smirk.

"Yeah, yeah," he answers sarcastically, "You could have fooled me."

Growls resonate from the front porch of Bella's house. Edward and Jasper stand crouching ready to attack. Their faces contorted with anger and hate. The young werewolf pulls his arms back leaving me to stand on my own weakened legs. I sway as my strength gives out, my knees knocking together before loosing all rigidity and letting me fall to the ground. A light brush of air against my back alerts me to Jasper's presence as he lifts me easily into his arms. Worry and fear wash over me as I cling weakly to his neck, whether it is his fear or my own due to the loss of my strength I do not know.

"Get her in the house Jasper." Edward commands fiercely as he faces the young boy. Jasper leads me into the house closing the door behind him.

"Alice!" Lenai screams as Jasper walks past her in the living room headed for the stairs.

The burn of torn skin on my arm is an unusual sensation. Never before have I been injured, the shock alone that I can be injured is enough to make me tremble. One small bite, apparently one small gentle tug of the animal's mouth had torn deeply into my arm. I don't think he even meant to cause me any harm. If the pack can injure our kind so easily and they are on our side, we may stand a chance against these new enemies. I would love to see the monster that attacked Bella try to fend off these worthy foes.

"She's okay Lenai, she just needs to lay down for a while." Jasper reassures her.

"She can use my bed." Lenai states opening the door of her room for us. Lenai sits beside me holding my hand as I lie perfectly still on her bed, unbelievably weak. Her hand rubs my arm gently in a comforting movement, but her hand glances over my nearly invisible but incredibly painful wound. An uncontrolled scream escapes my lips causing Lenai to jump away from me. "What happened?" She asks, fear filling her eyes.

"The wolf bit her." Jasper growls.

Faster than I though a human capable of moving Lenai was out the bedroom door; it slammed shut loudly behind her.


The boy stands scared before me. His mind frantically replays what he has just seen. He tries assessing my state of mind, hoping I will not attack. He seems very reticent to fight me. Normally this would not surprise me, however his reluctance is not based in fear but seemingly respect. None of our encounters in the past with the pack have prepared me for the confusing mix of hostility and camaraderie that their thoughts hold. Before there has always been a level of fear in every meeting, and blatant hostility. What has caused this change.

A hammering heart and the fast padding of feet behind me alert me to Lenai's presence only seconds before her voice reaches us. The boys' head jerks up the moment Lenai crashes through the front door.

"What the hell did you do to her!" Lenai screams charging toward the shirtless boy. I reach for her hoping to pull her behind me. An angry young werewolf is not what we need. A low warning growl surrounds me just before making contact with Lenai. "Let her come to me, let her scream. She needs to get her anger out." The softness of his command pauses my action more than his words.

Lenai runs past me without pause angling directly for... I search his thoughts and those of the wolf just inside the tree line for his name. Tommy. Tommy's eyes soften as Lenai's small fists pound against his chest causing him no more discomfort than a bothersome fly. "She's very cute when she's mad. Look at her bite her lip. She hits like such a girl." His amused thoughts ignite in me a fire of possessiveness which soon rages nearly out of control. I need to get her away from him now.

Reaching out slowly, not wanting to startle the young wolf watching protectively from the border of the meadow, I wrap my arm around Lenai's waist pulling her back toward my chest. "He hurt Alice!" she screams at me without words. "Hurt him! He bit her!" She commands. I smile down at her as she continues her hysterics raging at Tommy with her eyes, but stopping both her physical and verbal assault on him.

"Why did you choose to bite her?" I ask. Having seen his thoughts on Alice's strange vision I know he did not want to cause her harm, he honestly thought she was in trouble and was trying to help her in the only way he knew how.

"I had to wake her up." He answers simply. Once again replaying in his mind the scene. Alice stands at the side of the car, her body stiffens as it normally does when she prepares for a vision. Suddenly Alice is thrown to the ground brutally. Her face contorts into one of raw terror. Her arms and legs flail about as if searching for something with which to defend herself. Tommy gently wraps his muzzle around Alice's small arm, his thoughts intent on not biting to deeply, as he tugs on her arm in hopes of drawing her out of whatever is going on.

"He's telling the truth." I assure her rubbing her arms gently trying to calm her down. Her thoughts are still raging against him for hurting her best friend.

"Why are you even here?" She nearly screams.

"Because where you are I will always be." Verbally he replies, "Because I have to be here."

"No, no you don't" I don't want them here, one of them attacked me and now he's attacked Alice. Edward we don't need them here. Please make them leave.

Tommy looks to me, his eyes tormented. "If we stay on the porch, could I speak to Lenai alone please."

I hesitate, an unnamable source urging me to agree. I nod slightly and feel Lenai stiffen in my arms. "But I will be watching."

Taking Lenai's hand in my own I walk her to the porch. Suddenly I feel the need to make sure Lenai knows how much I love her. Pulling her into my chest I lift my hand to her hair, so soft. Stoking her hair out of her eyes and tucking it behind her ear I let my hand glide over her jawbone before lifting her chin making her look at me. "I love you Lenai. You are my world." Slowly I lean in, taking in every small barely visible freckle sprinkled across her high cheek bones, burning the intensity of her eyes into my permanent memory, inhaling her incredibly wondrous scent one more time, placing my lips on hers treasuring the warmth of her kiss.

Lenai throws her arms over my shoulders burying her fragile fingers in my hair kissing me back passionately. Gently I take her hands from my hair breaking our kiss. I stare directly into her beautiful hazel eyes as I place her hand over my unbeating heart. "My heart belongs to only you Lenai, now and forever more. Nothing can ever change that."

Tears well in Lenai's eyes as I kiss her one last time on her forehead. A horrible foreboding floods me making it almost impossible to let her go and walk inside the house. Only weak wood, plaster and glass separate me from her now. Every word and thought still perfectly audible, yet I feel as though she is gone. Pain rips through my chest, fear of losing her forcing me to collapse onto the floor in front of the door. Praying to the God Lenai so fervently believes in, that she will come back to me. Silence remains thick in the air for an eternity before Lenai's voice shatters the soundless chasm.

"So why do you have to be here?" She asks, her voice quiet but still tinted in anger.

"You are a part of the tribe." Tommy answers quickly.

The pain in my chest rips anew sending waves of agony through my body and mind. I focus on their words as a lifeline, the thoughts from the porch and from Jasper and Alice are too much to sort through in my state. Lenai's voice, the voice of my angel, the voice of my redemption is all I have to hold onto.

"I am not indian, how can I be a part of the tribe." Her incredulous voice responds, I imagine the look of consternation she must be giving him at this moment. I smile remembering the many times she has given me that look.

"How much has your grandmother told you of my kind?" Tommy asks in a whisper. His nearly silent footstep moving him closer to her. Lenai breathes deeply for a second holding it in before I hear her small steps moving away from him, increasing the distance between them. Her hesitance around Tommy bringing another small smile to my face. The threat I feel from them being alone decreasing ever so slightly.

"Not much." Lenai answers simply. Keeping her responses very unemotional.

"Has she told you of imprinting?" He asks hesitantly, his heart accelerating as he holds his breath waiting for her answer.

"What about it?" She asks her anger renewed, her voice nearly scalding.

"Once a person has been imprinted on they become a member of the tribe. All protection and privileges of the tribe are bestowed upon them; they are family." he answers cryptically.

"I haven't imprinted on anyone! I am in love with Edward! The Cullen's are my family!" Lenai screams accompanied by the sharp sound of flesh hitting flesh. "Ouch!"

"I'm so sorry. Let me see your hand." Tommy pleads.

"No! Don't touch me! I hate you! I hate your tribe! I hate your stupid rules! Just leave me alone!" She screams franticly.

I jump to my feet pulling the door open instantly. In less than a second I have my arms wrapped protectively around Lenai once again. Her face buried in my chest as her tears soak my shirt. Her fingers griping the back of my shirt for dear life.

"Just go away." She cries.

"Is that truly what you want?" Tommy asks dejectedly.

"Yes. Yes." Lenai sobs nodding her head against me. "Just leave me alone, I already have a family."

"I will do whatever you want Lenai, but I will always be here. I will stay away from you, and I will tell my brothers not to approach you. I will not leave though; we will protect you. Till the day I die Lenai we will protect you; you will always be a part of us. You will always be a part of me." He promises sadly. Turning to walk down the stairs he pauses giving me one last look. "If any of your kind hurts her you will all die."

Tommy turns back to the meadow, running briskly toward the tree cover. Seconds after he reaches the tree a now familiar lone howl echos through the meadow. Soon a chorus of howls echo from every direction. A very verbal reinforcement of his final warning.

"Come on." I lift Lenai easily into my arms holding her closely and inhaling her marvelous scent letting it fill me completely, and allowing it to chase away the lingering pain in my chest.

Jasper and Alice wait for us in the living room. Alice leans against Jasper obviously still weak, but having regained some of her strength. Dark purple bruises marring her pale complexion under her midnight black eyes.

"I need to take her hunting." Jasper states quietly. His thoughts consumed with worry for Alice.

"Be careful." I answer hugging Lenai even tighter to me. The knowledge that everything we love, our very lives are precariously teetering on the edge of an unfathomably dark deep abyss. Each second we have together suddenly more precious than it has ever been before. "I need to call Carlisle."

"Edward, I think Carlisle should take a look at Alice. With the wolves here to help Lenai I think it will be fine if we go for a few hours. We'll be back as quickly as we can." Jasper pleads, his concern for Alice thick in the air.

I can't deny my brother or sister their request. "Be safe." I employ them before turning to take Lenai upstairs to rest. I watch Lenai relentlessly as she sleeps, fear of loosing her nearly paralyses me.

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