Please R&R this is a one shot of Alice and Jaspers first kiss.


Jaspers POV

What I remember most as we left that Diner in the gentle rain wasn't the hope that was coming off of

her in waves. It was the utter confidence in herself, in me, in the resolute fact that I didn't have to be

alone anymore. As she squeezed my hand slightly she smiled with love in her eyes. We walked across

the street and she pulled me forward towards a small Inn across the street.

"I've had a room here for about a week waiting on you" She looked up at me and winked. "If I didn't

know any better I would say you need to sleep, you look tired."

I rubbed my thumb across the top of her hand as I held it tightly and thought, maybe I am tired if that

were possible... She led me into her room at the end of the hallway and she sat on the bed pulling me

down to sit beside her. I couldn't really say anything as she pulled a pillow into her lap and tucked me

down so that I was curled up on the bed with my head in her lap. I felt so safe and secure as If she

washed away all the things I had ever done; and she gently ran her fingers through my hair as I

looked up into her eyes. I thought, maybe she has a power over emotions too. Then I realized it

wasn't my emotions that I felt, they were her emotions. She felt safe and secure and loved… from me.

That's the moment that I knew I would lover her until the day I no longer existed. I would always

keep this girl, safe and make her feel just like this.

"Alice." She said as she continued running her delicate hands behind my ears. "That's my name. And

you are Jasper, I knew you were coming because I saw you in my mind, and I felt you in my heart."

She wasn't embarrassed or afraid that she would scare me off, and I felt my unbeaten heart stir

within me.

"I will always be by your side." When I said it I knew it wasn't just a statement it was a vow. I lifted

my head and pulled her face down to meet mine. She had the sweetest smell to her hair and skin,

almost like lavender. I brushed my lips down under her neck and grazed along her jaw line until my

lips met hers. I could still feel her confidence and her encouragement. Almost as if she had played this

scene over in her mind a hundred times; No other female ever made me feel as passionate and steady

at the same time. As we had our first kiss only hours after meeting, I pictured our wedding day.

Knowing that no matter how many times I kissed her lips it would always feel like the first time.