Chapter one: The American Witch

Chapter one: The American Witch

"Hermione I can't!" Cassie cried as she tried to chase down her roommate who had stolen her broom that she needed for practice. Cassandra Alexandra Hale had just been hired as the seeker for the English (England) Quidditch team. Even if she was American she had won the world cup for her team countless of times. She was known as the fastest player in the world and the best seeker also.

"Agree to come to dinner with me and I'll give everything back." Hermione said as she ran out of the apartment they had just rented and into the hallway.

"Hermione don't tell me you took something else." Cassie stopped in her tracks and sighed. Hermione held up Cassie's most prized passion; the ruby ring that had been given to her by her great grandmother when she had begun playing Quidditch. "FINE!" Hermione stopped in her tracks and walked back to Cassie who ripped the ring and broom out of her hands.

"Dinner at 5 ok Cassie. Be back here by 4." Cassie sighed but nodded none the less.

"Fine, fine, fine. I'm off to practice. I'll be back at four don't worry." Cassie pulled her long blonde hair away from her face to revel her blazing dark blue eyes.

"Ok Cassie, just don't try anything. This isn't America." Cassie laughed as she pulled her white coat on over her clothes.

"Please Hermione; if I can handle Americans then I can very easily handle your English. The people here can't be any worse then we are. I'm a snobbish American remember." Cassie smiled as she disappeared with a pop with her broom in hand.

"I swear I'm going to kill that girl." Hermione shook her head and grabbed her purse before heading out the door for a date with her friends she hadn't see in over three years.


Hermione walked into the restaurant and smiled when she saw Ron, Harry, and Ginny all sitting around a table talking.

"Well I see I wasn't missed." Hermione said in a mock hurt voice. They all looked up at Hermione and were shocked to see she looked just the same.

"Hermione!" Ginny ran to Hermione and hugged her. Harry and Ron stood up and smiled. When Hermione was finally free of Ginny's death grip she walked over to the boys and hugged the both of them.

"So 'Mione were is this girl we have been hearing about?" Ginny asked with a smile.

"Oh, she wanted to get in some practice. But really I think she was trying to get away from me. I took me stealing her broom and her ring just to get her to agree to dinner tonight. I swear sometimes that girl can be so stubborn. But she really is a good friend no matter how you look at it." Harry and Ron laughed by Ginny wore and angery face at the mention of the female seeker.

"Is something wrong Ginny?" They asked half way through lunch.

"She took my job." Ginny said with a huff. Ron sighed and shook his head.

"Ginny it was never your job. You just wished it was. She got the job because she was the best." Ron said.

"She wouldn't have taken it if I hadn't asked her to come with me. But the fact that they were offering her lords more then the Americans could have been part of it also." Hermione said with as she thought of how much Cassie was paid.

"How much was she paid?" Harry asked. Hermione thought about it for a moment until the conversation popped up in her head.


Cassie sat at the kitchen table drinking a cub of mint tea. It was about 2 in the morning when Hermione stumbled out of her bedroom in the manor and into the rather large kitchen to see Cassie talking with the house elf she kept around for company.

"Miss Hale are you sure you're ok?" The house elf asked.

"Yes Create I'm fine. I just can't seem to get sleep with the whole tournament and everything." Cassie said in a soft tired voice.

"I'll take over from Create. I think I need to do some digging with Miss Hale." Hermione said as she walked over and took the seat that Create had once been.

"Would you like anything Miss Granger?" Create asked

"I'm ok Create" Create then left the two young girls alone to talk.

"What is it?" Hermione asked her long time roommate.

"Just thinking that they over pay me." Cassie said with a sip of her tea. You could smell the strong mint from across the table and Hermione smiled.

"Why? How much do you get?" Hermione knew that Cassie was rich but she didn't know how much she was paid.

"More then you will make in your entire life times ten." Cassie said with another sip.

"Tell me in numbers." Hermione said in a pleading tone.

"About a million a year and that's after I asked them to pay me less."

End of flashback

"About a million and I do know for a fact that Cassie has asked for many cuts in her paycheck." All three of her friends looked at her disbelievly. Ron who was also a quidditch player had never in his three years been paid that much.

"I think it is because she is the worlds best seeker." Hermione said.

"How long as she played?" Ginny asked.

"Well if your talking in her life, she started when she was 10 just playing with who brothers who are also professional players now. But she has only played for money about a year or two now. Got a deal right after high school and had already been working with the team because of her brothers. The whole team practically consisted of the Hale children." Hermione smiled at the thought of her friend.

"I bet she dosen't diserve all that money." Ginny said with a snort.

"Why don't we go and watch her practice?" Harry asked.

"I'm cool with that." Said Ron

"So am I"



Cassie played with three of the other player on the team. She and former Hufflepuff Chaser Zacharias Smith who had been playing on the team laughed and went to each others side.

On the other team was seeker turned Chaser Draco Malfoy and playing seeker of their team was the reserve seeker Cho Chang.

"Oh, 150 points for Hale and Smith." Zacharias laughed as he gave Cassie a high five.

"Shut up Smith. You just have the new girl on your team. Haven't you seen Hale's work from the world cup?" Draco said as he and Cho flew over the Zacharias and Cassie.

The conversation continued until they switched teams and Cassie and Draco challenged their former teammates to another game.

Zacharias and Cho looked at the team in fear. Where Cassie was the best Seeker in the world Draco was the best Chaser. They were both dead meat.

Draco smiled at Cassie and she smiled back as she threw the golden snitch up in the air and the game began.

"Ten points for Malfoy and Hale!" Cassie shouted when she saw Draco get ten points. Draco laughed and continued the game.


Harry and Ginny had agreed to play a game with Ron after he spent the whole way to the pitch asking them.

And as they walked out onto the green grass only to jump and fall back and Cho Chang and Cassie Hale went racing after the Golden snitch.

Ginny and Harry watched Cassie carefully to understand her plan. As far as they could see Cho was going to get it. But then Cassie did something unbelievable. She pulled her broom up. Cho was so shocked that she lost sight of what she was doing and lost control of her broom sending her to the ground.

"150 points for Hale and Malfoy! Total score Hale and Malfoy at 220 and Smith and Chang at 20!" That was impossible Cassie didn't have the snitch. Or so they thought. Draco came to her side to ask her why she had added 150 points to their score when they didn't have it.

"You English are very slow." Cassie smiled as she held the Golden snitch in front of his face.

"But how?" Zacharias asked. He had never seen anyone move so quickly in his life.

"Sorry boys. A secret that stays with the Americans but maybe if your nice to me then I'll show you how." Cassie landed her broom and pulled off her gloves. Behind her Draco and Cho were talking and Zacharias was thinking how it could be possible for someone to pull a trick like that.

"A brilliant game as ever Cassie. I haven't seen you pull that one since you and your brother were playing." Hermione said as she came to her friend who was dressed in red, white, and blue uniform form when she played for the All-Stars (aka the Americans.) On her back it read clearly.

Cassandra Alexandra Hale


Number 19

And stitched into the fabric was her symbol that her brothers had giver her; A flying falcon.

"That was bloody brilliant!" Ron said as he came up to Cassie "I'm Ron Wesley Keeper." Ron said as he held out his hand.

"A pleasure to meet you. I am Cassandra Hale, but I go by Cassie, Former Seeker of the All-Stars." Cassie shook his hand and turned away from Hermione.

"Oh, you're not still mad about this morning." Hermione said.

"Snobbish American remember? I hold grudges. Touch the ring and it earns you an hour of silence and a day of me being mad at you. Talk to Alexander (her older brother) he knows all about it."

Harry walked up to Cassie his fire bolt in hand. He watched in calm face carefully. She seemed so calm and you could see the wisdom in her dark blue eyes. Cassie's eyes shot up to meet Harry's warm green ones and both of them felt an electric shock run through them.

Harry blinked a couple of times before smiling at the much shorter girl.

"Hello, I'm Harry Potter." Harry said as he held his hand out.

"Oh, you're the one that defedet Voldemort. Nice job. My brothers never shut up about it. I'm Cassandra Hale. But I go by Cassie." Cassie said with a soft smile.

Ginny pushed Harry out of the way when she saw the look they were giving each other.

"I'm Ginny, Harry's girlfriend." Cassie smiled and nodded.

"You up for a game?" Ron asked.

"Oh, I'm not playing. I've hand enough of Hale's crazy tactics for one day." Cho said as she walked away to sit with Hermione.

"We call Hale" Draco said as he pulled Cassie toward Zacharias. So that meant that Harry, Ron, and Ginny were on the same team.

"Good luck with the devil Seeker." Cho called with a smile.

"Shut up Chang!" Cassie called from where she Draco and Zacharias were making plans.

"Ok, I'll take Malfoy. Ginny you take on Smith. And Harry you're the seeker so you take on Hale." Harry nodded and they all mounted their brooms and the game began.

Cassie and Harry hung above the pitch watching the game until Cassie speed down Harry not realizing what she was doing followed her thinking she had the snitch.

When they were low to the ground Cassie pulled up and went up. That was when Ginny saw the Snitch far away from where Harry and Cassie were. She saw that Cassie was leading Harry all over the pitch.

"That dirt little player" Ginny said as she shouted out. But someone beat her to it.

"Hale, by the girl." Zacharias called. It was only a matter of seconds before Cassie and Harry were racing after the snitch.

They were low to the ground and the snitch was right under Cassie.

Cassie wrapped her legs around her broom as tight as she could and let her body fall so she was hanging underneath her broom. She reached out for the snitch her hand hit Harry's who had also been going for the snitch. Cassie locked eyes with him before moving her hand in a sharp movement and tighing her hand around the small golden ball.

Both Seekers were sent tumbling to the ground laughing.

When they finally stopped they got to their feet to see the game was still going on.

"Malfoy, Smith, and Hale win!" Cassie shouted up and everyone stopped.

Ginny and Ron looked upset and Draco and Zacharias laughed as they put their arms on Cassie's shoulders.

"You're a wonderful Seeker. I can see why they hired you." Harry said with a smile.

"It runs in the family." Cassie said with a soft smiled

"You guys don't we have dinner with Mis Wesley at 5." Hermione said.

"God I hate dinner." Cassie turned toward Draco, Cho, and Zacharias. "Remember Draco, Mom wants you to come to dinner. Alexander is looking forward to seeing you again."

"I'll remember the kid." Draco smiled at her and they all said their goodbyes before Ron, Harry, Ginny, and Cassie went to change.

Harry and Ron had only see a small part of Cassie's beauty. And when she walked out of the locker room in her dark red coat and black long sleeved shirt and pants they both were take back. Ginny glared at Cassie when she saw her brother and boyfriend staring at Cassie with a lustful look.

"Hermione, I'm heading back home to call Alexander and tell him that Draco will be coming out." Hermione nodded.

"What day will you be gone?"

"Next Wednesday I will be gone for a few days." Hermione nodded.

"You know Malfoy?" Ron asked. Ron had grown to know Draco more but they were still not friends.

"We have been friends since I was little. He and my brother were best friends so I saw a lot of him in the summers." Cassie said with a smile "I'll see you at dinner, and I'll see you at home." With that Cassie apparaed to her home.

Harry locked eyes with Cassie just as she was about to leave and she gave him a loving glance before she was gone.

Ginny snorted and walked away dragging Ron and Harry with her.

Hermione smiled I guess I will have match maker.

A/n: As you know there are seven quidditch players these are the players and their position.

Cassie Hale (Seeker)

Draco Malfoy (Chaser)

Zacharias Smith (Chaser)

Katie Bell (Chaser)

Mark Willowbe (Beater)

Annie Keep (Beater)

Ron Wesley (Keeper)

Reserve Players

Cho Chang (Seeker)

Angelina Johnson (Chaser)

Demelza Robins (Chaser)

Dean Thomas (Chaser)

Gregory Goyle (Beater)

Derrick (Beater)

Oliver Wood (Keeper)

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