A/n: Ok first of all this is not a chapter

A/n: Ok first of all this is not a chapter. I would like to thank all of you who left a review, you rock. I am going to tell you who plays quiddich and Cassie's brothers again. I will also explain to what has happened so far…

So let's start off with the quiddich players for the English team.


Chaser: Draco Malfoy

Chaser: Zacharias Smith

Chaser: Katie Bell

Beater: Mark Willowbe

Beater: Annie Keep

Keeper: Ron Wesley

Seeker: Cassie Hale


Chaser: Angelina Johnson

Chaser: Demelza Robins

Chaser: Dean Thomas

Beater: Gregory Goyle

Beater: Derrick

Keeper: Oliver Wood

Seeker: Cho Chang

Now to Cassie's brothers

David Hale- Age: 25, Quiddich position: Keeper

Mark Hale- Age: 24, Quiddich position: Beater

Thomas Hale- Age: 23, Quiddich position: Beater

Tyler Hale- Age: 23, Quiddich position: Chaser

Alexander Hale- Age: 20, Quiddich position: Chaser

Also, she has yet to be mentioned but Cassie dose have a sister. Cassie and the Hale brothers do not like her because she is a mean cruel person. She is a year older then Alexander.

Oh and by the way, if you are wondering on the character ages here they are

Harry: 21

Ron: 21

Hermione: 21

Ginny: 20

Cassie: 19

Cho: 22

Draco: 21

Well thanks for all the reviews and the next chapter will be up very soon!!